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Dear <<First Name>>, 

This first from guest editor, Rachel Kornberg:

"No-one left on the bank."

Whilst not front and centre on our website or possible under current restrictions, our motto: “No-one left on the bank…” is still front and centre of our minds, and in planning for our re-opening… In the meantime, watch just a snippet of this short video (below in full) on the SUP Rower and why WEY are proud to be OarBoard UK ambassador:

WEY very much look forward to seeing you on the water soon!

The sun is out, the flowers are beginning to bloom and the blossom is on the trees. News from our Dear Leader was positive - we just have to hope that things go according to plan.

We're not sure when we will be welcoming Jubilee High School back to their Thursday school sports sessions. Although this is allowed after 8th of March, this apparently only applies to schools that have their own facilities. Personally I find this very 'off' as JHS will have as much exclusive use of the WEY facilities as St. Georges will have of their facilities, so we will be taking this up with British Rowing.

I am arranging a meeting with my Senior Management Team to try to draw up a timetable for the Club - more news once we've done the work.

In the meantime, a working party set-to on Sunday to clean the steps of river silt (thanks to Greg, Graham, Eric and Paul - you can imagine the banter between Paul Thomas and Greg Jones about the Wales-England rugby match last Saturday!). Nick and I dug out buckets and detergent and made Weyward and Gladiator look more presentable ready for the season ahead. Although of course by the time we get out, the use of eights will likely be limited. Anyway, the boats and steps look better than they did, so thanks to all for helping.

Boats, remember these?

Continuing online events

Matt's Tuesday circuits at 18:30 (60-min). Seeing decent attendance at this slightly later time.

Kay's Wednesday Pilates at 19:30 (45-min). Kay's popular midweek event.

Kay's Saturday morning ergos (aided and abetted by Westminster school rowing coach Nick - you will learn stuff). I've dropped in on this session and Nick is an excellent coach; do take the opportunity to learn from him whilst we can. As soon as the schools go back he will have to return to duty. Of course you do need an ergo…

Still two ergos for hire

Talking of ergos, I have access to only two more Jubilee High School ergos. If you would like to rent one (until they need them back) complete this application form, pronto.

And finally...

"Never argue with an idiot. They will drag you down to their level and beat you with experience." --Mark Twain

Remember… Hands, Face, Space

Kind regards,
Clive Capel 
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