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May The Fourth... Work-party

Maybe it was the paint fumes(!), but there was that real sense of community as we worked through the various jobs at Saturday's work-party. Thank you, then, for the many hands-on, from boathouse to clubroom to kitchen...

Cath Allaway, Cat Alexander, Christian Armstrong, Jack Benton, Jayne Brady, Theresa Capel, Emma Cowie, Scott Cowie, James Coxhead, Misha Edwards, Anya Foulkes, Maria Ibrahim, Simon Johnson, Tim Johnson, Lisa King, Rachel Kornberg, Paul Gray, Dale Gowland, Louis McLeod, Charles McNulty, Joe McNulty, Tony and Tracy Moore, Lucy Mitchinson, Anne Morris, Louisa, Tia Lovatt, Jess O'Dell, Jacqui Parry, Stan Pauwels, Cullen Ross, Holly Ross, Henry Shore, Geoff Thomas and Steve Walshaw.

WEY have a few winners - and there's more...

Click through for the full story and results
Winner W.J15.1x (B) at Marlow Spring
Winner W.J14.1x at Marlow Spring
Winners MasG.8+ at Marlow Spring
Winners W.MasE.4+ at Marlow Spring

Yes, it's that time!
Volunteers, please: Walton & Weybridge Regatta

With just 4 weeks to go, please take a moment now to sign up for all you can do to help out on Saturday, June 8th - many thanks in advance.

WEY are trialling new kit suppliers

[Preview and buy TODAY]
Password: 'WRC1880'
Minimum order of 6 applies
We are talking with a couple suppliers, new to us, but here and now, Five57 have the new-design All-in-One (AIO, or unisuit) to offer, plus a few other kit options - splash-jackets, a base layer, and leggings (soon). We are looking for those who can deliver on quality of material and manufacture, as well as, of course, value for money and actual delivery timescales.

Don't miss the chance to get your
*NEW* WEY Club Blazer

Fitted, ordered and delivered in time for HRR, if not Henley Women's

Fitting sessions
will be held at WEY, both, this eveningMay 9th - pop along from 7pm - and the morning of Saturday, May 11th - from 10am

Lisa has secured a quality blazer from an excellent supplier at an excellent price at just £170 per blazer (based on a group order of between 4 and 11, but the more we order, the greater the discount)

If you cannot make either fitting session or you are comfortable choosing your fit and size using the fitting guides provided within, you can follow this link to complete your order online - no later than 1pm on the Saturday, May 11th
NEW WEY Club Blazer

Looking for the Lineup? Got the app?

Weekend crew lineups (Seniors), reporting an issue with a boat, boat booking, a list of trained AED users, app only content and lots more all in one place... Members can access by creating your own password [Here's how and what's new]

Also on our Reach...

This Saturday, the Weyfarers are hosting the Desborough Challenge. Please keep the pontoon clear 1pm to 1:30pm to allow for the swift boating for the 2pm start.
[See here for details]

What else is happening in...

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