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Vol. 3 Issue 9                                                                                              September 2022
Manzanar Messenger

As students of all ages return to their classrooms, it is more evident than ever that we must educate our children and young adults to ensure that they understand the importance of their voices in this fight to preserve our very fragile democracy. For this issue of the Manzanar Messenger, we are spotlighting the voices of high school and college students as they reflect upon their understanding of our history and the events that are occurring now.  Education is key to upholding and strengthening our democracy.

                                     We Welcome Your Voice!

2021-2022 Katari Program:
Finally Learning More

by Jeremie Javallana
Before participating in Katari, I knew little about Japanese American Incarceration, and Executive Order 9066. I learned more through the Cal Poly Pomona Nikkei Student Union, but after Katari, I realized there was so much more than what had already been shown to me.
Katari allowed me to look at the different perspectives there were when learning about the people and events that happened during this time. Even though I am not Japanese or Japanese American, I was able to hear the stories of the people and feel their emotions. I yearned to learn more, and I wanted to share the stories with others. Read Jeremie's complete reflection
2021-2022 Katari Program:
Those Who Need A Voice
by Kaylee Takata

One of my very first exposures to the injustices inflicted upon Japanese Americans was during a school assembly on December 7. I stood on the concrete in Hawaii’s humid air, looking up at the third story of the school building, where the principal stood with guest speakers who presented their stories. Although I had no prior knowledge, I recall the seven-year-old me feeling sympathetic for the elders who shared their experiences that day.  Read Kaylee's entire reflection

Sue Kunitomi Embrey Student Awards Winner: Sara Omura
HS Written Category - First Place

 “Crack (1 / 06 / 21)”
January 6th, 2021. 1 / 06 / 21. A day to be reminded of, a day to mourn. America the free. America, prided with its diversity, development, and political structure. America, sworn to deliver “liberty, and justice for all.” America divided?  
bid for “freedom” but at what cost?
America torn by the cracks that are their ideas, their people. 1 / 06 / 21.   A supposed bid for "freedom" but at what cost? The Capitol Building
Click to read Sara's poem
We lived through this and survived
by Megan Tagami
Published by the UCLA Daily Bruin on 8/22/22

Leia Yen had no idea that her grandfather once studied at UCLA. But on one sunny day, she found herself visiting campus to attend his graduation.
Yen, now an alumnus, was in high school at the time. Although her grandfather was enrolled decades before her, he only received his diploma in 2010, albeit an honorary one.

Yen’s grandfather himself never walked the stage, his family accepting the degree on his behalf. By the time the ceremony took place, he had died years before.
Click to read the entire article published by the UCLA Daily Bruin newspaper.  Photo courtesy of Tonai family

 80th commemoration of Topaz
September 8-10
As part of the program, there will be a town hall discussion on Sept 9 at 5p PT at JCCCNC in San Francisco. The town hall will also be live streamed. 
If you would like to attend in person, click to register There are a limited number of seats available. 
If you cannot attend in person, the live stream will be available to view here.
We encourage anyone who would like to ask questions about James Wakasa, the Wakasa Monument, or the controversy, to submit a question anonymously in advance here

Heart Mountain Pilgrimage Breaks Ground on New Mineta-Simpson Institute

By Ray Locker as published in Rafu Shimpo on 8/13/22

It seemed as if the canopy covering the site of the groundbreaking for the Mineta-Simpson Institute at Heart Mountain could not hold any more people as the members of the families of Norman Mineta and Alan Simpson jammed together on July 30.

They had convened, some for the first time, to help turn the ceremonial shovel to start work on the institute that is dedicated to the lives and careers of Norman Mineta and Alan Simpson, two celebrated public servants who first met as Boy Scouts at Heart Mountain in 1943.
Click to read the entire article


1. Barbed Wire Baseball by Melissa Moss
True story of Kenichi Zenimura who brought his love of baseball and a sense of hope and self respect to the concentration camp where he, his family, and 1000s of other Japanese Americans were imprisoned

2. Baseball Saved Us by Ken Mochizuki 
For a young Japanese-American boy sent to a concentration camp during World War II, baseball becomes a way to escape his unhappy surroundings.

3. Write to me: Letters from Japanese American children to the Librarian They Left Behind by Cynthia Grady.  Children's librarian, Clara Breed, asked her Japanese American children who were forcibly removed from their homes to write to her.  Sent while imprisoned, the letters from the children are documentation of life in the camps for these American children who were only guilty of being of Japanese ancestry.

Upcoming Pilgrimages
To learn more about upcoming pilgrimages/events, click on the links below
Aki Matsuri 2022 Hosted by New Mexico JACL
September 25, 2022
Click for more info

2022 Poston Pilgrimage
"Upholding Poston's Multicultural Legacy"
October 21 - 22, 2022

Click for more info and registration

Jerome/Rohwer hybrid pilgrimage
to take place Spring 2023

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Important Historic Dates

September 9th
International Day to Protect Education from Attack
First celebrated in 2020, UN designation is to focus on safeguarding schools as places of protection and safety

September 15

International Day of Democracy

September 21st
International Day of Peace

Upcoming Dates & Events

September 3, 2022
2:00 - 3:30pm @ JANM
Author Conversation: A Rebel's Outcry

September 10, 2022  2pm - 4pm
"Lil Tokyo Reporter" & " A Rebel's Outcry" screening & book talk
@GVJCI Main Hall

September 17, 2022  11am-5pm
September 18, 2022   11am-4pm

Annual JCI Art Show

@GVJCI Nisei Veterans
Memorial Hall
For More Info

September 25, 2022 
11am - 5pm @ JANM
Irei: National Monument for the WWII Japanese American Incarceration Launch @ JANM


On Exhibit through end of 2022 Baseball season @ Dodger Stadium
Honoring 'hidden legacy' of Japanese American baseball
More info

October 2, 2022  12noon -1pm
When Yuri Met Malcolm @ JANM


No Churn Ice Cream

With the heat of the summer upon us, we thought one way to cool down is with ice cream. Did you know you can make ice cream without an ice cream maker?  Here are two ways to make no churn ice cream to help with the hot weather! 
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