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It is to be commended just how adaptable everyone has been and continues to be with what might be considered our ‘new normal’ at the Club. Here, then, is another (hopefully) welcome change...

Welcome to our new outdoor gym 
Not quite as pictured above; more like what's pictured below - and how to book
Ergos and weights to be used from the Men's - outside only, only when dry
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Our New WEY To Book (just about anything at the club!) has been updated to include the requirement to book in your land training. Whether using the ergos from those few stashed inside the Men’s changing room or the weights (there also), please take note

✅ Book your time before you arrive: (max. 1 hour) 

✅ Ergos and weights equipment are to be used outdoors only and only when dry 

✅ If you intend to do more than a short ergo, please park yourself on the patch in front of Gladee8Oar and Weyward - or if no-one is around, in front of the rack with Lightweyt or the Men's is fine, but be aware of others needing to get by or putting away/taking out boats/blades 

✅ Common sense, consideration for others and civility all apply! Anyone needing to pass by, Weyfarers included, can give a friendly heads up if needed, with those land training to move to accommodate this whilst maintaining social distancing 

✅ There should be no land sessions on Tuesday or Thursday from 4 to 8pm - priority is given to junior sessions (shown in blue via the booking sheet

All equipment must be cleaned before use - and used wearing clean shoes/socks, always. Once done, please return straight after to the Men's whatever's been used, again, cleaning whatever you touch - handles, seat, rail and monitor buttons (but not by spraying directly with disinfectant). 

Thank you!

Still, you may be wondering: “But outdoor gyms are so yesterday, what about reopening our indoor facilities like the clubroom?

Just as British Rowing must wait for updates to government guidelines, so must we await updates from British Rowing. In particular, British Rowing is currently reviewing and refining its guidelines to affiliated clubs around the setup and use of gyms, as well as (quite importantly) making their proposal to the UK Government on how they see the return to crew boats... 
Watch this space

For now, we weigh up and measure out what might be doable - but it won't include this indoor gym dystopia!

There's more...

Many of us, especially as rowers, don't do sitting still - not well or not for long! 

If you're looking for your next challenge, big or small, on or off the water, totally solo or appropriately socially-distanced, there are a fair few challenges and training options to pick from - or take up the lot!

  • Our resurrected 'Sculling Ladder' [more here]
  • 'Row a Rainbow' for NHS Charities Together [more here
  • Join Pilates with Kay from your kitchen or wherever at home [book here]
Plus, there's more, much more at 

Any club ergo that is available to hire is subject to completing a hire agreement - and upon returning, it'll be quarantined for 72 hours [enquire

If you are looking for something more permanent in your own home, there are a few options here also, but you will need to enquire of each supplier about stock and ordering:

Pilates with Kay is completely online and completely free to members and parents - and this is thanks to Kay's qualified instruction being offered completely voluntarily. 

Also, many thanks to... 

Learn To Row coaches and helpers: Anne, AshleyClive, Connor, Cullen, Jacqui, Joe, Kay, MiaNick C, Peter LRachel and Samar

Scott and Dan for moving to the Men's the weights and what-not for use outside. 

Graham Ca for carrying out repairs, some quite extensive, to JT, ‘TTRC’, Csiki Chappie, Molly and Doodlebug

Rachel for fixing TearaWey's pitch; also with Emma C, swapping out the shoes in RunaWey for a still-used-but-better pair. 

Paul G and Rachel for running the taps and showers to keep Legionnaire’s and other waterborne diseases at bay. 

Paul G and Annette for attending to cloth washing duty.

Slummin' it

Floating eyesores ruin strolls along the Thames

What you didn't ask for...
Maybe you're wondering also if anything is being done (or can be done) to rid our reach (and elsewhere) of the many and often-ugly vessels, referred to as ‘slum boats’... The short answer: absolutely, yes! 

To be sure, this issue is not merely about the aesthetics of these boats; they present a health and safety hazard also. This is recognised not just by all the rowing clubs, but also by a recently-formed and necessarily-secure Facebook group. 

Whilst this group is active and growing in influence, the rowing clubs on our reach shall pull together to petition both the EA and Elmbridge to take action... 
Another space to watch

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