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WEY Need You... Saturday October 19th

FEATURE: Safety Matters

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Quiz Night: Confirmed

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Saturday, 19th October 
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Safety Matters, really matters...

You had your say - here's what you would like to...
"STOP: General attitude towards Juniors being less competent, less attentive and less safe than Seniors"
"STOP: Divide between Juniors and Seniors: Just because we're labelled 'Junior' doesn't mean we're incompetent or should be treated differently (especially older Juniors)"
  • It is a pity: this is clearly felt amongst the Juniors. And although I don't know if it's a 'club thing' or more widespread, I, for one, am glad such a forum as the squads meeting, using this semi-anonymous format, brought this view 'to light'.
  • Unfortunately, the science says that in younger brains the frontal cortex - the region responsible for reasoning (thinking before acting) - is slower to develop than the more 'primitive' or 'impulsive' amygdala. It's why young driver insurance tends to be so high, and so lucrative for insurers! Suffice it to say also, we have seen a fair number and certain type of incident on the water to support the science.
  • This is not to say, absolutely not, that Seniors, when, for instance, overly tired or without all the necessary information, don't make poor decisions, also.
  • I would encourage us all to take a less judgemental, more cooperative stance, in all things: in training, in safety, whatever. After all, accidents do happen and I trust no-one sets out to make mistakes - we can all learn from them. Let it never be the case when anyone is too afraid to speak up or own up to something - then no-one benefits.
"START: Creating a qualification that allows Juniors to go out by themselves (J16-J18, i.e. a further proof of competency)"
  • As long as we have figured our duty of care as it is and have the resources we have, there can be no provision for this beyond the current rules. So for now, as you may be approaching your 18th birthday - and let me be the first to say: "Happy Birthday!" - do come speak with me or email If you don't already, we can go through the steps to have a CoW as a single sculler and/or bow-steer, for you to then be able to make your own risk assessment for boating unsupervised.
"START: Confirm with Walton and St Georges not to block river outside Walton RC"
  • Agreed, just logical too: Club Captains are in contact, as-and-when and quite often, but no doubt warrants repeating.
"KEEP: Going out on 'Yellow' boards/don't stay in if we're able to go out/cope with conditions" Although sitting under "Fleet Matters" (that's next week), there was a Post-It Note where someone suggested allowing "light colours, checked by Club Captain, as alternatives to high-vis" *and on that #justonemorething...

Many, many thanks goes to...

Graham Ca and Carl - for being on-hand for boiler repairs that needed carrying out back in July; Eric and Graham Ca - for fixing the hinges to our boathouse bay doors - er... Graham Ca - for 'sprucing up' BreakaWey, making it ready for sale and resetting Chocks aWey's wobbly fin (Aug/Sep); Carl (again) - again repairing damaged Cox-Boxes after Nick Co had made some recent repairs also - next to boats and blades, these are high-value items and not just in terms of money - please handle with due care; Lisa - for securing us new, regular cleaners (Sep) - but we are not paying them to do the dishes! And in just the last couple days, Greg - for clearing and cleaning up the bar, stocks and the lot - and in readiness for many a social - take the upcoming Quiz Night...

[CONFIRMED] Sunday 20th October

RSVP by the Wednesday before

with Quiz Master: Peter Hampson
Bar & Buffet :: Just £3 per person :: Teams of no more than 8

All you need, all in one place...

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