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It has been a long time since the last update and we have been hard at work improving GRiSP. Here are some good news!


Erlang 20.2 Supported

We updated the toolchain, the runtime and the rebar3 plugin to build the latest version of Erlang, 20.2.


Previously, we were using a special type of OTP build without any threading. Sadly, this build type has been deprecated but the OTP team to reduce maintenance burdern, therefore we put effort in making the full SMP version of the BEAM work on the GRiSP board. As a result it is now possible to build and deploy the last version of the VM. New projects are configured to use Erlang 20.2 by default.


To upgrade an existing project:

  1. Update your rebar3 grisp plugin to the last Hex version: rebar3 plugins upgrade rebar3_grisp
  2. Update the grisp runtime: rebar3 upgrade
  3. Add the option {otp, [{version, "20.2"}]} to the grisp section of your rebar.config (if you have the old otp_version setting, this can now be removed)
  4. Rebuild OTP: rebar3 grisp build --clean
  5. Deploy your project!


Crypto Now Works

As part of our toolchain update we figured out the way OTP supports static NIF, so we could finally include the crypto module. It is supported for Erlang 20.2 and onwards and enabled by default. Remember to add crypto to your release configuration in rebar.conf, deploy it and now you can play with crypto on the GRiSP board!


GRiSP Used in Edge Computing Research

As partner of the European edge-computing research project LightKone, we distributed GRiSP boards to the researchers. As much of the research is done in Erlang, GRiSP is the perfect solution for the teams to prototype edge-computing use cases. We are really happy with the positive feedback we received from them and we are looking forward to continue helping them by improving the GRiSP according to their needs.


Until Next Time

We're always updating the documentation wiki with examples and guides. Let us know if there is something you are missing, or have questions and we'll do our best to support you!

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