CommUnity News

January 9, 2022

Beginning this week, Community News will be sent out on Thursdays and will be a joint effort between Pastor Jeff and Dawson. There will be no email on Sunday mornings, so make sure to keep this handy if you need the zoom link each week.

A note from Dawson…

Salutations from your Council,

As part of the Gradual Return to Work strategy initiated by ELCIC Group Benefits and his doctor, Pastor Jeff resumed part-time work on January 2. He will transition up to full-time hours beginning Sunday, January 30.

Pastor Jeff will deliver this week's sermon (January 9), and expects to continue delivering future sermons as normal. However, some of his "ancillary" roles will remain on hiatus until February; possible examples might include: confirmation classes, book club, coffee hour, committee meetings, Synod responsibilities, etc.

During this month of transition, Pastor Jeff will be responding to your personal emergencies promptly. While we might reasonably expect a delayed response to non-emergency concerns sent to Pastor Jeff at this time, in no way should that diminish the importance of these concerns to you or to him. We're each doing our best.

Thank you all, once again, for your patience, hopefulness and trust.


A note from Pastor Jeff…

Dawson and I were in conversation this week and have determined that we will go ahead with in-person worship on Sunday.

The guidelines for places of worship have not changed in these last weeks (limit of 1/3 capacity, with masks and social distancing required). At Unity, we have not been anywhere near the maximum capacity of our sanctuary, and we have not had any issues with people in our congregation unwilling to follow the masking or vaccination rules.

It seems best to us (for now) to allow you to determine whether you wish to attend in person or if you feel more comfortable online, especially with the increased transmission of the omicron variant.

Of course this means that if you are showing any covid symptoms then please stay home, this is how we best care for one another.

If public health guidelines for places of worship change in the coming days, and further restrictions are placed on us, then we will revise accordingly.

See you Sunday - whether online or in-person —

Pastor Jeff

Correspondence from the Wider Church