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British Rowing Virtual Championships

All the best to all those virtually racing
(or is it racing virtually?)

With many thanks to Heather, Holly, Kostas, Matt B and Scott, lots of prep and training has gone into getting our juniors ready to race at this weekend's inaugural British Rowing Virtual Championships, for us, from this afternoon!

Watch here for live results | All the best to ALL those racing

In just the last week, many thanks goes to...
  • Tom and Geoff D for taking out the rubbish and washing the cloths - Spot the blue bucket is full? Your turn!
  • And to all who volunteered to help this week with our new variety, socially-distant Junior Learn To Row - thank you - to Anne, Ashley, Catherine, Catriona, Claudine, Clive, Connor, Gemma, Joe, Louis, Lukasz, Maria, Niamh, Nick, Rachel and Tim - it has been such a success that a good number of parents and friends of friends are keen to learn also!

Learn To Row: Got a CoW 1x and want to help out? 
We want you too!

Please SIGN UP HERE to say when you can help out those learning to row by going alongside in a single, launch or by bike on the towpath - although sometimes it is even busier here and too far away to be effective for the beginner rower - but can be decided at the time.

Seems it's 'open season' on us rowers! (Let it not be so on each other)

Not to take it personally or anything, but yes, everyone and those fishermen seem to be out on ‘our reach’ and out to 'get us'. But actually, they, like us, just out of 'lockdown' also, are in need of some of that 'Sunshine Vitamin' and enjoying their pastime, too.

Still, maybe you’re wondering as much as they are “what gives...?” Fishermen (mostly, from what I’ve seen) are wondering “why can’t they see my line’s out and move out...?” without realising what might happen if we do. Besides maybe wishing they weren’t out either, we might be thinking: “why so many all at once?” or “why do they have to cast their lines so long?” If you do become their day's catch, often the only thing to do is row on, for little more than the line to come free or maybe snap off. To be fair, most keep a good lookout also and drop their lines for passing scullers. Some, however, chastise our existence - do not rise to it! Trying to ‘educate’ them in why you can’t or why you won’t “just move out” invariably opens the door to verbal abuse. It's not clever, it's not called for, so just Keep Calm and Paddle On... maybe with a “thank you” regardless.

And that’s just the fishermen! There’s also the paddleboarders, swimmers, etc., etc... But again, always keep a good lookout, even if they don’t - and possibly don’t know where to be. Here 'educating' may prove worthwhile - but assertively, never aggressively!

Weyfarers, Leaders in Recreational and Touring Rowing
The same very much goes for our fellow rowers on our shared island location, with shared pontoon and some facilities shared, too.

No different to Weybridge members, Weyfarers should expect to enjoy their outings, without any unnecessary aggression or other unpleasantness when needing to pass by. So let's all be as thoughtful and accommodating of each other - it goes both ways - remembering that as club members our Code of Conduct (also in the Members' Area) very much applies, to our mutual benefit and wellbeing.

Just take those trestles, that boat on those trestles, perhaps both taking up the gangway - please just be considerate, just step out the way just a bit, for just a bit. Two metres, at least one metre, whatever: we are all practising social distancing, and all for good reason.

But really... “Just look at that landing stage, littered with boats!” If, say, you are just returning from an outing and the pontoon looks full, look a little longer... Have they just returned also; maybe just putting on shoes or placing blades on the bank? As long as it’s safe to do so, please wait out on the water, be calm and courteous, as others move about as quickly as possible to free up space. If, however, on safety grounds, waiting isn't an option, just call out for a helping hand to free up some space - no SHOUTING necessary.

Speaking of calm...

There’s always a way at WEY - don’t miss this glorious Summer

This poster is more an invitation or encouragement to get down to the Club (at the social-distance du jour) and get on the water. Despite the general busyness of our reach (and all part of your risk assessment anyway - hint: the earlier the better), this can be in a fine single or same-household double, but also on our SUP Rowers (bookable in the usual place). Now there’s always a way... and apparently 'oarboarding' is a thing, and a pretty cool thing, even in far-flung Tahiti

Of course, for all Seniors to 'row solo', you need to have a CoW, and having one is perfectly doable, be that the CoW Level 1 (as Bow-steer or SUP 1x) or next-level CoW2 as [fine] Single Sculler (1x) - just by following these few steps:

  1. Complete the updated, achieving a pass mark of around 72% (the quiz is 'self-marking', so be sure you have ticked the correct number of boxes that corresponds with the number of points given to each question)
  2. If you don't already, spend a few outings with a 'buddy' and a little time here getting to know our reach
  3. Complete the relevant sections (detailed within) of the self-assessment readiness checklists at
  4. Before then booking a time to
    From here on...
  5. You know the drill - or should:
    Always book ahead, bring all you need, always check the conditions, clean whatever you touch, always keep a good lookout - and happy paddling ☺️



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