Welcome back to the 2nd newsletter of NORADICA, the Erasmus+ project that aims to foster inter-religious dialogue among young people and to prevent radicalization at schools.
The past few months have been a turning point for the project!
Some results have been achieved and they are already available on the website, such as the Set of infographics in 5 languages (English, Italian, French, Polish, Romanian) and the development of the NORADICA web app, ready to be used by the teachers who deal with multireligious classes. Some others resources are going to be finalized, like the NORADICATOONS and the Recommendations for schools and communities, which ideally summarize all the contents and findings emerged during the project implementation.
Discover what’s happened so far!
NORADICA web app: interactive materials for teachers and students
This web app is mainly addressed to teachers and educators and it is available in the languages of the project partnership (English, Italian, Romanian, French and Polish). It contains the materials illustrating and describing the main topics connected with the field of inter-religious dialogue, in order to help teachers in researching the fields connected with religious radicalization and its prevention.
Users can find a various types of resources in there: videos, scientific publications, press releases, pictures, articles and much more!

The whole structure of NORADICA web app has been developed to be agile and attractive, for a smart and engaged user experience. Partners’ work on this tool has been divided into different stages, starting from research and collection of the materials, through the analysis and selection of the contents considered more interesting for educative purposes.
NORADICA web app has been already positively evaluated by teachers during the training activities carried out within the project, so that it can be considered a useful and inspiring tool for all educators looking for resources on inter-religious dialogue and radicalization prevention, both at schools and in other educational institutions.  

6 cartoons about inter-religious dialogue
This is probably the most challenging activity of the project!

Six catchy cartoons, targeted to teenagers, that focus on religions’ traits, characteristics and inter-religious attitudes. NORADICATOONS aim to investigate not just real life situations, such as the aspects in common between several religions or the peculiar cultural habits that could appear weird to other religions’ individuals (food traditions, customs, behaviours), but also they want to explore the concept of “other” and the importance of cooperation between different faiths by using imaginary characters.

In fact, among teenage students and religious leaders who are the most recurrent characters, there are also an alien and a monster that spread up the message of the inter-religious dialogue in unusual and enjoyable way.
This web series is the creative and artistic product of several research activities conducted within the project, such as the Desk Research which investigate different religions, the interviews made to religious leaders of several faiths and the topics emerged in focus group discussions.
Partners conceived a peculiar visual identity clearly recognizable throughout all the episodes, which aim to be attractive and engaging for scholastic students. The importance of starting preventive attitudes against radicalization at school also appear in the “ring” structure of the series which starts outside and ends inside the school.
Actually, the partnership is going to gather meaningful feedbacks from several teachers and students who represents the main final users of the NORADICATOONS, in order to implement all the episodes taking into account their precious opinions.
Once NORADICATOONS will be finished, they will be freely available on NORADICA YouTube channel, as well as their translated versions in Italian, French, Polish and Romanian!
We look forward to watch them all!

NORADICA Recommendations for schools and communities
This set of recommendations aims to be a meaningful summary of project’s findings and it is actually under construction. Its main beneficiares will be teachers, educational entities and Policy makers.

Recommendations will be divided in 4 parts and each one will focus on a specific topic about radicalism. In it users will find articles, videos, documents with references and links leading directly
to the other resources of the project, making the user experience agile and dynamic.

As for all NORADICA resources, also this set of recommendations will be freely accessible on the website in English, Italian, French, Polish and Romanian. Moreover, in order to maximize NORADICA impact, each partner will translate the Recommendations in two other languages, so that they will be also available in Swedish, Hungarian, Dutch, Spanish, Russian, Bulgarian, Chinese, Arabic, German, Ukrainian, Slovak and Portuguese!

The final partners’ meeting and the teachers’ trainings in Catania
The final meeting among partners took place the 1st and 2nd of July 2019, hosted by the University of Catania (Italy).
All NORADICA resources (Educational Infographics, NORADICA web app and NORADICATOONS) have been analysed and discussed in order to guarantee high quality standards to the whole project. As always, the climate of the meeting was very cooperative and intense, giving to every partner the possibility to actively participate during the discussion sessions. 
Moreover, the University of Catania organized and hosted several teachers’ trainings between the 2nd and the 7th of July 2019. The meetings of the teachers coming from the 5 partner Countries (Italy, France, Belgium, Poland and Romania) gave participants the opportunity to spend time in an extremely productive and interactive manner, providing a chance for genuine cultural exchange. 
During those 5 days, teachers attented interactive lectures, took part in workshops focusing on the values of critical thinking and gained access to all the digital resources created within the project, all with the purpose of understanding, preventing and fighting radicalization on religious grounds among teenagers. 

As organizers, the project coordinators, Professors of the University of Catania (Liana Daher, the project coordinator, Augusto Gamuzza and Ana Maria Leonora) presented teachers all NORADICA resources that have been developed as instruments to be used at school (the set of Educational infographics, NORADICATOONS meant for pupils and the web app). Then, the teachers attended additional meetings with specialists in fields like sociology, psychology, teaching methodology.
The feedback received from the participants at the end of the meeting underlined the importance of intercultural and inter-religious dialogue, the need to respect the values of the otherness as an essential factor in fighting against radicalization among young people.
Finally, in October 2019, the University of Catania will also host the NORADICA Final conference inviting the main key stakeholders of the project at international level in order to disseminate and foster inter-religious dialogue topics.

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