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Use of sign up sheets

We are reminded by Runnymede Council that if we cannot provide an accurate ‘track and trace’ system we will be fined £1,000, thus signing up accurately to the sheets provided is not just desirable but an absolute necessity. If you sign up for a session and don't show up it is not only downright rude but you may find yourself in isolation along with others who did attend because your name in on the list still. It really isn't that difficult folks: 

If it's cold...

...for goodness sakes bring warm clothes, and a spare set of clothes too.  No bare skin rule applies when it's 5 degrees or so. Keep warm.

Next Saturday, April 17th

Any sessions in progress next Saturday, April 17th will pause at 3pm for a three-minute silence in memory of HRH The Prince Philip Duke of Edinburgh, whose funeral is at 3pm in St. George's Chapel, Windsor.

Jubilee High School taster sessions

The Club is running some taster sessions for students at Jubilee High School on Monday April 12th, from 9am to 4pm. It is expected there will be a maximum of 8 students at any one time. The Club is open for member use.

Hazards in the wate: barge returns

In an effort to continue to spend another load of money on a fish pass at Coulson's channel the EA  will be delivering a huge barge and crane/digger to site early on Monday the 12th. This will be parked by the outfall from the Wey and will necessitate the loss of about 6 of our pontoon cubes (which they will tow around to the back of the island apparently). The barge will be a nuisance and will require a smart turn away from the pontoon and care when approaching it. All members going afloat are requested to take great care.

Hazards in the water: befallen trees

As most members will be aware there is some deranged idiot running around with a chainsaw cutting down perfectly healthy trees and leaving them across the road and river. Surrey Council seem to be quite switched on at getting them cleared from the roads and towpath, unfortunately the EA not so much in terms of removing these hazards from the river itself. The last I saw (Saturday) there was the sad remains of a tree projecting into the river at the Canoe Club, and another in the cut 100m or so before the halfway mark. These provide members with an exercise in being aware of what is in front of them and practice in extricating themselves from a reasonably benign hazard. As some of my J13s found on Wednesday!

Flow gauges at Walton

We are advised of EA river works on the Sunbury Reach between Sunbury and Shepperton Locks weeks commencing April 19th and April 26th to enable the refurbishment and renewal of Walton Flow Gauge which has reached the end of its operational life.

In order to carry out these works the EA need to excavate a trench in the river bed in order to lay new cables across the river to bring the flow gauge back into service.

A 50 metre section of the river will be restricted at NGR: TQ0996167037 (what3words: plates.fame.brave) from 9pm Monday April 19th to 4pm Friday April 23rd and 9am Monday April 26th to 4pm Tuesday April 27th, 2021. The navigable width of the river will be reduced to approximately half of its normal width. There will also be short periods of time where the river will have to be closed to allow for the works to transfer from one side of the channel to the other, this may take a few hours.

Once the trench has been excavated, divers will lay the cable in a specially designed weighted casing and anchor it within the trench. Then the trench will be backfilled.

And finally

How come we only find out how much someone has contributed during their lives, after they die?

Stay safe

Continuing - Hands, Face, Space
Kind regards,

Clive Capel 
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