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Dear <<First Name>>, 

I am sat sitting in my study looking at the snow falling and musing on the more positive aspects of the lockdown.  For one thing I don't have to be out on the river, freezing my a*** off watching junior crews with similar thoughts about going back to a nice warm clubhouse and hot coffee.  For another my son James is getting very good at cooking and baking so we've had some delicious curries, cakes and biscuits to keep us going.  I survived 'veganuary' with a weight loss of about 2kg - mainly because there's only so much butternut squash a chap can eat…

But I will acknowledge that for many and most people lockdowns have lost their novelty value, and the 'fun' of working from home, watching Joe Wicks and playing with the dog has reached an inevitable conclusion.  Members are asking (some even to me) when we are going to open the club - what do I know?  The only glimmer of hope is a front page article in the Times last week which commented that 'outdoor sports like golf' would be amongst the first to open once schools go back.  The current date for schools is 8th March but only if that nice Professor Whitty allows Boris to do it.  If it does happen then perhaps we might see some sort of limited club activity by the middle of March.  But don't hold me to it.

Bewl Bridge Rowing Club are holding the second of their virtual events from February 18th to the 21st.  I reported with pleasure on the good showing from Weybridge RC both in terms of entries and results for the first event at the end of January.  This was well supported by the juniors (and one adult) and I hope they will have another go in February.  But, come on adults, how about some entries from you?  There were masses of adult entries in all categories (members might remember ex-WEY member Graham Spittle; he won his event). 

As in January, Matt Beagley is coordinating entries and there is a deadline of 15th February 2021 for entries - please click on this link for Matt's entry form.  As before the entry 'fee' is a £5 donation to Weybridge Food Bank which we will collect, collate and send to them after the event; for that you can enter multiple events, e.g. an ergo and a run.

Weybridge RC ergo league

Log your distance via and see if we can give the current leader, Peter, a run for the finish line. Thanks to Rachel for organising.

Online events at Weybridge RC

Matt's Tuesday circuits at 18:30 (1hr).  Having decent attendance at this slightly later time.

Kay's Wednesday Pilates at 19:30 (45 min).  Even I can manage this, and it's a popular midweek event.

Kay's Saturday morning ergos (aided and abetted by Westminster school rowing coach Nick - you will learn stuff).  I've dropped in on this session and Nick is an excellent coach; do take the opportunity to learn from him whilst we can.  As soon as the schools go back he will have to return to duty.  Of course you do need an ergo.

Ergos to rent

Talking of ergos, I have access to only two more Jubilee High School ergos.  If you would like to rent one (until they need them back) contact me - pronto.

And finally

A few days ago one of my friends told me that before the current lockdown he'd been out with a bunch of his mates at the Jolly Farmer in Weybridge and, having had several cocktails and bottles of Chateau Plonk he realised that he would be over the limit and in his somewhat 'jolly' state decided to take a taxi home.

On the way home there was a police road block but they waved the taxi through without a second thought.

My friend arrived home without incident.  This was a bit of a surprise to him as he'd never driven a taxi before, can't remember how he got it, it's taking up space in his garage and he's no idea what to do with it.

Remember… Hands, Face, Space

Take care,

Clive Capel 
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