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Dear Information & Systems (engineering) ECP affiliates

Several funding opportunities are currently available and I'd like to encourage you to think about applying for some of them including the recently announced ECP Opportunity Fund - Translation and Impact (EOF – TI) 2019. Funding is up to $125,000 and available for a project up to 12 months. You will notice in the information provided, that it is essential to contact the relevant ECP Director before you can apply for an EOF -TI 2019. If you are interested in applying, you can initially contact me by email

Other funding you may want to look at is the AustCyber Projects Fund and the Fulbright Scholarships and Awards. There is also the opportunity to be involved in a bid to the Defence Innovation Hub via the Sir Lawrence Wackett Centre.

One great feature of the ECPs is that it regularly engages with and invites RMIT researchers to participate in invaluable feedback initiatives. One initiative is by the Biomedical and Health Innovation ECP with its aim to capture details of RMIT courses that include Precision Medicine. Policy@RMIT, a funded Urban Futures ECP project, is another initiative that has prepared a survey to gather details from RMIT researchers to facilitate collaborations with policy practictioners from DELWP.

Congratulations to the remaining ISE ECP CDF 2019 recipients. This year, we received a large number of applications, which required a much lengthier assessment and processing time. Most of the recipients are already in the throes of their activities. Their progress will be reported in future issues of the ISE ECP newsletter.

You'll find details on the The Web of Science XML with an invitation to RMIT researchers to be trained on using tools to access its bibliomatic datasets. If you're interested in this, you can contact Benjamin Clarke.

A few interesting talks are featured in this issue including 'Transport and Cities', which forms part of a series of short talks being arranged by Data61 and CSIRO, 'Sci+Tech in the City' tonight, Thursday 27 June at 4.30 pm and a talk by Dr Hassan Doosti, Lecturer at the Department of Mathematics and Statistics, Macquarie University, will give us an insight into his research.

I will be travelling overseas to attend a few conferences within the next few weeks. I'll be contactable via email and look forward to meeting with some of you when I return.

Best wishes


Mark Sanderson
Director, Information & Systems (engineering) ECP 

Funding Opportunities


ECP Opportunity Fund - Translation and Impact
(EOF – TI)


                                        NOW OPEN!                                              

The ECP Opportunity Fund - Translation and Impact (EOF – TI) 2019 is now open for invited Expressions of Interest. This will be a great opportunity for your research to make a difference and create an impact in society. There are many sources of information throughout the Research Portal to guide you through this exciting source of funding from RMIT University’s ECPs. 

The purpose of the ECP Opportunity Fund - Translation and Impact (EOF – TI) is to enhance the impact of RMIT research, in alignment with ECP priorities.  Funding up to a maximum of $125,000 is available over the lifetime of a project up to 12 months in length.

Expressions of Interest – closing date: Monday July 15th, 2019.

Please NOTE: In 2019, the EOF - TI process
commences with an initial discussion of your project with the
Director/s of the Platform priorities it most closely aligns
to before being invited to complete an online Expression of Interest.


Australian-American Fulbright Commission
Scholarships & Awards

The Australian-American Fulbright Commission Scholarships
and Awards available in the USA are now open! Have a close look at what scholarships and awards are available for you as well as for your PhD students and ECRs.
Deadline for submission to College Research Support for feedback:  1 July 2019.
Submission Deadline to the Central Research Office:  8 July 2019. 
Email your draft to SEH Grants.  

AustCyber Projects Fund

Is your research relevant to Cybersecurity?

The AustCyber Projects Fund is a $15 million,
three-year initiative designed to help the
Australian cyber security industry grow and take
ideas global.  Cyber Security Sector Competitiveness Plan.

To apply, click here.     Submissions close on Friday 12 July, 2019.

Collaborative Opportunities

Sir Lawrence Wackett Centre Call for Project Proposals
Opportunity to bid to the Defence Innovation Hub!

The Sir Lawrence Wackett Centre is calling for project proposals to partner
with a key industry partner on a bid to the Defence Innovation Hub.
The technologies should be relatively mature and able to be adapted to
deliver capability to Airforce. Ideally, the technology will also have application in
the Army and/or Navy. An opportunity to submit a less  mature proposal to the
Next Generation Technology fund is also available. 

Applications (2 pages maximum) should include answers to the
10 questions found by clicking HERE! and be submitted to Defence@RMIT.
Submissions close at midnight, Sunday 30 June 2019. 

For queries, contact Michelle Gee, Director, Sir Lawrence Wackett Centre.

Teaching and Learning at RMIT-
Is Precision Medicine part of your Course?


Precision Medicine has been identified as a key research priority for Australia by the
Australian Council of Learned Academies (ACOLA)

Prof Magdalena Plebanski, Director of the Biomedical & Health Innovation ECP 
is leading a group of researchers to investigate the skills that RMIT graduates
will need to enable them to engage with Personalised Medicine of the Future.
If your course incorporates components of Precision Medicine,
we need you to let us know by completing the Precision Medicine Form.

For more information, contact:   A/Prof Cindy O'Malley   and/or  Dr April Kartikasari 

For more information about where Australia is heading with Precision Medicine, check the  
‘The Future of Precision Medicine in Australia’ booklet.


Would you like to contribute towards
impacting Public Policy?

Policy@RMIT (P@R), an Urban Futures ECP funded project aiming to study and enable different
contributions to public policy, would like to invite you to participate in a survey. This P@R survey is seeking to understand and enable collaborations between RMIT researchers and the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning (DELWP) policy practitioners to
support evidence-informed decision-making. For more
details about the purpose of this survey, click here.

P@R is looking for insights from RMIT researchers regarding what they consider supports or hinders the contributions of academic research to public policy. The survey will be open until the end of August and can be accessed here.

Please contact the Policy@RMIT team for further information.



Sci+Tech in the City
A series of short talks hosted by CSIRO Data61

Three or more speakers each week will present on selected topics within a
theme, with the talks ranging from innovation stories to showcases of deep
science and technology. Partners: Data61, CSIRO Alumni, ASOR, Risklab Australia

The short talk on 'TRANSPORT AND CITIES' will be held on

27 June 2019 from 4.30 pm - 6.00 pm
to attend.

Coming events:

Registration for these sessions will be open the Thursday
morning two weeks before the event takes place.

Data Science and Optimisation in Energy - 18 July 2019

City Data and City Sensing - 01 August 2019

Video and Image Analytics - 15 August 2019 (special Alumni event)

Statistics and Probability Seminar 

Dr Hassan Doosti, Lecturer at the Department of
Mathematics and Statistics at Macquarie University, Sydney

will present the following talk, 'Making a non‐parametric
density estimator more attractive, and more accurate by tilting'
Thursday 18 July 2019 in Building 8, level 9, room 66, RMIT University.

To view the abstract and biography of Dr Hassan Doosti, click here.

Awards & Congratulations


Results of the 2019 CDF for      
Information & Systems
(Engineering) ECP 

Congratulations to the following recipients of the
  • A/Prof. Fabio Zambetta and A/Prof Falk Scholer  'A multidisciplinary Hackathon for project LIBER'.
  • Dr Lasantha Meegahapola, Dr Mahdi Jalili, Dr Peter Sokolowski and Dr Arash Vahidnia, 'Workshop on "Reshaping the Ancillary Services Market of the Future Australian Power Grid"'

Resources for Research

Are you interested in being trained to use tools
that access bibliometric datasets?

Web of Science is aiming to promote its bibliometric datasets and would like to offer training in the tools that access them. If you are interested in participating in this training, contact Benjamin Clark.  Click here to view slides on the 'Web of Science as a Research Dataset'.

Web of Science – the largest indexed database of scientific literature globally. It includes meticulously captured metadata on millions of scientific papers published in a set of over 20,000 journals since 1900 and rigorously curated citation connections. More information can be found in Li, K., et al. (2018). "Web of Science use in published research and review papers 1997-2017: a selective, dynamic, cross-domain, content-based analysis." Scientometrics 115(1): 1-20.

Your Research team can benefit from accessing the raw Web of Science Data to support research projects and Data Science training and teaching. The Web of Science source data are rich and well-formed XML documents that can be parsed for any machine reading and text mining applications. This data is also represents a giant Graph with multipartite relationships between entities such as documents, persons, organizations, geographic locations, or topics.

From decades of curation, the Web of Science data offers a unique set of labelled edges and nodes that are used daily for entity resolution, information retrieval, or sentiment analysis training through machine learning and deep learning development. Finally, the Web of Science source data can be linked to a web of external source of information as an ideal use case for connected BI applications.


Industry Engagement 


Alpha Innovation Contest 2019 -
supported by the ISE ECP CDF

Dr Ke Deng, Lecturer in the School of Science, held an
information session on the Alpha Innovation
Contest 2019 at RMIT on 14 June. Attended by 40 participants, this was the first of several information
sessions to be held for students and academic staff.
The contest, organised by the Alpha Incubation
Group (AIG)
, is a way to encourage young people's
innovation and entrepreneurship.


Media Articles of Interest




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