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Dear <<First Name>>,

A really busy week and weekend with successes in all areas and at all events - and the sun has made another appearance! 

Henley Masters Regatta

Four Weybridge Masters crews competed at Henley Masters’ Regatta on Friday and Saturday, July 10th & 11th. Despite there not being the normal quantity of international crews, the UK competition was there with a massive entry of over 900 crews which indicates, I think, the strength of Masters rowing in the UK.

The F8+ had a large field to face and unfortunately fell in the first round by just over a length to Maidstone Invicta. Masters racing is about quality and not just quantity — and our keen, all Weybridge WG.4x- had only a straight final. However, they met a very strong Kingston/Loch Lomond composite crew and were outclassed.

Better news for the doubles; we had 2 WG.2x entered and both Weybridge crews made it to the final.  The WG.2x was won by Rachel and Jacqui.

Well done to all crews for taking part. [Full results]

British Rowing Junior Championships

Held at the National Watersports Centre, Nottingham last weekend this was a busy operation. 

Luella came 2nd in the 'B' final in a WJ15.1x event on Friday; on Saturday Niamh and Eva won a Gold medal in their pair, whilst in J16.2x Cullen and Nick won Bronze in their category, and Lydia, Keziah, Luella, Jasmine, (c) Katie also won a Bronze medal in their WJ16.4+. The Club's congratulations to all medallists as this is a tough competition and to even be in the 'A' final is an achievement for a small club such as Weybridge. To come away with 'bling' is recognition of a job very well done, not only (if I may say) to those who were in the boat but also the coaches and support colleagues who have been working hard all year at the coal-face and behind the scenes.

Others competing were J16.1x Ben H, J16.2x Rafe and Alex, J16.4x- Zacc, James, Oscar, Ben J, WJ16; all showed personal bests in their races even if they didn't make top finals — and some discovered that checking that their gates are closed before starting the race is advisable…

Thanks to Ben Briody for trailering and well done to all who took part, whether racing, coaching or administering. [Full results]

Niamh & Eva are Gold Medallists in WJ16 2- and Lydia, Keziah, Luella, Jasmine, (c) Katie are Bronze Medallists in in WJ16 4+ at 2021 British Rowing Junior Championships
Nick & Cullen are Bronze Medallists Op J16 2x at 2021 British Rowing Junior Championships

Molesey Regattas

A number of senior members raced in the Molesey Regatta on Saturday. The WG.4x- of Anne, Rachel, Jacqui and Jayne, rowed to Molesey, won and rowed back. (Anne then dashed off to her son's wedding — nothing gets in the way of racing!). The WF.2x, WC.4x- and the Men’s F8+ weren't so successful but had good races nevertheless.

We attended Molesey Junior Regatta this Sunday, but with a severely depleted entry. There has been a bit of an outbreak of COVID-19 at Heathside and 'notices of isolation' came in thick and fast, so we ended up having to withdraw the J14 and WJ16 boats. We ended up with just Dillon representing the J15s in a single, the J15 girls quad of Jemima, Natasha, Emily L, Olivia (c) EllaR and a mixed J13 quad of Christopher, Alex, Milly-May, Claudia (c) Katie S, racing in searing heat. I'm delighted to say that all boats raced well and that the J13s won their first event in fine style.

Our thanks to Weybridge Ladies for the loan of their trailer whilst ours was otherwise occupied doing the Nottingham run, and to Nick for towing. Congratulations to all who represented the Club at both days at Molesey. [Full results: Sat and Sun]

Events to consider

Decent interest in the Great Ouse (half) Marathon on 5th September — please do let Rachel know if you want to take part.

Trouble at Walton RC

Members at Walton RC on Friday evening were threatened by a man wielding a knife, threatening to do serious damage. Captain Mike Everington was thumped but thankfully no-one was injured and the man eventually left. However, he was around again on Saturday morning and the club closed until the matter can be resolved.

It was our pleasure to provide boats and support to Walton RC for Molesey Juniors on Sunday and the two clubs had a relaxed and fun day working together. Guildford and Molesey also contributed equipment. We had the strange sight of a Walton crew in a Guildford boat with Weybridge blades, and a Walton sculler winning J15.1x in WEY's Runawey with Guildford blades. To say the starters were confused is an understatement — commentary (had there been any) would have been amusing!

The miscreant is, they think, an itinerant off his head on 'substances' so caution is advised around the Walton area.

Our new boats...

...arrived in a biblical rainstorm, have been rigged and started their duty as competition boats. WEY020, the 55-70kg boat, is named That's the Wey which was suggested during my BTW request for names; WEY025 (70-85kg) will be named Leif after our Past President Leif Mills. We have both quad and fours riggers for these coxless boats. I am working on dates for a naming ceremony with Leif's daughter, Susannah.

As a result of the two new boats being racked internally a decision had to be made to move some of the older and least used boats to outside racking. This is a bit of a work-in-progress as we try to find rack space that is accessible to crews. Our thanks to WEF for their assistance with this issue and members for their patience.

Boat mats

Talking of boats, can I remind all members to replace the protective boat mats onto the boats before racking. They are there to help reduce rigger-ding damage — thanks. And another reminder, please, about gates… Juniors! And Adults!

The clean-up continues

Very many thanks to Eric and his crew for the continuing work they are doing on the grounds and to the Ladies ‘G’ crew for tidying the boathouse.

Upcoming events

  • Staines Regatta on Saturday, July 24th 
  • Community Regatta* Friday, August 6th
  • 200 Club on Sunday, September 5th
  • Great Ouse on Sunday, September 5th 

*Please let Anne or Rachel know asap if you are able to help out on August 6th. Senior and Junior helpers welcome and much appreciated, particularly at the end of the day when we're all exhausted. Remember funds raised from the event go back into equipment at your club.

Restrictions at the Club

Although restrictions are to be eased from 19th July, I would ask for common sense please, particularly from junior members. As we know there is an outbreak of covid isolations at Heathside (although I don't think any WEY members have been found to actually have it) so I would request 'social distancing' remains as before with masks being an option. Better to be safe than sorry.

Have a nice week, all, and don't forget the suncream...

Clive Capel 
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