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The first of two virtual events run by Bewl Bridge Rowing Club was run over the last few days with the results just out.

Weybridge RC were conspicuous by not only their support for the event but also by a very decent number of first or top places. Initially, I was only going to highlight the winners, but looking at the results (with thanks to Matt, Heather and Scott for the analysis) there is more to them than just picking the top spot.

Matt's J13-J15 Group

  • Alex - 1st J13.1x
  • Dante - 2nd J13.1x
  • No oppo in the J13.2x but a good combined time
  • Daniel - 3rd/12 in J14.1x
  • Archie - 4th/12 in J14.1x
  • Tommy - 5th/12 in J14.1x
  • Ruby - 3rd/7 in WJ14.1x only 2 seconds off 2nd place. The winner was not on a Concept2
  • Archie/Daniel - 1st/3 in J14.2x with a good placing in the year above
  • Archie/Daniel/Ruby/Tommy - no oppo in J14.4x; they would have placed second in the J15.4x
  • Archie and Dan - 2nd and 4th respectively of 6 in the run; both times would have won the J15 event
And talking of the J15 event...
  • Henry won in the 1x
  • Henry and Luca won in the 2x event

Kostas' J16 boys

Starting with the 5k erg - Rafe and Ben were both up against some tough competition but still posted PBs.

Weybridge runners took the first 6 places - well done Sam, Cullen, Logan, Benjamin, Zacc, with a special mention to Nick D who came in first. These boys are in serious training for GB trials and the event timing didn't tie-in well with their erg training hence they entered in the run category instead of ergo; however I hope they will be able to enter the February event with a 5k ergo.

Scott's group

  • Luella 1st in both ergo and running competitions
  • Lydia 2nd on the ergo
  • Kez 4th on her ergo
  • and some good results for the others in Scott's group.

Kay's novices

Great to see Toni came a close second to her WMas.E opposition in what was her first event entry. It would be great to see more adult members of the club participate in the February round of this event.

(Ex-WEY member Graham Spittle won his event for LEA).

Well done to all who entered, regardless of position and huge thanks to Matt who pulled it all together.

We are also running a Weybridge ergo league... The prize for January goes to the Men's group (703,786m overall) with Peter Lawson out by a country mile (545,000m)... followed by Keziah (WJ16) and Alex Didaskalou (J13), with Poppy (W.Sen) and Ruby (WJ14) with respectable scores. 

Methinks if some of the other groups had entered they too could have posted great scores. This lockdown's not going to go away, so lets see what you can do for February. Reset and lets have your scores for the month upcoming - adults and juniors.

Thanks to Rachel for organising and reporting.

Online events at Weybridge

So we can dream

I've enjoyed some correspondence with Michael Swain, he (I believe - forgive me if I'm wrong) late of Bermuda and now of France. Like me he runs guest accommodation (although he in France, me in Dorset) and I amused myself on a cold, dank dark night looking at his website. Dream on, summer sun... 

And finally…

Light travels faster than sound. This is why some people appear bright until you hear them speak.” —Alan Dundes

Remember: Hands, Face, Space

Take care,

Clive Capel 
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