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Do YOU Dare to Get Organized?
Girl Boss Networking Newsletter, Volume 2, Issue 6, March 2019

Cheers and Welcome to New Associates and New Motivators!!!

A huge hug and welcome to our new Associates, aka members!!!!! We are so grateful to have you here and look forward to meeting you in person and learning more about you! Please check out our GBN USA Page here! And stay tuned for the latest Associate #MemberPerks! 

And Congrats to our new Motivators:
  • Viki Mutarelli, Fairfax County Motivator

Girl Boss of the Month: Amy Hodge

CONGRATS to Amy Hodge!!! Amy has been a true example of what a Girl Boss should be. She has FAITHFULLY attended every single Harrisonburg event, always supports her fellow Girl Bosses in any way that she can, utilizes every tool that she is provided, offers help to anyone, and has the kindest heart. Amy goes above and beyond and has really jumped in full force with Girl Boss Networking and absorbs every bit of information she is given.

Founder's Corner, by Sandra Davis

Do you dare to get organized? I shared some of this in my GBN Business Builders Online Social, and it fits perfectly into this month's newsletter theme!!!

How do you stay organized? Do you have a CRM?

If you just asked yourself "What is CRM?", you have come to the right place! 

C-R-M stands for Customer Relationship Management. At its simplest definition, a CRM system allows businesses to manage business relationships and the data and information associated with them. 

A CRM is an important tool for lead generation because it frequently deals with past customer data such as previous marketing campaigns, purchases and service satisfaction. CRM software also aims to automate these processes to create a better experience for both the businesses and their customers

When searching for the right CRM for your business there are many things to consider.  Do you already have a CRM type software? 

☎️Spreadsheet database?
☎️Bookkeeping software that tracks customer data?
☎️Pre-established software through your company back office?
☎️Email contacts 

Understand that these types of business tools are useful, but a CRM can provide more feedback to give you more information in regards to your customers and your ability to keep them as a customer for a long period of time.  

Having an established CRM does not only track your clients but it allows you to do some of the most important things you need for your business: 

1.  Assists you in providing GREAT customer service by tracking the customers needs. 
2.  Assists in allowing you to retain the customer by tracking the details of their purchases from you 
3.  Creates an automatic system to assist you in following up with the customer, which is probably one of the most important things to do for your customers. 
4.  Helps you save valuable time in your business and is well worth the business expense you may be charged for the CRM 
5.  By creating a pipeline of tasks you assign to clients, you will be sure not to miss a step in your sales process. 
6.  Provides a place to track new leads who have not yet purchased from you 
7.  Provides an easy to use dashboard and produces reports for organizing your funnel. 
8.  Saves you money by spending less on marketing for new customers and helps you maintain the ones you already have. 

What will your actions be in determining the type of CRM you will use for your business?  

Are you using a tracking system? 

Social Media Maven Mash-up, by Pam Daily

Are you full of ideas and maybe forget to take action? Get organized! I am a list person, I love vision boards, and I love paper and pen. I just wish I had an office to get organized. Do you have an office?  I think being physically organized helps us feel organized mentally. I also believe in electronic notes and tracking documents. I use Google Drive for all of it. There are also note -taking apps. I am all about taking notes!!!! 
Have you heard of Google Keep? It makes organization fun!! So for this mash-up, let's get into some apps, since I consider apps a distant relative to social media! 🤣

Google Keep lets you take notes (typed or drawn), record audio, share notes, color code them, resize them, add pictures, and more. 

I also use Google Calendar, so when we chat and I need to set time aside for our next 1x1, I have it in the palm of my hand. I can see my availability in real time, all my calendars are consolidated so I can keep track of it all in one place, and again you can color code your accounts. And yes I also use a planner, because I do love my paper and pens!

Did I mention I like lists? I have decided to use my action items tracker methodology (my long proven system used for years in my corporate job) for my GBN tracking and Younique tracking, great for customer info and follow-ups. But I still need to invest in a true CRM tool. 

And just for fun, I have a Post It Notes collection taking over my work desk. Once completed, I remove it. Ha. And then there is Alexa!!! Do you guys have Alexa or similar? I can use voice commands and set reminders for anything, alarm clocks, timers, and all that. Reminders talk to me from the device itself and also show up through my Alexa app on my phone. 

Since I don't have a physical office, our basement houses my work desk and it is off limits if I am on deadline! With that, I have a couple Thirty One totes that are my portable office, one for each job! Inside each, I have labeled a bunch of folders to keep me straight. Kind of nice that I can throw my very stylish "office" over my shoulder and take it to a meeting! 

My favorite tip..... Remember to look at your list!!

How do you stay organized? 
Mindset Matters: 5 Seconds to Get Organized, by Dr. Nikki Rountree
The 5 Second Rule is an amazing read and has had a great impact on my life.  I didn’t know how much I needed this rule in my life until I used it for the first time.  Mel Robbins says when you count backwards, 5—4—3—2—1, you shift your thoughts or mindset.  You could even say it’s a total recalibration or reorganization of your thought processes.
The rule is very simple.  Count backwards from the number five and act!  
Mel Robbins used it first to simply just get out of the bed.  She stopped snoozing her way through life by simply applying the 5 Second Rule and acting. When you first have a thought, you must act.  

How did I first use this rule?  Well, I’d always had an issue second guessing myself before hitting the “send” button of my emails.  I would read over them several times—thinking about the tone.  I didn’t want to offend, but I definitely wanted to get my point across.  It was stressful to say the least.  I would sit for minutes contemplating on pushing the “send” button.  Often times, backspacing through thoughts or rewriting the entire email.  One day, a friend recommended that I read a book by Mel Robbins called The 5 Second Rule.  I downloaded the audio and listened to the book over the course of a few days on the drive to and from work.

It was just the self-development book I needed in my life.  On so many levels, I could relate to what she was saying.  I started making decisions 5 seconds at a time.  I started by counting down and pushing the “send” button.  Then, I moved on to 5 seconds of speaking positive affirmations into the atmosphere versus negative ones.  It was easy and it worked. I, too, stopped snoozing.  I started acting on initial thoughts.  

This also led to a change in how I ran my business.  I was able to use the #5SecondRule myself to make initial contacts with potential customers.  I found it easier to walk up to someone and hand them my business card and/or talk about my business as an independent consultant with Paparazzi Accessories.  Also, I was able to apply it to working on my newest book, a thriller, called Psychosis.  
The #5SecondRule has really had an impact on my life.  The decision to act has become easier.  I have truly been able to reorganize my thoughts to become more productive and less stressed.  Bringing a book club to Girl Boss Networking is a way to enrich, empower, inspire, and motivate others through reading.

Courtney Riddle, Motivator Spotlight

Hey Hey Girl Bosses! 

I’m Courtney, owner of Busy Momma Boutique, an in home and online women’s clothing and accessory boutique.  I live in Leesburg, VA, with my husband, Adam, step son, Creighton, son, Anderson, daughter, Ainsley, 3 dogs, Otto, Fritz and Sweetie and our bearded dragon, Clay.  If I am not in my boutique, I am on the soccer field as both younger kids practice and play up to 4 times per week!
I am so incredibly excited to take on the role as Girl Boss Motivator for the Loudoun County Chapter!  I first encountered Girl Boss Networking in January of 2018.  I attended my 1st event at Jess DeLaski’s house and immediately felt like I had found my tribe!  I signed on as a member, and began to explore all the benefits.  I joined other chapter groups, attended events, and scheduled 1:1’s.  As a new business owner, I wanted to soak up all I could from these incredible like-minded business women!

Over the past year, I have found true friendships and connections in Girl Boss Networking.  These fellow women business owners will cheer you on through anything and help celebrate your successes.  They are here to pump you up on a rough day, and be someone to lean on.  I know that my business would not be here today if it wasn’t for the support I have found in Girl Boss Networking.  

I hope I can continue to encourage the feeling of finding your tribe with our group in Loudoun as well as with any Girl Bosses who join our events from other chapters.

Betty Bigler, Associate Spotlight

Hello Ladies,

I am Betty Bigler, wife to a brilliant and wonderful man for 38 years (on March 28) and mom to two of the best kids ever! Our girl is 23, graduated from JMU last year, works as a Human Resource Specialist with UBS and lives in Nashville. Our young man is 21 and a U.S. Marine since graduating from high school in 2016. We couldn't be more proud of them!


I am an Independent Color Street Stylist and loving it! Boy, if anyone had ever suggested that I would have a business representing a 'girlie' product I would have called them crazy. 

For one thing, I never saw myself as a business person. Next, I've never been a 'girlie girl'! I was always playing sports and NEVER had interest in wearing nail polish - WHAT? Now, with Color Street it's so easy and fun I enjoy having polished nails.

When I was first introduced to this polish my jaw hit the floor. I thought, "this is AMAZING! Who wouldn't LOVE this!" I saw myself in business....with a 'girlie' product.

It's pretty awesome getting paid to party, meeting new people, helping ladies get LOTS of FREE polish! Anyone up for Margaritas and Manis, Polish & Pinot, Coffee & Color Street, PJs and Polish, Glitter & Glam?

I love my upline, I love my team, I love how this polish is safer than paint on polish (lacks many of those nasty chemicals). I love that Color Street polish allows women to be free of the time and money consuming salon. There are so many colors and styles (my faves are the glitters)! This polish gives you a salon quality finish in a fraction of the time for a fraction of the price. 

I'd love for you to join my Facebook VIP group at
Come shop in my monthly party here
GBN Annual Spring Extravaganza
Our Annual Girl Boss Networking Spring Extravaganza will be held in Northern VA on Saturday, March 16, 2019, at Claude Moore Recreation Center in Sterling, VA, from 10 am to 2 pm. We are so excited to have 50 Girl Boss vendors showcasing their products and services. We will have swag bags, door prizes, raffles, giveaways, games, and more. 

This kid-friendly event is free and open to the public!!! All Girl Bosses and friends and family are invited to shop and support your fellow Girl Bosses and local business owners. We'd love to see you there! 

NEW Website!!!!! 

Girl Boss Members..... Have you created your profile on our new website? THIS IS A MUST. The old website is being destroyed and we want to see you on our GBN Map!

Here is how you do it (from a desktop/laptop please)

1. Go to:
2. Click on the second tab in the black bar "member sign-up"
3. Click next to the yellow triangle red word, "already a member?" click here. 
4. Then proceed to fill out form. 
5. I will then approve your request. 
6. Make sure you load your profile picture, choose your home chapter, upload your bio, create your own photo album to promote your business, and utilize the "MEMBER ONLY DIRECTORY". 
7. Make sure you load up all of your social media links so you can easily be located!!!

NOW LADIES! Thanks to everyone who has already completed it!

IF YOU ARE NOT A MEMBER BUT WOULD LIKE TO JOIN, PLEASE FOLLOW the above directions but when you get to #3 choose One Business Sign up!  Thank you! 

NEW Website


Thank you to all the GBN members and non-members who go to events and make them successful. Our awesome Chapter Leaders are always scheduling events--breakfasts, lunches, dinners, training/workshops, happy hours and more--to accommodate all our busy schedules. Show up and go to events every chance you get. After all, this is networking!!!!! Come meet us!!!! Click here for a list of upcoming events nationwide.

Stay in the Know 

This right here is our monthly Girl Boss Networking Newsletter. Each month will have a different theme as well as a Mindset Matters piece. You might be nominated by your local Chapter "Motivator" for a "Associate" Spotlight  We are always looking for contributors to add value to all Girl Bosses. Please email topic suggestions to me, Pam Daily, your GBN Social Media Maven, at
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We are so excited to share the new GBN Business Builders Facebook group. This is a place for personal and business growth for members. Associates (members) are encouraged to participate in the weekly online socials, share testimonials and shout-outs about fellow Girl Bosses, seek referrals, share knowledge whether for personal development or business growth, etc.

Business Builders is designed to bring GBN Associates (members) together, in a safe place, for learning, educational and growth purposes, motivation, accountability, etc. As part of the GBN community, we are here to assist and encourage each other and work together to bring success to all! By being a part of this group, you will learn from experts in their field through our unique GBN On-Line Weekly Social conducted by our GBN Leaders and special guests. You will also be exclusively invited to tune in to hear and learn from our professional guest speakers on topics that help you grow your business.

This is a place to learn, grow, encourage and be educated through other Business Building experiences and exercises to help and grow your business. This is your page! Please use it to build each other up! 
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