CommUnity Reminder

Don’t Forget to “Fall Back”
this Sunday morning

As is tradition in these parts, Daylight Saving Time will soon end.

Consider this a friendly reminder to set your clock back one hour as of 02:00 am on Sunday, November 7.

If you forget, that’s okay, but you might feel lonely trying to attend church an hour before the rest of us. :)

Pastor Jeff has confirmed that he will not be available to lead the regular worship service on Sunday, November 14. I have no further updates from him at this time.

Thanks again to everyone involved in making these services happen, even while our pastor rests and rejuvenates!

I will keep you updated as I learn more.

This week’s hybrid worship service should look similar to last week’s service. Thank you to Rev. Dr. Nancy Cocks for preparing the sermon and liturgy for us.

Look for the CommUnity News email at its regular time on Sunday morning… just don’t expect it to be as interesting as when Pastor Jeff composes it.