Happy new years guys and gals! Hope the start of the new year has been flabbergastingly fantastic! If it hasn't, don't worry, you still have the whole year for things to turn around. Here's the first issue of the new year! Boom-da-boom-cha-nic-nic-whoopa!

Post #0: In Which I Set Out to Write a Terrible Compiler for a Useless Language

Published: 3 January 2021
Tags: rust, asm

What better way to start the new year than with an exploration of some low level programming? In the first article of this series, the author goes through what it takes to print to the command line with assembly and writes a compiler in Rust that produces quines.

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C++ and passing by value

Published: 1 January 2021
Tags: cpp

More often than not, if you're working in C++, you're looking to optimize performance. Although premature optimization is a bad thing, ingraining optimal patterns into your everyday programming can save you time down the line. Matt Godbolt has written an aritcle presenting how passing by value in C++ functions where you intend to copy the argument is less expensive than the alternatives.

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How Not to Teach Recursion

Published: 3 January 2021
Tags: philosophy

Recursion can be difficult to understand, and as a result of that, it is frequently misused or just flat out not used. That's a shame though, because it can be very useful for certain situations. The author of this article outlines some of the common functions used to teach recursion, why they're not very good lessons, and finally a better way to teach recursion, as recommended by How to Design Programs.

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