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You had a week off 'By The Weys' whilst I did - now back to it!

The Desborough Dashes Regatta, May 22nd

Planning for the DDR continues with emphasis on safety, covid security and as wide a range of events as a small team can manage. Entries so far are encouraging but as BROE doesn't close until May 13th (or if full) we still have some time yet. 

My thanks to the 25 members who have so far replied to my request for assistance and to those who have separately advised they are unable to help. We need more volunteers, please. The sign-up link is here - or if you prefer - gets you to the same place. We have well over 120 members so still lots of people to volunteer, including juniors.

Also huge thanks to the merry band of Weybridge RC tree-cutters (none of whom own a small red car with integral chainsaw) who have been trimming the island side of the Cut in preparation for the event; similarly to the volunteers from Walton RC who have been taming the towpath side. Thank you.

Update on Henry

Members have kindly been enquiring as to news of J15 Henry Hall, who you will recall from my 'BTW Special' of last week has received substantial burns following an accident. 

Henry remains in the Children's Hospital in Birmingham where a wonderful staff and medical team are looking after him very well. Each of his four visits to theatre results in positive feedback that his healing is progressing very well and at a very swift rate. 

He has been on a ventilator since his admission and hopefully he will be coming off that in the next 48 hours.  He will continue to receive fluids and food via a line direct into his body to ensure he is receiving enough calories to help with the healing process. 

In the last few days he has been the most lucid since arriving to the Hospital as they reduce his sedation and is opening his eyes more and more. He's now waving hello and goodbye to the many medical staff that visit his room. Henry is also getting visits from staff nurses before and after their shifts as they want to check on his status. 

I understand from his parents that they, he, and the hospital have been overwhelmed by the letters, cards, emails and gifts (mainly edible - but not for Henry) received. The hospital have said it's like having a famous person there. They also appreciate very much the cards to the staff who are caring for him. 

Although not quite 'with it', Henry has been able to respond to the communications by a thumbs up or smile, so please do keep in touch with him. It means more than you can know. 

The address for cards is Henry Hall, c/o Maria Weaver, Family Support Worker, Family Liaison Team, PICU, Birmingham Children’s Hospital, Steelhouse Lane, Birmingham, B4 6NH. Emails may be sent to with the subject line HENRY HALL. Thank you.

Boats, gates and windy weather

Please remember to tie all your boats on properly. Two singles were blown off racks during last weeks storms.

Also, gates. It's really not difficult. Please ensure the gates are firmly shut before racking your boat to prevent damage to other boats and the swivels. And check again after racking.

Also note that the club state 'boards' increase to the next level for winds over 25mph (gusts 40mph). But risk assess using common sense and if you don't feel confident in going out - don't.

Thanks from Kay

Kay is appealing for help coaching the Saturday 10:00 novice group. If you know more than they do - please offer to assist for a couple of hours. It's very satisfying to know that you have helped people and much appreciated by Kay and her small team.

Also assistance required please for adult learn-to-rows during the week - these are coming thick and fast.  Many thanks to those who have responded to Kay on this request.

And don't forget that Kay does her Pilates session on Wednesday online at Sometimes it works better as - all are welcome.

Update on the fish pass works

With thanks to our special 'EA correspondent', Graham, I can advise that the crane platform with it's selection of toys will be in position until late August at the earliest.

Work to excavate the bank will commence next week, so you can expect steel barriers to be in position, reducing the available pathway to the area between the boathouse and the concrete ridge.

The 2 mini JCBs currently on the platform will be lifted onto the bank to carry out the excavations, with the out-take being spread in order to level the whole area previously covered by matting. The annoying concrete ridge will be removed - hurray!

And finally

There's (pretty much) always someone worse off than yourself. Keep things in perspective and look up and forward!

Stay safe

Continuing - Hands, Face, Space. Disinfect blades and boats. We're getting there.

Clive Capel 
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