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Dear <<First Name>>, 

Hurray - only one week to go!

Our Club Welfare Office Judy Sarsby has written about possible issues as we think about our return to rowing.

You’re not alone.

If you’ve found this lockdown particularly hard and the prospect of it lifting doesn’t fill you with the feeling of joy that those around you seem to anticipate; if you feel anxious, depressed, stressed and have feelings that there is no way out and nothing will change that will improve the way you feel… You’re not alone.

Although the endless feeling of 'Groundhog Day' coming to an end may offer relief in many respects, it may also be a time when facing the realities that you left behind when lockdown started, are rearing up again. Feelings of bullying, stress about exams, work, jobs and your future, meeting friends you’re not sure about, achieving a certain level in sport, fear about achieving goals that have been set for you or you set for yourself, questioning who you are and where you fit in, all these and many other spiralling thoughts can keep you awake at night, and give rise to the effects of depression and even suicidal thoughts.

Well, you’re not the only one. What is going on inside your head is out there amongst your friends and family, and this pandemic has tipped a mass of insecurity worldwide, and Surrey is suffering too!

Judy, CWO

Talk with your friends; ask how everyone is feeling about it. If you feel awkward, you can talk to me any time, I’m a good listener and very much here for you - call or email me on 07974 090 881 or

Alternatively, please keep these links to hand if you’d rather discuss with someone unconnected. If you’d rather a quick read through of others with similar feelings and start with this: 

If you want to talk, ChildLine are great, kind, understanding and there for you up to 10:30 at night: or telephone 0800 1111

You can also visit or call the Samaritans any time 116 123, or if you’d rather email than talk

Another excellent helpline is run by Mind, who are particularly aware of the stresses on adults for such matters as job or home at risk, actual job loss, loss of hope or purpose, increasing stress and declining health. They understand how even the ‘little things’ can mount up... Visit: 


I watched, with admiration, 28 year old Capital Radio presenter Roman Kemp talking about the loss of his friend and how he and other young people have dealt with similar losses. If you didn't see it on BBC One on 16th March it is available on the BBC iPlayer. What it makes you realise is that those who need help often don't appear to do so.

I would recommend this to all parents and juniors for whom, as noted above, this has been and continues to be a difficult time.

Spring has sprung

Spring is certainly here

Not only officially (Spring Equinox and all that) but in the air.

I went with Theresa and pup Eddie for a walk along the towpath to Desborough Island this morning (Sunday). It was warm and sunny with people enjoying (for the most part) socially-distanced time. It reminded me just how important nature is to general well being. The river was smooth and gentle, dappled with sunlight. Blossom scents the air and the grass is green and the mud is trying out. Swans were swimming and birds were busy building nests and Eddie was enjoying running around in the long grass. I haven't been out much recently and after my outing I realised I felt happy and there was a definite 'lift of spirit'. 

Even if it's not possible for everyone to go out just yet, we can look forward to Spring and Summer and hopefully a more relaxed time ahead.

Do you fancy being famous?

We've been approached by Channel 4 who are looking for people to take part in a 'live the simple life' TV programme. The idea behind the series is about saying goodbye to smartphones, Zoom calls, social media, Amazon, etc. – all the distractions and pressures of normal life - to go and live a simpler life, experience the ‘good life’ fantasy and think about what our modern life and its multitude of choices, has really given us. We will explore the idea of whether,  in fact, less is more. If this is of interest please let me know and I'll supply what little extra information I have.

The mundane but necessary

The poo pump packed up last week and apparently has burned out.  It's being replaced under warranty. Thanks to Carl for dealing with this.

Didn't there used to be a tree there…

The tree removal work mentioned in last week's ‘By The WEY’ was very efficiently completed by the EA's contractors. There is a pile of Lime wood on the lock side of the fence; I understand from Graham if anyone wants it for firewood or whittling they can have it. But you've got to get it to the car park first which will be quite a workout!

...and a bank?

Work to re-establish the bank and subsequently, install the fish pass, will commence at any point after 29th March. The area up to the concrete ridge directly opposite the bicycle parking below the balcony, and which runs parallel to the boathouse, will be fenced off; it is prohibited to enter this area during the course of the works. The whole project will continue until some point in the Autumn, with an absolute end date of October 30th.

During the course of the works, a large crane pontoon (which made its presence felt in 2018) will be in place at the entrance to the Wey. We will also lose the upstream 6 rows of modules of our black pontoon; this section will be moored for the duration at the entrance to Thames Lock pound.

Continuing online events at Weybridge RC

Matt's Tuesday circuits at 18:30 (1hr) - this will remain online. 

Kay's Wednesday Pilates at 19:30 (45 min) - Kay's popular midweek event. This will remain online, even after the club reopens. 

Kay's Saturday morning ergos - this weekend you again get to learn from Nick; huge thanks to Kay and Nick for these sessions. 

Simply click the underlined text above for the session you wish to join. 

Ergo returns

For Jubilee High School ergos it's w/c 22nd March and club ergos are needed back on 29th March, please. Ensure they are cleaned and disinfected. I hope they have been of use to members. My thanks to JHS for assisting me in this project.

And finally…

Have a happy day, and remember - good friends are like rare jewels, difficult to find and impossible to replace.


Continuing for the time being: Hands, Face, Space.


Kind regards,
Clive Capel 
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