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First the good news... WEY have a few winners!

A few firsts for 2020: First race of the year - thanks to Star Club's New Year Head... First time on the water - OK, that’s not entirely true, but feels like it! What is true is bringing home 6 firsts:

J18.2- Louis, Tim
J14.8x+ Piers, Archie, Bryn, Daniel, Ethan, Ben Ja, Luca, Henry, cox: Mia
WJ15.4x+ Lydia, Lola R, Jasmine, Eva, cox: Katie
W.MasE.2- Rachel, Jayne
Op.4+ Max, Louis, Tim, Pete C, cox: Lola M
W.MasC/D/E.4x- Anne, Rachel, Jayne, Jacqui (an 'F' crew made to race 'E'!)

Very well done to all who raced!


Weybridge Winter Head

And the bad news for what was meant to be this Saturday

First and foremost, thank you to everyone who signed up to help out at this year's Weybridge Winter Head. With the ongoing spectre of EA 'Red boards', high winds enough to blow you off your feet, and rains not abating much, we have had to take the decision to cancel this year's Winter Head 

[Full details here]

Training this weekend (and a bit beyond)

Now we turn our attention to the weekend's training and upcoming races - view our race calendar

Whilst this weekend will likely be land-based - erg or tank - we explore options for getting on the water elsewhere and certainly if our reach continues to be 'unrowable'. Dorney Lake is one option and booked provisionally for next Saturday. Therefore, would ALL Seniors and Juniors please check and edit their respective signup sheets (quick-links below) for this weekend, but also as far in advance as possible, to help with race planning.

Further session updates will be posted at for Juniors and for Seniors!

For Dorney Lake, please mark the sheet 'y-DL'. For staying put, come-what-may, just put 'y' (or 'n') as usual. The cost of trailering and lake time is £9.50 for Seniors and £6.80 for Juniors:

Burns Night Supper, Friday January 24th
200 Club member? Associate member? Parents looking to get to know other parents? Juniors, Seniors, Masters and your guests... 
You are invited to a Burns Night Supper, Friday January 24th

Also awarding the Spreadbury Cup (2019), Jonathan Beagley Award (2019), and presenting Junior of the Year (2019) and Junior Captain (2019/20)

You May Have Noticed...

But in case you haven't, with thanks to Facilities Manager, Lisa King for seeking out a local contractor to bring us this newly-installed fire escape... Next stop: new clubhouse!
Actually this is Anna Watkins (2012 Olympic champion) sharing her advice on scratch crews and winter rowing:

"At this time of year rowing can be a sport for masochists. We’ve all had outings where the main pleasure is in getting back to the bank for a hot cup of tea and some dry clothes. Gale force winds and fast streams can make technical outings seem like a waste of effort for even the most accomplished of crews. You can talk about light control in the fingers all day but if your hands are totally numb, it’s not much good. To add to the woes of the winter rower, it’s head racing season and you’ve probably been on the rowing machine instead of on the water, your crewmates have had the flu and you’ve lost count of the number of cancelled outings. You’ve got a race coming up and you are basically a scratch crew..." Sound familiar?


What else is happening?

No image below? 
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All You Need, All In One Place

Time to explore Wey Hey!

Including the usual: WEY To Signup (Juniors and Seniors), WEY To Lineup (Seniors), WEY To Train... Smarter. Plus, check out the new manual for developing coxes (yup, a WEY To Cox), with an accompanying WEY To Steer as a way to get to know our reach and have a CoW, and the new-look
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