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From the Desk of the Chair
Council Updates

Greetings Unity family,

This month’s Council newsletter begins by following up on the message I sent out on Sunday morning.

Council met yesterday evening, and one of the topics of focus was how we should move forward as a church regarding in-person worship during the present State of Public Health Emergency in Alberta.

After a great discussion, the consensus is that we should continue offering hybrid worship services – both online and in-person – for the foreseeable future.  For in-person worship, we will continue with the original precautions; without requiring proof of vaccination or enforcing a building capacity lower than the province's hard limit of 50 (or 1/3 fire code).

We understand that many of you may choose not to attend worship in-person at this time, and we strongly support and celebrate that choice.  At the same time, we are also excited for those of you who may choose to attend in-person worship safely, if you feel comfortable doing so.

Speaking of returning to in-person worship at our physical church, there are a couple of quick updates from Don Zimmer and our Property Team.

1. Fire Alarm System
Last month, I reported that we expect over $6000 of work will be required to repair outstanding deficiencies with the Fire Alarm System to the point where we will meet regulations and safety codes.

Based on the latest reports we've received from the electrician, these repairs can, indeed, wait until the 2022 inspection because our Fire Alarm System, despite not meeting code, is presently functional.

However, if the system were to fail before then, the Fire Marshall could shut down the building and not allow us to use it until the repairs are completed.

2. Person-Lift
The inspection by AEDARSA took place on August 24.  Unfortunately, they found multiple new deficiencies which legally must be repaired before we may use the lift.

There is only one company willing & able to complete these repairs, and they quoted us approximately $2000 for the job.

If we choose to go through with it, there will also be significant additional fees from AEDARSA for re-inspection.

If we choose not to go through with it, we can leave the lift the way it is - locked out and sealed.  Going this route would avoid all future membership and inspection fees, but would be a permanent choice which we need to inform AEDARSA of by February 2022.  Obviously, this is a double-edged sword - no lift would mean some members cannot attend.

At our most recent Council Meeting, we approved the Minutes of the previous Meeting (August 16, 2021) with a couple of minor amendments.
[Unfortunately, I do not recall the specifics of the amendments at this time.]

You can access the Minutes here:
Budget update:


January  =  $ 7965
February  =  $ 8605
March  =  $ 8525
April  =  $ 8075
May  =  $ 9675
June  =  $ 7288
July  =  $ 8375

August  =  $ 5700

DIFFERENCE  =  $ -4592
Continuing on the topic of the budget, I have a few notes to highlight.
  1. Thank you so much to those of you who completed the survey!
  2. Preliminary survey analysis suggests the notion of "cutting costs" was a popular choice for a number of members.
  3. I think I understand where those of you who chose that option are coming from, but I would like to make one thing clear:
  • Outside of the two "fixed costs" for our congregation -- Pastor's salary and building costs; both of which I am led to believe are non-negotiable for the vast majority of you -- we are presently running a barebones budget.  That isn't to say there are absolutely no small expenditures that could perhaps be eliminated here and there.  Just know that we as Council, in partnership with Crystal as Treasurer and all of you as members, have strived to trim away excess expenses over the past several years (at least).
That's all I have for now.

As always, if you have a suggestion or inquiry regarding Unity Council, or any of the topics discussed in this Newsletter, it would be great to hear from you.

I can be reached at:

Thank you for your support and prayers, from the bottom of my heart.

Wishing you all a terrific month,

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