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March 2020

Inside this "Lucky Dog" Edition

A look back at our February Daycare, Boarding, and Grooming Guests
Dogs in the News
Irish Aran sweaters for dogs? America is loving them
Lancaster goes to the dogs as couple plans $2.1 million canine sports arena
New sense discovered in dog noses: the ability to detect heat

Monthly Tips & Doggie Information
21 St. Patrick's Day Dog & Cat Cuties
Warm weather is coming: 3 tips to introduce your puppy to a leash

Mark Your Calendars
Spring Break: Limited Availability for Boarding
St Patricks Day Personal Training Special 
Spring Heritage Pecan and Wine Festival
Verde River Run-off Boarding & Daycare Special
Spring Training Daycare Deal
Alpine K-9 Protection Seminar
First Day of Spring Grooming Special 

4 Saint Patrick's Day Recipes for your dog!
Last Month's Boarding & Daycare Guests
Courtesy of Kennel Technicians Kristin and Nicole

Wesley & Kenny                        Chipper & Manny                               Corduroy     

           Sheena                                              Bitz                                  Shiloh & Dillon         
St Patrick's Day Makeovers
Courtesy of Groomer Savahna

Charlie                                                            Bella
Irish Aran sweaters for dogs? America is loving them

An Irish knitwear designer from Cork has created the latest trend in canine fashion — handmade Aran sweaters!

Ursula McGrath, who designed knitwear for humans for 27 years, set up her business Irish Dog Designs after the company she worked for shuttered. [Read More]

Lancaster goes to the dogs as couple plans $2.1 million canine sports arena

Lancaster is going to the dogs.
The town is weighing a pair of projects that could turn the suburban community into a kind of puppy paradise.
The big one is a $2.1-million sports arena for dogs that could be called a canine coliseum with a 10,000-square foot turf ring for flyball, trick training and agility competitions. [Read More]

New sense discovered in dog noses: the ability to detect heat

Dogs’ noses just got a bit more amazing. Not only are they up to 100 million times more sensitive than ours, they can sense weak thermal radiation—the body heat of mammalian prey, a new study reveals.
The find helps explain how canines with impaired sight, hearing, or smell can still hunt successfully. [Read More]

21 St. Patrick's Day Dog & Cat Cuties
If you think you’re the only one making plans for March 17th, think again. Check out these adorable furballs as they celebrate St. Patrick’s Day in head-to-toe green style!

Learn More Puppy Training tips at AKC
Warm weather is coming! 
As beautiful morning walks and dog park season approaches, here are 3 tips to introduce your puppy to a leash.

1. Introduce the puppy to the collar or harness and leash. 
Start out by letting him get used to wearing a collar or harness and a leash. Let him wear them for short periods of time in the house while you are playing with him and giving him treats. The puppy should love collar-and-leash time because it represents food and fun.

2. Teach a cue. 
Introduce your puppy to a sound cue that means, “food is coming.” Some people like to click and treat, some people use a word like “yes,” and some people cluck their tongue.  The second your puppy turns toward you and/or looks at you, reward him with a treat. After a few repetitions, you’ll notice your puppy not only looking at you, but also coming over to you for the treat.

3. Make the puppy come to you. While he’s on his way to you, still wearing the leash and collar, back up a few paces and then reward him when he gets to you. Continue the progression until your puppy, upon hearing the cue noise, comes to you and walks with you a few paces. Remember that puppies have a short attention span, so keep your sessions short, and end them when your puppy is still eager to do more, not when he’s mentally exhausted.

See More
Learn more about our training programs
Spring Break: March 8th-22nd 
Travel plans? Don't forget to book your dog's vacation too! 

Call today to reserve a spacious and comfortably furnished doggie suite and daily romps through our toy-filled play yards. While space is available. 
St. Patricks Day: March 17th

Achieve full on-leash obedience in just 8 weeks! 

Personal lessons are completely customized to your dog's needs and behaviors. We will also address any concerning habits that your dog may have when at home or out in public. 
Learn More on our Website
Camp Verde Pecan and Wine Festival & Verde River Run Off
March 21st-22nd
Arizona Spring Training
Going to see the games? Bring your dog and ticket stub in for daycare and get $2 off everyday they stay! 
Alpine K-9 Civil Protection Seminar
Join us at Hillside K9 Academy for a weekend long interactive Protection Seminar and Handler's Course held by Master Trainer Hans of Alpine K-9.
 For Beginners through Advanced working dog handlers, this immersive class will focus on Grip Development, Drive Building, Obedience, Suit Work, Problem Solving and more!

Cost for 3 day seminar is as follows:
150.00 non refundable deposit to reserve 
Must contact Jennifer Tucker at 928-567-6304. 
Limited space available. 

600.00 for all 3 days or 300.00 per day. Deposit to be deducted from seminar fee on 1st day of seminar. 
Call Now to Reserve your Spot
First day of Spring
March 19th
St Patty's Day Recipes
Planning a celebration or a quiet night in with your pups? Check out these fun themed recipes that will get all of your four-legged friends wagging!

Luck of The Irish Oatmeal treats  
Are you celebrating St Patrick’s Day with your dog? How about making your dog a DELISH Irish Oatmeal breakfast.
McMochi's Pot O' Gold DOg Treats
You've followed the rainbow to McMochi's Pot O' Gold.... these homemade greenies.
Get the Recipe 
Bark Beer
No Guinness for your pups this St. Patrick's Day, but they can enjoy one of these green beverage treats. 
Irresistible Green Smoothie
This is a great way to stay full, get all of your nutrients, The best part is you can share part of your  smoothie with your dog as it has added health benefits for them too!
Get The Recipe 
Questions or concerns? Call Jennifer at

(928) 567-6304
Visit us on our Website
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