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I suppose I should say something about the biggest sporting evening in the world. Obviously our medals tally at the Olympics isn't what it was but I think we need to consider this calmly. We know a lot of seasoned and experienced competitors left rowing after Rio so we do have a number of new-ish people in the squad. I suspect those that know would say that they were expecting something of a knock-back after a long run of success to which we've sort of become accustomed and that Paris is probably the start of the next round of rowing expectation.

And if you look at the results wider than just medals we achieved more just-off-the-medal positions than any other country; some by a fraction of a second — 5cm over 2k is just unlucky, half a breath. And well done, I say, to Helen and Polly for a jolly good try. And all the others who I know have given their all.

I must say, although perhaps I shouldn't, that I don't like the moaning from some people looking to place blame for not getting what they seemed to feel entitled. We know we lost a brilliant coach and that the new brooms are trying something different but ultimately even a brilliant coach isn't in the boat and if you 'only' get bronze instead of gold — sorry but who's bum was on the seat or foot in the shoe?

Anyway I just hope the negative and somewhat snide media reaction, delighting in the disappointment we feel, doesn't damage grass roots rowing which is still strong and proud.

And members will be interested to know that Weybridge's Mat Tarrant, of whom I am proud to say I was part of the team that taught him to row, was out there in Japan although sadly not in the Men's Eight where a number of us think he should have been. But what do I know...


I am not aware now of any need to restrict use of the showers although I would suggest a shower party is not a good idea. We might need to tidy up the facilities a bit and until we know where the outfalls are please use in moderation. Actually, does any member know where the outfalls from both mens' and womens' showers are? I don't suppose they go into the poo pit. Can anyone tell us?

Junior Learn to Rows

As noted last week and below we have a couple of learn to row courses running during August so are praying for, at least, dry weather. They both run Monday to Thursday 09:00 to 13:00 with 9 or ten youngsters on each. My thanks to those who have offered to assist running these.

Community Regatta 2021 #CommReg21

And not to forget, of course, the Community Regatta at Dorney Gardens on Friday 6th August. This involves the most enormous amount of work from the usual relatively small number of committed committee people aided and abetted on the day by many members who act as hosts and helpers. By the end of the day we are all frazzled so all fresh help to clear away is gratefully received.

Making the river safer

Member and CWO Judy Sarsby, wearing her Elmbridge Councillor hat, is trying to get the Council to erect banners explaining to river users such as SUPers swimmers and inflatable users that the river needs to be treated with respect and give some guidance as to how to use it so they don't get churned up by a propeller, bashed by a boat or skewered by a sculling boat. Go Judy!

Upcoming events

  • Junior LTR D56# August 2nd to 5th  
  • Community Regatta* Friday August 6th 
  • Junior LTR D57# August 16th to 19th 
  • 200 Club on September 5th
  • Club AGM end-September with date to be announced, 
  • Sponsored row (Weybridge to Hampton Court) for The Grace Dear Trust on October 10th

#If you can volunteer to help me at the Learn To Row courses, please sign up here

*Please let Anne or Rachel know asap if you are able to help out this Friday, August 6th. Senior and Junior helpers welcome and will be much appreciated, particularly at the end of the day when we're all exhausted. Remember funds raised from the event go back into equipment at your club.

Summer training time

As the rowing events are over can I suggest that some of the training sessions are used to do maintenance work on your boats. We always used to do this: trestle the boats, remove the riggers, seats and runners, scrub (and I mean scrub) inside and outside, polish the hulls, clean the runners and wheels, check bowballs, etc… Then have a BBQ.

Treating the club with respect

Would whoever deposited chewing gum in the urinal please be good enough to remove it. It's pretty disgusting, blocks the facility and make it unpleasant to chew afterwards. We're pretty sure we know who it is — your card is marked!

And if you're using the club room and lounge please do tidy up after yourselves; certain groups go in there and trash it. Just tidy the chairs and tables and remove leavers' hoodies, photos, candy wrappers and so on. Please and thank you.

Restrictions at the Club

Can I please remind all Juniors that access to the club is permissible only with authorised adult supervision whether to use the ergos, boats, pontoon or any other equipment. Use of launches and weights are expressly not allowed.

Although restrictions are now eased I would continue to ask for common sense please, particularly from junior members. Social distancing remains a sensible option as before with masks if you can't maintain 2m — better to be safe than sorry.

Have an Olympic week.

Clive Capel 
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