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Btw, you are right if you guessed "stream.bright.stray" to last issue's quiz: "What what3words would take you to the whereabouts of this roadside sign?"
...our Club Committee of Anne, Clive Cu, Dale, Graham, Kay, Lisa, Rachel, Scott and Shahram. Huge thanks go to the entire Committee for their always timely input and joint thought-wrangling over our closing and eventual, phased re-opening.

Many thanks also to Ashley, CarlEric, Graham CaLisa and Rachel for offering site security, grounds maintenance and resolving the failure to our sewage pump!

And without doubt, "What would WEY do without...Clive Ca, Heather, HollyKostas, Matt B and Scott for keeping all the Juniors involved and motivated throughout - and still now, as we work out a 'Phase 2' as part of our phased re-opening.

Your Safety Matters, Our Safety Matters

If you have not seen Friday's all-member update, please check your junk/spam folder or go to

If you emailed me directly, I will reply very shortly - again, please check your junk/spam folder if you have not heard from me within the next couple days.

But before you do that...

Not got a CoW? Not a problem 


Having your CoC 2.0 (see Note, below) and checking out our updated Emergency Action Plan
Note: Whether or not you have your own ergo to complete the Yellow boards safety test, you can do an equivalent on the water under 'Normal Rowing' conditions - please let know if you wish to do this

In just the last 48 hours: a few updates, learnings and observations...

  • Your hi-vis top must actually be hi-vis, ideally hi-vis yellow, orange or pink. It is not enough to be a bright yellow or bright red, or pink or green or turquoise... Don't have one? Order yours via the WEY To Shop!
  • Please bring your own towel (B.Y.O.T) not just for drying your hands but also a (raggedy) one for drying the boat. Like the club hi-vis tops, the towels have been removed for now. #CleanWhatYouTouch
  • Fledging waterfowl are very much that. Even the older-looking 'teenager' venturing out on their own will be unfamiliar with sharing their habitat with us rowers. For this reason also, always keep a good lookout! And STOP if it is not yet safe to steer well clear.
  • You can expect to see a few bookings and boatings from
  • To help everyone in keeping their distance, we have this new circulation pattern for the pontoon. Of course, the circulation pattern when pushing off the pontoon remains the same; also when returning. As long as it is safe, if you need to wait on the water to land, please do whilst staying calm and civil. Another #JustOneMoreThing
  • Our neighbourhood birds have been 'busy' all over our boats racked outside, so if you have not already had the pleasure of having to 'deep clean' the hull and riggers, please bear this in mind along with your usual boat checks and extra vigilant cleaning every where you go and #CleanWhateverYouTouch
  • Also, you may find a birds' nest or two in the shoes. It should be empty, but please check carefully anyway. Remember, it is an offence to disturb birds’ nests. Of course you may also find a couple boats still de-rigged, so please take care of this by not leaving it for the next person to re-rig - thank you! #JustOneMoreThing
  • If you are the last to leave the Club - which you can tell from - please be sure to put away any remaining trestles and shut all the boathouse bay doors.
  • My apologies if you did not receive Friday’s email update - turns out there’s a particular issue including users in mass mailings like this. Assuming you get this update(!) then, please check your spam/junk folder from time to time (or for Gmail users, the Promotions tab) and consider adding captain@... to your ‘Safety Senders’ [how]. You can also read (or pass on) the update posted at
  • By The WEY, if you no longer wish to receive updates like this, you can unsubscribe (using the link below in the footer👇🏼) at any time, but beware you will no longer receive these wonderful updates!

And a handful of key reminders...

  • You MUST NOT navigate below the EA barges. We don’t tend to during club sessions anyway, but for those who have done you now must not due to a sunken vessel at Sunbury Weir.
  • Please report issues with any club boat or blades in one of two ways:
  • We are not the only club on our reach to be opening our bay doors, so as ever, KEEP A GOOD LOOKOUT! Remember, any incidents, even simple capsizes should be reported in the usual way:
  • Ergo or no ergo, we have all been keeping up some form of training or exercise - and this is brilliant and long may it continue. As we get back on the water though, please be mindful how easy it can be to over-exert yourself without even realising it at the time. Certainly initially, just take it nice and easy
  • Unless you were able to turn down the subscription holiday, if you are coming back to rowing with us you will need to reinstate your membership subscription from this month. However, and as ever, if you are facing financial hardship that is proving a barrier, please do not hesitate to get in touch with me,


Feel free to drop me an email suggesting any improvements you think might be needed or if you have any queries

Our Emergency Action Plan

If You're Wondering...
On the matter of masks

To save you the mammoth task, have, well, examined the evidence on the different types of masks, with regular updates as more evidence in all areas emerges. Check out the latest here or via the image below answers "Can masks help against the coronavirus?"
Can masks help against the coronavirus?

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