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Hey Adamson Barbecue fans!

Much gratitude to everyone who took the time to read my last email about the BBQ Revolution! The messages of support from our neighbours, business owners, members of our community, military, police, doctors and friends were beautiful to read. I'm grateful to have you in my corner.
6ix Donutz Popup!
For the rest of the weekend, 6ix Donutz is popping up (for take-out) in our dining room in Leaside. It's going from 11am to sold out (before 2pm the last two days)! Come through for a bite- everything is house made and 💯🔥! I have to shout out the owner who is an extremely positive young entrepreneur who I'm sure you'll be reading about in a few years. Skip the pies this weekend and grab some 6ix Donutz!
What's happened since the re-opening?
On Friday night after I was released, I saw a video on Rebel News showing two police officers coming out of the building in Etobicoke at 1AM. I called the Toronto Police 22 division and asked why they were there. The staff sergeant told me to file a Freedom of Information request (these take months). I called back a few minutes later to ask- "Is there an active investigation?" He would not answer, and hung up on me.

Around 3 a.m., two police officers and two paramedics came to my house. They knocked on the front door, then came around the back of the house yelling about how much they loved my restaurant, and didn't want me to hurt myself. Confused, I went downstairs to meet them at the door. They told me they traced a 911 call to my house, and the transcript of the call said I was threatening suicide. I asked the officer repeatedly to lower his voice, but he kept loudly announcing the details of the transcript (that I was "watching The Crown and was going to kill myself").

Two days later, my lawyer received this email from the General Council for the Toronto Police:
I write to apologize for confusion that resulted from a technical issue.
I am advised that two phone calls came into the non-emergency line at 01h44 on November 28, 2020. One call was from your client in relation to two police cars parked out front of is Etobicoke location. The other call was a call from an unidentified male who was threatening suicide.
Communications officers requested a trace of the call threatening suicide through Bell SMC. Bell SMC traced the call to Mr. Skelly. This caused concern for his wellbeing. As it turns out, the call was made by another individual. The technical issue that led to this error is presently being reviewed.
There are several inconsistencies with this story. I've filed a Freedom of Information request to obtain the audio logs of the calls I made to the Etobicoke division for evidence. I will share when I receive them. These logs will prove that I made both calls, and neither had anything to do with self-harm. I wonder why the text transcript of my call was so different from the words I spoke?
While I was detained, a stranger set up a GoFundMe (check out the thousands of comments from donors- they warm my heart!) to collect funds for the inevitable legal battle. I am blown away by the generosity- over $325,000 has been donated so far. I will use these resources to pursue the most effective legal strategies that can be used by others who find themselves in a similar situation,

For the last two weeks, the City authorities have been at the Leaside location every day. Fire department, bylaw, zoning and police have been inspecting the building to find deficiencies. Did the orders come from Tory, who told the police to "throw the book at him"?

The province has also applied for a restraining order against me. They want me barred from visiting my own businesses indefinitely, they want all my restaurants closed, and they want me to pay costs for the over 250 police officers who were at the Etobicoke location on November 26th, as well as the dozens of officers who were guarding the building for two weeks afterwards. I'll be able to update you on this after December 29th.

I'll finish by taking a page out of the media playbook. Here's some dramatic content that highlights a single perspective from the event. 

I really enjoyed this video- big thanks to the editor!

Adamson Barbeue ft. Ludwig Van Beethoven
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