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Some pleasing news...

Whilst it's been a difficult time for so many, great efforts have been made by coaches to keep members 'engaged'. Kay's Saturday morning ergo sessions have been popular (and I believe have spilled over to some on Sundays, too). Junior coaches Matt, Scott and Kostas have worked really hard and the wider membership will be pleased to see how the club's younger members have persevered over the last few months.

We have an active squad of some 20 W/J16 members, of which J16 athletes Nick and Cullen have achieved Team GB standards with James dropping below 19 minutes for the 5k test (not easy). Five out of seven athletes have achieved Personal Bests in their efforts to achieve Team GB Standards.

Seven J16 and six WJ16 athletes are registered to take part in the Virtual GB Trial camp on April 3rd.

Our J14s and J15s regularly achieve PBs in tests being set by Matt.

Well done to all these young people and thanks to all those who have given their time to coach and/or provide online services.

...and some not-so pleasing

We appear to have an electrical problem with the poo pit pump which has blown a fuse. We await a callout from ASL who fitted it last year, but in the meantime please don't use the 'facilities'.

A new rack

In order to accommodate work by the Environment Agency the boat rack by Coulson’s Channel (opposite the ladies changing room) will be dismantled at some time in the next few weeks along with a large part of the bank. On Monday March 15th, work starts by removing the two trees on either side of the lock's fence and in preparation for both a small but well formed working party moved Gladee8Oar and Weyward to a new (temporary) home on the island, opposite the huts.  Our thanks to the 'hut-ists' for allowing this intrusion on their bit of land and to Graham Campbell for his continued liaison with the EA.

Only a rower would find this a thing of beauty.

Continuing online events

Matt's Tuesday circuits at 18:30 (1hr) - this will remain online. 

Kay's Wednesday Pilates at 19:30 (45 min) - Kay's popular midweek event. This will remain online, even after the club reopens. 

Kay's Saturday morning ergos - this weekend you again get to learn from Nick; huge thanks to Kay and Nick for these sessions. 

Simply click the hyperlinked text above for the session you wish to join. 

Jubilee High School ergos

I am negotiating with Jubilee High School as to the date by which they require the return of their ergos. Nominally it's w/c March 22nd but I'm hoping to be able to extend this until the middle of April. 

A reminder that club ergos are needed back on March 29th, please.

And finally

From a Church magazine (yes, really)...

"The sermon this morning will be on the topic ‘Jesus walks on the water’...

This evening's sermon will be ‘Searching for Jesus’.”


Continuing - Hands, Face, Space.


Kind regards,
Clive Capel 
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