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2020 Spring Update
Dear Supporters,

Walking carefully towards a fuller engagement with Mr Miller regarding the Klein Studio, the past months have been spent, and continue to be spent,  assembling a wider team of expertise and mulling over the ways in which the problem of the ongoing decline of the Klein Studio might be addressed with Mr Miller and others.

While working quietly hasn't led to exciting posts or flashing news, we were at the point of making direct contact with Mr Miller to request a meeting.  Covid-19 has obviously put any such plans on hold, but when we can, we will move forward.

To what effect we don't know, but with the knowledge that the approach will be made with unconditional support for the preservation of the building and its return to sustainable use in mind, a response of any kind would be a start.

We will update you if and when events unfold.

Iconic Houses 'icons at risk' feature
Natascha Drabbe, Founder and Executive Director of the Iconic Houses Network was an early contact and supporter of the Preserving Womersley initiative.  She got in touch in February with details of a new section on their website, 'icons at risk', in which there is an extensive feature on the Klein Studio.  Follow this link  to see the feature and take a moment to explore the Iconic Houses website.

If only it was for sale and featured on the other new feature on the Iconic Houses website:  'Icons for sale'!
Our thoughts and best wishes go out to all of you in these difficult times, and we hope that this update finds you and your families both well and well looked after.

As we push this agenda, we will provide updates - some of which might even be positive.

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