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Not one of the 'Allowed Boats'!

One too many voices in the boat!
But what is allowed, from tomorrow... 
In line with the latest guidelines from British Rowing, mixed-household crew boats - dubbed "bubble crew" or "training bubble" - are allowed, from August 1st, starting with doubles and pairs... 
  1. “Bubble crews” apply to adults only; the usual RA guidelines for boating apply, e.g. CoW holder

  2. Juniors are to remain in 1x until schools go back and we are in a position to review again; likewise for coxed boats

  3. Keep up with the cleaning and hand-washing regimen
  4. Maintain social distancing, also whilst carrying 2x/-

  5. One partner per person, no substitutions

  6. Singles (1x) preferred

  7. Once coxless (only) quads/fours are allowed (from Saturday, August 15th), adult members have the option then to merge with another 2x/- or for another four adults to ‘crew up’ for this to be their bubble crew; all consenting; no ‘peer pressure’; again no substitutions 

  8. Whole crew must row all at once; no one person sitting the boat and must be at the same point on the slide as their partner 

  9. The booking sheets will be adapted as and when needed, but as in my last update, those boating must be clearly marked; one name per box (

  10. No carrying each other’s blade; clean handles before and after! (

  11. We encourage the use of face masks when social distancing cannot be maintained, e.g. in the boathouse or if two quad/fours are boating at the same time. The best summary of the available evidence on face masks is available at

  12. No masks in boats

  13. Showers still off limits; also the clubroom and kitchen (

  14. If a member of a 'bubble' tests positive for COVID-19, that 'bubble' would have to self-isolate, as per government guidelines

  15. Of course, all this changes if Weybridge is entered into a local lockdown.

Learn To Row coaches and helpers: Anne, Clive Ca, Cullen, Dan G, Eve, Grace A, Henry H, Jacqui, Jayne, Kay, Luka G-M, Mia, Niamh, Nick C, Nick D, Peter L, Rachel, Tim, Tom M and Zacc 

Wendy & Kostas and Diane & Julian for hosting the J15 boys ergothon for Alzheimer’s Research UK… with thanks to Heather, Wendy and Holly for organising, including the fundraising and the follow-up story... to follow shortly, promise!

Kostas for filling up the fuel and disinfectant spray bottles (not at the same time!)

Geoff D and Jacqui for attending to cloth washing duty

Graham Ca for being so quick (as usual!) in repairing Gregarious; also Graham for helping with the timely replacement of Molly's rotting footplate (not noticed or tagged before then!) 

Rachel dropped off Csiki Chappie for repair at the same time returning JT to our fleet after some extensive repairs to its shoulder

JT (in human form!) for making the trek to have more boat covers made and Paul G for finding a temporary solution to protecting HeavyWeyt and Milky Wey.

Also on protecting our boats…

Hopefully you get the picture, but this is what these mats (pictured below) are for… Whereas the tennis balls are now nowhere to be seen, these mats should be used for protecting those boats that seem to need it most from rigger dings, especially.

Be sure boats are taken off the rack and put back on with the mat still on or already on, as this is usually how the damage occurs. Then simply unclip the mini-bungee and roll up the mat to stow nearby, ready for your return - thank you

Named. No excuses.
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