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Weybridge Silver Sculls... just 2 weeks to go!

in JUST 2 WEEKS...

We host the 63rd Weybridge Silver Sculls,
but not without your help!
Saturday, 19th October 

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SPOTLIGHT on Fleet Matters

A President's Piece

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A Really Quite Major #justonemorething

Fleet Matters: Our Fleet Matters!

Fleet Matters
You had your say - here's what you would like to...
"STOP: Taking adjustable washers from boats to use on other boats!!" And then...
"START: Include basic boat repairs in CoW - such as replacing shoes, bow balls, etc."
  • This is catered for already under the requirement to do basic checks (CoC). Still, it is on us all more experienced rowers, Juniors and Seniors, to be more attentive, taking any and every opportunity to pass on our knowledge - don't leave it for the next person - thanks!
"START: Swap Winning Weys or Where There's a Will with Milky Wey, which is indoors"
  • Worth a try: let's see if the boats fit OK and don't risk collecting rigger dings compared to their outside positions - under cover - with tennis balls, as always, right? 
  • By the wey, there are more tennis balls that need cutting - anyone, anyone? Don't just leave it for the next person - thanks!
"START: Get a few more heavy boats (90kg+)"
  • Let's assume this said one or two extra (not a few!): that our racking space is already at capacity, we will need to stick to our Fleet Refresh programme as the priority - replace all boats with wooden shoulders, swap out Another Wey, later One Wey and Chocks aWey. Where demand clearly dictates, the Committee then takes stock again - and this is where boat booking is also important.
  • The new Committee meet Monday the 7th, where a new Fleet Manager will be appointed and review current plans and procedures.
And then, to KEEP...?
Since there was nothing noted under "KEEP", should it be assumed we keep nothing or keep everything?! 
Logging issues is especially important, of course, if the issue arises from an incident, which must be reported - simple capsizes included - at On this, there are no shortcuts, except the ones available via the WEY Hey! app and posted to the 'WEY To Boat' whiteboard in the boathouse.

In case you have not yet noticed the theme - don't leave it for the next person... SEE IT? SORT IT... REPORT IT!
See it? Sort it... Report it!
Happy Boats = Happy Crews

A President's Piece

Following last week's discussion on juniors and safety matters, I would like to add my own comments: Yes, the juniors are often slow at getting in and out of their boats, but they never complain when the seniors are equally slow! I have noticed that the older juniors are always ready to help the younger, less experienced ones (can the seniors say the same thing?) and on occasion have even helped some of the Weyfarers who have been struggling with their heavy boats. And when it comes to tidying up the clubhouse, moving the ergos, etc. in preparation for social events, the juniors are always first in line.  They seem to be a very nice, friendly, well-behaved bunch of people, so let’s give praise where praise is due and say "Hooray" for our juniors!
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Club Quiz Night, Sunday October 20th
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All the best to all those racing Pairs Head this Sunday

Not racing? This Sunday is a Club Time Trial - 2 x 3k course to be confirmed at the 07:30 briefing
Macmillan Coffee Morning, October 12th

This Saturday.
Breakfast Club.
With thanks to Suzanne.
Bring cash!
A mini-series that asks all members to do for each other just one more thing here and just one more thing there...

This week: A Really Quite Major #justonemorething...
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