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Dear <<First Name>>,

Another busy week — and the end of the season… Can you believe it's nearly August already?

Staines Amateur Regatta

Overheard at Staines: a young Surbiton High School girls crew discussing why it was called an amateur regatta, "It's because we're beginners and not very good". I was gently able to explain the difference between 'amateur' and 'professional'.

Despite the weather forecast being dire we actually had quite a good day, weather-wise, in the end. Varying fortunes on the water but all our rower acquitted themselves very well and we came away with several finals and two wins; Harrison and Luella in Mx.2x and Lydia, Eva, Cullen and Nick in Mx.4x-. A good event to do at the end of the season but would have been nice to see more adult members (although to be fair adult entries may have been made but came up against no competition). Appreciated seeing Eva and Ashley in a Mx.2x.

Our thanks to WLARC for the use of their club grounds to load the trailer as our exit at WEY is somewhat unusable due to be being a hole in the ground and to Holly, Heather and Matt for masterminding the trailering — and to Nick for helping me with the towing.

SAR21 Boating
SAR21 Mx.4x- Lydia, Eva, Cullen & Nick
SAR21 Mx.2x Luella & Harrison

J16 end of season BBQ

Whilst the weather held off for Staines on Saturday the same couldn't be said for the J16 boys and girls squad barbecue on Sunday. Huge appreciation to Holly, Jason and Heather who pulled it all together. I popped down just as it was getting started to thank the squads, coaches and assistants for their hard work this year and got home as the rain started. But I think a good time was had and since some went swimming I don't think the rain was a great issue!

The Great Ouse Marathon

Sadly we hear that the Great Ouse Marathon on 5th September has been cancelled — the usual excuse — ‘coz of covid concerns.

200 Club

The next 200 Club event will be on September 5th — so those who were planning on going to the Ouse can come to WEY instead! I'm also planning to hold the Leif naming ceremony that day so all welcome, particularly those who use the boat.

Leif Mill’s memorial celebration

A memorial celebration for former rowing club President Leif Mill’s is to be held at the TUC headquarters in London on September 1st. His daughter, Susannah, is in the process of sending out invitations to any members of the rowing club who would like to attend. A number of club members who knew Leif have already been contacted regarding this, and if there is anyone who would like to attend but has not been contacted, you can email your address to David Niven-Reed.

Leif was President of the National Union of Bank Employees from 1972 to 1996. As such he also became a member of the TUC council and was President of the TUC in 1995.

Our new boats… 

...are already in use. Please, please, be super careful in handling them. All rowing boats are fragile but the competition Kanghua's have skins like eggshells and are so easily damaged. Always use the boat covers — take them off after the boat is removed from the rack and put the cover back on before re-racking.

Boat mats and gates

Talking of boats, can I remind all members to replace the protective boat mats onto the boats before racking. They are there to help reduce rigger-ding damage — thanks… And another reminder, please, about gates, Juniors… and Adults!

And news of some old boats

Omega and BreakaWey are on their way to new owners Goring Gap BC. BreakaWey was a stalwart of the WEY fleet and was with us even before I became involved so sad to see her go, but she makes way for newer boats without the troublesome wooden shoulders. Omega was a more recent edition that sadly didn't find favour with our members. But some money in the bank and space on the racks at WLARC to whom our thanks for kindly allowing us to perch them there for a while. Now, only MoveaWey to be moved away.

Upcoming events

  • Junior LTR D56# — August 2nd to 5th
  • Community Regatta* — Friday, August 6th
  • Junior LTR D57# — August 16th to 19th
  • 200 Club — September 5th
  • Club AGM — end-September, with date to be announced 
  • Sponsored row (Weybridge to Hampton Court) for The Grace Dear Trust — October 10th

#If you can volunteer to help me at the Learn To Row courses, please sign up here

*Please let Anne or Rachel know ASAP if you are able to help out on the Friday, August 6th. Senior and Junior helpers welcome and will be much appreciated, particularly at the end of the day when we're all exhausted. Remember funds raised from the event go back into equipment at your club.

Restrictions at the Club

Although restrictions are now eased I would ask for common sense please, particularly from junior members. Social distancing remains a sensible option as before with masks if you can't maintain 2m — better to be safe than sorry.

Have a nice (rest of the) week, all, and don't forget the suncream and fleeces.

Clive Capel 
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