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What you had to say at Saturday's squads meeting

There's lots to cover, from racing and training matters (including recovery) to fleet and safety matters. Watch this space over the next few weeks, where I shall bring together by way of By The Wey all your feedback and ideas - first up...
Training Matters
Training Matters: WEY To Train

  • Changing your availability at the last minute - it has huge knock on effects!
    • It sure does but of course changes happen, even at the last minute. For this reason, the sign up for the coming weekend is hidden once we start producing the lineup, shortly after the cut-off. If your availability changes, please email 
    • However, if your availability changes between Friday evening up to the morning of, please be sure to text - not email - your squad/crew coordinators: Paul, Eva, Rachel, Claudine - or your crew directly.
  • Plan visualisation training sessions with racing crews - particularly last session before a race
    • Our very own motto reads: "Possunt quia posse videntur" - for our purposes this means, "We can because we think we can". The benefits of visualisation or mental rehearsal are maybe surprising, certainly proven and definitely profound... [read on]
    • Join the first of many a rehearsal: one pre-Regatta London, then pre-Pairs Head, respectively, on Wednesday 25-Sep and 02-Oct, 19:30.
  • Video footage and re-watching for coaching
    • This is perfectly doable with a coach alongside - so do ask - but even when self-coaching. Be sure to make time for a session de-brief, including time for playback [look for this app in the App Store]
    • Try mounting to the boat either an action-cam or your smartphone, in a waterproof case, of course - and tethering to the rigger - ask me how if unsure. Obviously, this gives a very different angle to someone shooting from a launch or bank 
    • Coaching and videoing from a launch? Just don't or at least not until you read this.
  • Re-start weights classes
    • Absolutely, yes: despite a packed training schedule taking a 'strength first' approach is key to on-water performance and staving off injury... if done right! 
    • Sessions will re-start and run weekly from next week Wednesday 18-Sep, 18:30-19:30 - these sessions are coached by Matt Beagley, L2 S&C certified
    • And for men only: check out the Yoga for Men classes for afters, 20:00-21:15 with parent and Instructor, Jo Briody [more info]
  • Being proactive about crew formation and racing plans and communicate between/within crew
    • Please do talk amongst yourselves!
    • If you need a steer, please have a chat with your squad coordinators: Paul, Eva, Rachel, Claudine. 
  • Sign up and training program goals 
    • Yes, see below...
  • Training plan for the month 
    • For sure, see below...
  • Electronic sign up before sessions and planning boats beforehand -
    • Again, see below...
  • Enjoying it!
    • Absolutely, carry on rowing!
Remember to sign up by Tuesday midnight for the coming weekend, and as far in advance as possible... also including race planning, using an 'r' under the event header:
WEY To Signup
The weekend crew lineup is usually available from Thursday late afternoon, independent of sending By The Wey. Any changes subsequently are marked up on this sheet with a '/' and the change highlighted in a bright yellow colour:
WEY To Lineup this weekend
As the light fades on us of a weekday evening [sunrise/sunset times], let's get ahead this Head season by heading indoors for land training - see here for the season's timetable and below for our monthly training plan:
WEY To Train in September
If not already, do take a moment to complete the athlete questionnaire - link below. Knowing for yourself and sharing what goals you are working towards, helps bring meaning, motivation and direction to your fitness and rowing development. Also your answers can give coaches and squad/crew coordinators a good deal of insight in to what you want and need for fun, fitness and success, personally and collectively.

To those who have already responded to the questionnaire - thank you. If you have shown interest in having a training diary/log or asked for one to be setup - you can expect to receive shortly a follow-on email...
WEY To Develop: Athlete Questionnaire
Silver Sculls - just 5 weeks to go!

Weybridge Silver Sculls - the countdown continues

Just 5 weeks to go... Saturday, 19th October

Please SIGN UP TODAY to volunteer however and whenever you can

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What will I be able to do? As before, but now on a more stable platform, you can create your own login to continue signing up for sessions, view the weekend crew lineup (Seniors), book a boat, report an issue with a boat, report an incident, view the list of emergency contacts, shop for kit and more, and more new features to come...​

What's happening to my previous app login? Why do I have to signup again? To remain GDPR compliant, individual logins for the first-generation WEY Hey! app have been deleted, so if you haven't already, make the switch today! With greater information security, you can login afresh either using your Google or Facebook login or by creating a new login.
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