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Dear ISE ECP affiliates

Welcome to our final newsletter for the year. And what a
year it's been! In this issue, you'll find several short stories about some of our CDF activities, such as looking at how
3D data could potentially observe the urban understory, developing a Citizen Science mobile app, workshops on Energy Systems and some great research being done in collaboration with the Institute for Glycomics at Griffith University to develop new computational methods to
look at blood flukes of fish. An upcoming event that
you may be interested in attending, is the 'Energy
Storage Solutions for Future Mobility Workshop
' run
by RMIT's ATLAS group, which is taking place on
12 December.

Our major event, the RMIT Engaging For Impact 2019
is fast approaching. I would like to invite you to register
to attend this event and in particular, sessions such as 'Australia's next-generation smart power and energy systems', and the Research & Innovation Showcase, which will highlight successful research translation and impact case studies on Day One. Following this, there is a Speed Mentoring session, where you can participate as a mentor or mentee. This is a great resource especially for our HDRs. Day Two offers the session, 'Can robots and evolutionary computation help us survive and thrive? A technical and ethical challenge workshop', 'Sensing space workshop' and on Day Three, there is the 'eResearch in action: building a community of digital research practice fast pitches'. I hope you can join us. Click here to register to these and other sessions.

I would like to thank you for your contribution and participation in the Information and Systems (Engineering) ECP this year. Your work has brought a great deal of excitement to the platform, affiliates, RMIT University and to our industry partners. I am looking to celebrate these achievements in the first quarter of 2019 to highlight the major progress so far. Watch this space!

I will continue to send ISE ECP newsletters to affiliates in 2019. If you are interested in sharing your research journey in our future issues, please contact us. Send us an email by clicking here.

With the year almost over, I'd like to wish you and your family a peaceful and restful time over the holiday season.

Cheers for now,

Mark Sanderson





Engaging For Impact 2019


18-20 February, 2019
RMIT City campus

Engaging For Impact is a three day event with an exciting line-up of industry speakers across panels, interactive workshops, masterclasses, tours, fast pitches and installations. The event will explore the themes of Melbourne 8 Million, Empowering Health, Ethical Innovation & Industry Transformation and Collaborative Shared Futures.

Information and Systems (Engineering) ECP affiliates are encouraged to register into the many sessions and workshops running on each day of this event. This FREE event will take place from 18-20 February 2019 at the RMIT University City campus. Remember that seats are limited. REGISTER HERE.


ISE ECP CDF Activities 


Find out about the ECP CDF activities and the IMPACT they are creating ......


Exploring the urban understorey with 3D data @RMIT 

Researchers from RMIT's remote sensing centre and Landscape Architecture recently held a successful workshop exploring the potential of 3D data for observing the urban understory.

Participants from across RMIT, DEWLP, Melbourne City Council, Brimbank Council and industry, discussed ways in which 3D collection in urban environments could be optimised within a range of application areas including ecology, urban heat reduction and architectural visualisation. This event was led by Dr Luke Wallace.


Photo:  Workshop participants enjoying morning tea in RMIT's Gillespie garden, they were later shown multispectral 3D data of the same area. 



Development of a market ready Citizen Science mobile app for citizen scientists to collect and analyse big data sets 

Professor Andy Ball and Dr Sarvesh Soni were awarded an ISE ECP CDF 2018 for their Activity. At this stage of their activity, they have developed a basic version of the Citizen Science App together with a video which you can view, by clicking here.

The next step is to have a MVP or a demonstrable version of the app.
Below are some photos of the Citizen Science mobile App:



"Power and Energy Systems Security" Workshop

The Power and Energy Systems Security workshop, an interactive event, was held on 4 December, 2018 with presentations by industry and academic experts. Speakers represented organisations including the Australian Energy Market Operator (AEMO), TransGrid, the University of Melbourne, Victoria University and RMIT University. Topics included security issues of future power and energy systems with a high amount of renewable generation. 

Attendees were from a  large variety of  energy organisations including, power system professionals, energy analysts and researchers from AER (Australian Energy Regulator), DELWP (Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning), Energy Australia, CSIRO, the University of Melbourne, Monash University, RMIT University, Deakin University, and Swinburne University.  This event was led by Dr Kazi Hasan.


Smart Energy Systems Workshop

Dr Mahdi Jalili and his team led the Smart Energy Systems Workshop after receiving an ISE ECP CDF 2018. His team, consisting of Drs Lasantha Meegahapola, Arash Vahidnia and Peter Sokolowski, held this workshop in response to the number of challenges the power industry is currently facing. Many of these challengesh require collaborative research studies between industry and research institutions.

Twelve guest speakers from the energy industry including AEMO, Powercor, United Energy, Ausnet, Powerlink, EDMI and Lo3Energy talked about  issues their industry is currently experiencing. Presentations focussed on topics such as effective integration of renewables into the main electricity grids, gird-scale battery storage systems, applications of data analytics in power industry and P2P energy trading. The Smart Energy Systems workshop was held in the city campus on 22nd November 2018.



New Collaboration in glycoinformatics of blood fluke infection of fish

Associate Professor Paul Ramsland has used his Information & Systems (Engineering) ECP CDF 2018 to bring together a new cross-disciplinary and cross-institutional team to study the role of carbohydrates (glycans)
and carbohydrate-active proteins in blood fluke infections of fish. This team of researchers are collaborating with the Institute for Glycomics at Griffith University
to develop new computational methods to investigate the complex structures and
roles of carbohydrates in blood flukes of
fish. The project will combine mass-spectrometry with genomic sequencing
to allow the identification of key glycan-protein interactions when in contact with fluke and fish.

Several meetings have been held as
well as presentations, by invitation,
at Griffith University have led to this
successful collaboration.

For more details about this project, click here.
Photo by Simon Collett (L to R):  Nathan Bott, Barbara Nowak, 
Cecilia Power, Paul Ramsland, Andrew Guy, Lachlan Coff
(not pres
ent:  Jeffrey Chan, Daniel Kolarich)




Energy Storage Solutions for Future Mobility Workshop

Wednesday 12 December, 2018
9.30 am - 1.30 pm
Building 80, Level 9, room 06

445 Swanston Street, Melbourne
RMIT University

As part of the ECP Whitepaper, the ARC Training Centre Lightweight Automotive Structures (ATLAS) at RMIT is organising a workshop on Future Energy Storage for Future Mobility.  You are invited to attend a workshop that will include thought-provoking keynote presentations from industries such as FORD, CAPXX and CSIRO. Discussions will follow to probe questions surrounding research opportunity, collaboration and engagement.

ATLAS works closely with RMIT nationally and globally and with commercial partners to train a new cohort of industry ready researchers through an integrated program of projects that include:  Lightweight materials; Function multi-material structures; Design and Advanced manufacturing; and Whole of life Assessment.

To register to attend this workshop (numbers are capped) and view the Agenda, click here.

For more information, contact Cara Jordan.



A/B testing:  how offline businesses are learning from Google to improve profits.

One reason people install smart home tech is to show off to their friends.

Stop crime before it happens.

Mining3 and RMIT team up for blockchain breakthrough.

RMIT optical breakthrough to allow 100x faster internet.

Drones can now flap wings, ride wind currents like birds.

Computing faces an energy crunch unless new technologies are found.

City of Melbourne works with Centre for Information Discovery and
Data Analytics (CIDDA) on traffic management.

Partners in disruption:  preparing students for a brave new future.

RMIT builds platform to deliver on IoT predictive maintenance hype.



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