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Stay Safe

Continuing—Hands, Face, Space, disinfect blades and boats.

I raised the question of mask wearing at Monday's committee meeting. It was discussed and agreed that whilst we would like to soften our approach to this matter the growing problem with the infectiousness of the 'Delta Variant' is of concern. If it's sufficiently worrying that the media (sorry, I meant to say Government) is likely to delay the 21st June relaxations we, too, should take a precautionary approach.

Therefore my 'request' (for clarity, read requirement) is that if you are unable to remain at least 2m socially distanced from someone you wear a mask whilst on club premises. This means that a mask is required when boating (but not when bum-on-seat of rowing boat or ergo unless coxing) or working closely together. The ladies changing rooms should only have 2 people in it at a time, and the mens', four, because the mens' changing/bike store is larger.

And yes, this does include ALL junior groups at ALL times!

Indoor ergos/exercising should similarly be restricted to no more than 4 people with good ventilation maintained (windows and door open—please remember to close-up after use!).

I am aware this policy won't be popular. Sorry but there you are.

And talking of the men’s changing room

Thank you to whomsoever tidied the room before Leif's 'do' last week.

However, there is a whole bunch of clothes just dumped in there wet presumably from a capsize. If it isn't claimed by next weekend I'm doing to put it in a bin bag and dump it into a clothes recycling bank. I don't intend to wash someone's damp underpants, thank-you-very-much.


...came down the club with his Mum and Dad on Saturday. All were in good spirits. Thanks to everyone who gave him a spontaneous round of welcoming applause as he came back to us; it was hugely appreciated and very touching.

“River running free, you know how I feel”

Members will recognise these words as being painted on a wall on Hamhaugh Island. There is an interesting article in the current issue of Thames Guardian (copies of which are available in the club room) about the painter Maxine Stinton who lives there. Maxine tells about how she rebuilt the house and the trauma of the floods of February 2014. She has also produced a print of the Thames Path National Trail which is available through her Etsy shop 

Boat repairs

Graham has been amusing himself (tongue-in-cheek) by repairing the dings and dents that appear in our boats from time-to-time. He has repaired Wey Better Together and Wey Hey (again) and is working on Milky Wey whose aft canvas has somehow become detached from the shell. He's un-holed Cumpper (is 'un-holed' a new word?) and reminds me again about the damage caused by dangling gates, a particular bug-bear of both of us. Huge thanks to Graham for this work. 

I am going to try to find a replacement seat for Grace which is now at the bottom of the river—the seat, that is, not Grace.


...are for boats not bums. We keep having to replace the fabric and Carl spend a morning repairing broken bolts and fixings. Please DO NOT sit on them!

Do keep a good look out

Yes, for the third week... but it was crazy out there this week. If the junior coaches started out with hair at the beginning of the Saturday sessions there was precious little left by the end! The SUPs are a particular problem with the latest madness being SUPs towing inflatables in the Cut. British Rowing is engaging with the SUP association but that only works if SUP-ers are members and read what is sent to them so please continue to keep a good look out. We share the river and have a responsibility for safe navigation as do they, of course, but... self preservation is the order of the day.

Upcoming events

Marlow Regatta at Dorney on 20th June, Marlow Town on 26th June, Weybridge Town Fayre also on 26th June, J16 regatta at Holme Pierrepoint Nottingham on 27th June and 200 Club on 27th June at the Club. Rowing taster sessions for Jubilee High School Year 8s (about 100 of them) over four dates starting on 28th June and continuing into July.

Have a nice week, all.

Clive Capel 
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