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Dear ISE ECP affiliates

Welcome to the first issue of the 2019 Information and Systems (Engineering) ECP Newsletter!

The Information and Systems (Engineering) ECP has been abuzz with a variety of exciting activities so far in 2019. Starting with RMIT's recent Engaging For Impact 2019, an event where research and professional staff listened to and engaged in a variety of sessions such as keynotes' presentations, workshops, tours, fast-pitches, speed mentoring and expert panel Q&A. 

The ISE ECP held two launches in February for its 2019 Capability Development Funding (CDF), one at the city campus and the other at the Bundoora West campus, where we listened to the activities by researchers who were successful in receiving funding from the CDF in 2018. Expressions of Interest are now open to ISE ECP affiliates and I invite you to submit your ideas to me by 21 March. An official email will be going out to affiliates very soon.

The newsletter will inform you of several activities that you may be interested in attending, including a seminar by RMIT's Distinguished Prof Mark Xie who talks about his work on designing ways to reduce the weight of aircraft and motor vehicles and a talk by Prof Suresh Subramaniam from George Washington University on the evolution of data centre network architectures. There's also a talk by Stephen Howell from Telstra who will be talking about 5G opportunities and technology.

There is a limited opportunity available from RMIT's Research, Innovation and Entrepreneurship team who are offering
researchers the chance to attend the ATN Research Translation Workshop later this month. If you are interested in
applying for this, you'll need to be QUICK and contact Amy Hunter on (03) 9925 8362!!

There are several conferences listed, such as the ICEGOV 2019 and Frontier SI. Registration details are included
in the newsletter. 

A great way of acknowledging and recognising the hard work that goes on at RMIT is by sharing your research stories. The
Industry Area of Focus team would like you to share your successful 'research with industry' stories at RMIT. You'll find
more details on how you can do this in our Industry Engagement section of the newsletter.

Take note of the dates on some of the featured events as they are fast approaching. I hope you get
a chance to attend some of these.

Looking forward to your involvement with the ISE ECP this year!

Cheers for now,

Mark Sanderson




Enabling Capability Platforms (ECPs)

Engaging For Impact 2019



Engaging For Impact 2019, a successful three-day event, included international and local keynote speakers, industry engagement, master classes, mentoring sessions, tours and workshops. The conference invited industry partners and RMIT staff to discuss current issues concerning  the four major topics: Melbourne 8 Million, Empowering Health, Ethical Innovation & Industry Transformation and Collaborative Shared Futures.  

Thank you to all the groups who presented at EFI2019. I know a great deal of hard work went into planning and delivering
amazing sessions, which helped to create an outstanding program that many attendees, internal and external, have praised. 
If you missed out this year, ensure you sign up for next year. 

We look forward to an even more exciting Engaging For Impact event in 2020!


ISE ECP Supported Events


ABM Hackathon

The ABM (Agent-Based Model) Hackathon, a full-day event sponsored by the ISE ECP 2018 CDF was held on
Friday 1 February, 2019 with over 40 people in attendance representing 15 government organisations,
NGOs, and universities.  In the lead up to this event, several meetings were held with representatives from universities, government bodies such as Infrastructure Victoria and Bicycle Network.
The ABM Hackathon involved its attendees in understanding the use of Infrastructure Victoria’s Melbourne
Activity-Based Model (MABM) to explore interventions promoting active transport in Melbourne, via the
use of simulation. Using information gained from the hackathon, researchers from RMIT will now
enhance MABM with a detailed model of cycling and walking activities. This will allow MABM to answer
new kinds of questions around how we use active transport in our daily lives today, and how we can
improve the share of active transport for Melburnians in the future.  
A great level of interest was evident at the ABM Hack, which has led to regular meetups every Wednesday at 1.00 pm at RMIT, City campus.
If you are interested in joining this network or would like more information, contact Dhirendra Singh
For more information on MABM including a short video visit Infrastructure Victoria.






Australia Internet of Things (IoT) Forum

he Australia Internet of Things (IoT) Forum was held on Thursday 28 February, 2019 with aims to transform
IoT research and innovation; to support industry; and to establish collaborations between academia, industry and government. This event included eight speakers from industry such as Eric F Bruzke, Managing Director of
Accenture Australia who spoke about the Australian IoT domestic market and the areas we should be leading globally and Lachlan Kidd from Cisco who spoke about how this organisation enables retailers, banks and
healthcare to understand the benefits of IoT. Victoria Bell from Thinxtra spoke about a collaborative
project between academia and industry, highlighting the benefits of IoT technology.

A panel session followed with a discussion on agriculture, mining and health being the popular opportunities
for IoT in relation to innovation, revenue and export potentials. The Forum also held a Poster session
with 29 posters on display. Congratulations to Steve Dowey, RMIT University who was awarded the
Best Poster for his entry, “The Makings of a Smart EnoughTM Factory”.

A second IoT Forum is planned for 2020. If you would like more information on this event, contact Tao Gu or Flora Salim.




The Energy@RMIT event, an internal workshop to bring together RMIT’s broad research capability
in energy, was well attended on Thursday 21 February, attracting over 90 registrants. Led by Prof
Gary Rosengarten with the support of Information & System (Engineering), the workshop focussed
on ten broadly categorised research themes, which included solar energy, electrical energy systems,
policy, energy productivity, mobility and transport, data for energy, energy law and economics and bioenergy/biorefining.

Presentations from Victoria’s C4Net and RMIT's Research & Innovation talked about various funding
opportunities in energy. The overwhelming concern raised was to first capture energy capabilities,
which the event certainly kickstarted, and  to co-ordinate our vast and diverse energy research into
a visible and coherent structure, facing internally and externally. From this, an informative and clear
website will be created.

If you work in energy and would like to be part of the exciting Energy@RMIT network,
contact Prof. Gary Rosengarten.

2019 ISE ECP CDF Launch

The Information and Systems (Engineering) ECP recently held two events to launch its 2019 Capability
Development Fund (CDF). The first event, held on Tuesday 26 February at RMIT's City campus
with the second event at the Bundoora west campus on Wednesday 27 February. Researchers
were shown several presentations by the 2018 ISE CDF recipients. These presentations
highlighted the positive impact this funding has had on their research, including the establishment
of networks within RMIT across disciplines and involving industry partners by combining their
resources with those of RMIT such as the ABM Hackathon.

If you are interested in finding out more about the 2018 ISE ECP CDF recipients' stories,
email Michelle Nicolo to have a look at the slides they presented at these launches.


Information about was provided with a Q&A session on what type of activities will attract 2019 ISE CDF funding.
An official email is on its way to ISE ECP affiliates to assist you with your CDF Expressions of Interest.
Closing date for EOIs is 21 March. Contact Mark Sanderson to discuss your proposed idea or activity.


Vice Chancellor's Fellows


Dr Andrew Guy          

Congratulations to Dr Andrew Guy for his appointment as RMIT's Vice Chanellor's Postdoctoral Fellow.
He will sit across two disciplines; Biosciences & Food Technology and Computer Science. Andrew
completed his PhD at the Burnet Institute (through Monash University) in 2018. The focus of his PhD
work was developing computational methods to understand the interaction of the adaptive immune
system with the malaria parasite. During this time he developed a number of approaches to use
protein structural information to improve genetic tests of immune selection pressure. Andrew
also has a Bachelor of Science (Honours) from Monash University, with a major in both
Immunology and Physics.
In his new role as a Vice-Chancellor’s Postdoctoral Fellow at RMIT, Andrew is using machine
learning approaches to tackle a number of biological problems. A major focus of his research
involves complex sugar chains known as glycans. Glycans are important in a large number
of biological processes, and may serve as important biomarkers for cancer detection. Using
domain-specific biological insights combined with state-of-the-art machine learning methods
may improve the ability to use glycan expression data to predict disease state.

Welcome Andrew!




Industry Engagement


Call for industry engagement success stories

Recently a call was circulated for successful industry engagement stories across research and placements
to be profiled and promoted internally. These stories can be used as content sources for external
campaigns or even when visiting interstate and international potential and or current industry partners.

You are invited to contribute your success stories and case studies to this project, to be showcased
throughout the year. This project aims to highlight the breadth of engagement as well as the
different and amazing activities our teams are involved in, to all staff.

You are invited to consider research projects, PhD candidates, placements and collaborations
that  have made an impact due to RMIT's relationship with industry and because of their
involvement. This could be a research collaboration, internship success story, or about
community engagement.

How to contribute
Visit the Industry Area of Focus intranet page –  click on the Share your Story tab to submit your story via the short form. Attachments can be added. Or you can contact Jacqui Flint who is leading this project for more information.

Contact Clare Russell or Riaan Lourens who are the Research & Innovation representatives for the Industry Area of Focus 


Theoretical & Computational Modelling Network Monthly Meet ups

The Theoretical & Computational Modelling Network held two inaugural workshops in 2018
and will now host monthly meet-ups throughout 2019 to network, socialise & discuss all things
theory and modelling. 
At these meet-ups, presenters will pose research questions, problems & needs to our community.
In this first meet-up, you are invited to present (each presenter will have 3-4 minutes talk time with
3-4 slides). If you would like to present, please RSVP ASAP!! The aim is to have 5-6 presenters in
this first meet-up.  Non-members & HDRs are most welcome to attend.
Coffee and light refreshments will be provided.                                       
To view the Agenda for the meeting held on 7 March, click here. To look at our Progress Report, click here
Our current & prior events are detailed on our Events page; the related documents,
such as agendas, feedback & outcomes, are on TCM Network share. The new forum for modelling
questions & discussions is here.

For more information about these Meet ups, contact Milan Patel.


RMIT Distinguished Lecture by Professor Mike Xie

Wednesday 13 March, 2019
Green Brain, Building 16, Level 7, Conference rooms 1 & 2
3.00 pm - 4.30 pm
342 Swanston Street, Melbourne
RMIT University

You are invited to a lecture by Distinguished Professor Mike Xie, Director of the Centre for Innovative Structures and Materials
at RMIT. At this lecture he will discuss 'Creating efficient and beautiful structures',

Prof Mike Xie and his team have developed an innovative design methodology to remove under-utilised material from
structures, producing highly efficient and strikingly elegant designs. This technique can significantly reduce the weight
and the associated energy consumption of aircraft and motor vehicles.

In this lecture, Mike will show a wide range of practical applications of his bi-directional evolutionary
structural optimisation (BESO) method, including spectacular buildings and bridges,unmanned aircraft,
mechanical metamaterials and structural connections. Mike will also demonstrate how such organic designs
can be effectively realised using advanced manufacturing technologies including 3D printing. The new design
methodology and advanced manufacturing technologies will change the way we design and construct our
future built environment.

To register to attend this Lecture, click here.


A Seminar by Professor Suresh Subramaniam       

Friday 15 March, 2019
12.00 pm - 1.00 pm
Building 80, Level 01, room 02
445 Swanston Street, Melbourne

The IEEE Distinguished Lecture Series is hosting a seminar by Professor Suresh Subramanian, Chair of the
Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering at George Washington University, USA, where he directs
the Lab for Intelligent Networking and Computing. His research interests are in the architectural,
algorithmic, and performance aspects of communication networks, with current emphasis on
optical networks, cloud computing, and data center networks. 

In this lecture, Prof Subramanian will discuss, 'The evolution of data centre network architectures'.

For more information about this seminar, click here.


ATN Research Translation Workshop       
Take Your Research Further

17-19 March, 2019
Coogee Bay Hotel
9 Vicar Street
Coogee, NSW, 2034

RMIT Research, Innovation and Entrepreneurship will cover your workshop costs, including flights and accommodation. All applicants will be notified if they have secured a place on the next couple of days.

Connect with colleagues at ATN universities and discover how to accelerate the translation of your research into impact.

You could be a biologist, engineer, data analyst, chemist, or an emerging expert in another field with
creative problem-solving skills. You’re definitely keen to meet like-minded academics and learn about
collaborative actions for taking your ideas to the world.

What you’ll gain from this fully-funded upskilling opportunity:

  • Career-relevant training (add another dimension to your capability)
  • Practical knowledge about turning ideas into commercial ventures
  • New connections for your network and multidisciplinary projects
  • Ideas for how your research can advance medtech and oncology
  • All you need to do is commit these three days and register your interest by contacting  (03) 9925 8362.

Frontier SI

Monday 8 April, 2019
Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre
1 Convention Centre Place, South Wharf
10.30 am - 5.30 pm
7.30 pm - 11.00 pm (Dinner)

Frontier SI will be held on Monday 8 April from 10.30 am - 5.30 in conjunction with Locate's 19 Conference. This is a one-day event where impacts made as the CRCSI will be referred to with forward looking at how these have set us up to embark on a future post-CRC funding and how our new entity is taking shape as FrontierSI. This event will discuss the challenges that need to be addressed in an ever changing world and explore topics such as digital twins, data democracy, the new geodetic framework, photogrammetry in health outcomes and geospatial intelligence. To register, click here.

Locate19 Conference is hosting the theme, 'Where to next? How geospatial science is driving our digital future'. Held from 9-10 April, the Locate19 Conference will have an engaging approach, bringing together innovative global leaders who will share their ideas, knowledge, and experiences on a wide range of subjects. Speakers will be from government, private, non-profit and academic sectors. To register to Locate19, click here. You are strongly encouraged to stay for the Tuesday and Wednesday of Locate19 where streams will further explore how geospatial science is underpinning the rapid changes we are experiencing in the fourth industrial revolution.



Seminar by Stephen Howell, Telstra: '5G Opportunities & Technology' 

Thursday 28 March, 2019
Building 80, Level 01, room 02

445 Swanston Street, Melbourne
RMIT University

Stephen Howell, General Manager, Enterprise Business and Government at TELSTRA'S
Wireless Network Engineering will present a talk on '5G Opportunities and Technology. 

Mobile networks are moving to the next generation. This 5G world has been driven by
new use cases that will be explored in this presentation. Despite this generational
change, many of our traditional radio planning techniques remain valid. A brief review
of these techniques will be covered and differences for 5G explained. 

Click here for more information about Stephen Howell and his seminar, 

Exploring Digital Government Synergies to Foster Equality, Inclusiveness, and Productivity

3 - 5 April, 2019
Building 16, Storey Hall
342 Swanston Street, Melbourne
RMIT University

ICEGOV 2019 will be held on campus at RMIT University, Melbourne, city campus from 3-5 April. The program features keynote and plenary lectures, workshops, invited and industry sessions and paper sessions. The diversity of the program and speakers will ensure delegates are taken on a well-rounded journey of the current and future state of the key themes - electronic governance and digital transformation.

ICEGOV 2019 will feature speakers from the following organisations...
  • Digital Transformation Agency
  • IBM Corporation
  • Smart Cities Council
  • Governance Institute of Australia
  • Blockchain Quantum Impact
  • Victoria State Government

    and many more!
To find out more about the program and speakers please visit the Conference Website.

RMIT staff register here to ensure you don't miss out on the chance to hear the latest research and developments from leaders in the field. 



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