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May 2020

Patrimoine industriel en Europe / Industrielles Erbe in Europa
Patrimonio industrial en Europa / Patrimonio industriale in Europa

in this issue
news about European projects and campaigns,
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Belgium, Croatia,  Denmark, France, Germany, Malta, Poland, Spain, Switzerland and the United Kingdom

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EFAITH, the European Federation of Association of Industrial and Technical Heritage is an open European community of voluntary organisations and volunteers, dedicated to cooperation in the field of industrial and technical heritage. EFAITH defends not only the safeguarding of Europe's industrial and technical heritage, but above all the indispensable role of volunteers and associations for it. They are often at the forefront, bringing new ideas and drawing attention to sites that are not yet considered valuable. They save objects and archives. Without their efforts much valuable heritage would be lost.

EFAITH is an organization whose operation and activities rely entirely on a number of motivated unpaid volunteers, and thanks to the contributions of its members.
Not yet a member ?

L'EFAITH, la Fédération européenne des associations du patrimoine industriel et technique, est une plateforme pour les organisations bénévoles et les volontaires, dédiée à la coopération dans le domaine du patrimoine industriel et technique. EFAITH défend non seulement la sauvegarde du patrimoine industriel et technique de l'Europe, mais surtout le rôle indispensable des bénévoles et des associations dans ce domaine. Ceux-ci sont souvent en première ligne, apportant de nouvelles idées et attirant l'attention sur des sites qui ne sont pas encore considérés comme précieux. Ils sauvent des objets et des archives. Sans leurs efforts, une grande partie du patrimoine précieux serait perdue.

EFAITH est une organisation dont le fonctionnement et les activités reposent entièrement sur un  nombre de bénévoles motivés et non rémunérés, grâce aux contributions de ses membres.
Vous n'êtes pas encore membre ?
EFAITH, die Europäische Föderation der Vereinigungen für industrielles und technisches Erbe, isteine Plattform für freiwillige Organisationen und Freiwillige, die sich der Zusammenarbeit im Bereich des industriellen und technischen Erbes verschrieben hat. EFAITH verteidigt nicht nur die Bewahrung des industriellen und technischen Erbes Europas, sondern vor allem die unverzichtbare Rolle der Freiwilligen und Verbände in diesem Bereich. Diese stehen oft an vorderster Front, bringen neue Ideen ein und lenken die Aufmerksamkeit auf Stätten, die noch nicht als wertvoll angesehen werden. Sie retten Objekte und Archive. Ohne ihre Bemühungen ginge viel wertvolles Erbe verloren.

EFAITH ist eine Organisation, deren Betrieb und Aktivitäten vollständig von einer Reihe motivierter, unbezahlter Freiwilliger und dank der Beiträge ihrer Mitglieder abhängen.
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We planned to have the chimneys month in May, our annual weekend in June, and one thematic meeting in the autumn.

However, because of COVID-19, we decided to shift all activities to 2021. Before the summer holidays, the pandemic will probably not have disappeared, and autumn remains risky. Many organizations are now shifting their activities to September-November, so these months risk being overloaded. On the other hand, there is the fear of a second corona wave after the summer months.
EFAITH cannot afford to organize important events, which then have to be cancelled at the very last moment, or for which too few participants register for fear of the virus.
That is why we drew a hard but logical conclusion.
Through this e-newsletter, and probably also digitally, we will keep in touch, exchange information and ideas. Follow us also through the social media and our website.

But, maybe, there will be a possibility to meet each other physically.
The B-Industrial trade fair on industrial tourism in Barcelona, originally planned for March, then postponed to June, and now to 2-4 October, is willing to offer us a platform. EFAITH will also present its activities and projects during this fair.
So for the time being we will meet in Barcelona, 2-4 October.
More news will follow as soon as available
Nous avions prévu le mois des cheminées en mai, notre week-end annuel en juin et une réunion thématique à l'automne.

Cependant, en raison de COVID-19, nous avons décidé de reporter toutes les activités à 2021. Avant les vacances d'été, la pandémie n'aura probablement pas disparu, et l'automne reste risqué. De nombreuses organisations déplacent maintenant leurs activités vers septembre-novembre, de sorte que ces mois risquent d'être surchargés. D'autre part, il y a la crainte d'une deuxième vague de corona après les mois d'été.
L'EPTITH ne peut pas se permettre d'organiser des événements importants, qui doivent alors être annulés au dernier moment, ou pour lesquels trop peu de participants s'inscrivent par crainte du virus.
C'est pourquoi nous tirons une conclusion difficile mais logique.
Grâce à ce bulletin d'information électronique, et probablement aussi numérique, nous resterons en contact, nous échangerons des informations et des idées. Suivez-nous également sur les médias sociaux et notre site web.

Il y a peut-être une possibilité de se rencontrer physiquement.
Le salon B-Industrial sur le tourisme industriel à Barcelone, initialement prévu en mars, puis reporté en juin, et maintenant du 2 au 4 octobre, est prêt à nous offrir une plate-forme. L'IFAET présentera également ses activités et ses projets lors de cette foire.
Pour l'instant, nous nous réunirons donc à Barcelone, du 2 au 4 octobre.
D'autres nouvelles suivront dès qu'elles seront disponibles

Manifesto ‘Cultural Heritage: a powerful catalyst for the future of Europe’.

On 9 May 2020, on the occasion of Europe Day which this year marks the 70th anniversary of the Schuman Declaration and the launch of the process of European integration, , during a webinar members of the European Heritage Alliance (of which EFAITH is a member) have launched the Europe Day Manifesto ‘Cultural Heritage: a powerful catalyst for the future of Europe.
The Europe Day Manifesto aims to convey a strong message of solidarity, hope and unity to Europe’s leaders and citizens at a time when Europe and the entire planet are struggling to overcome an unprecedented crisis caused by the COVID-19 virus. Through this Manifesto, representatives of major European and international heritage networks which form part of the European Heritage Alliance express the readiness of the wider heritage world to contribute to Europe’s immediate social and economic recovery, as well as to the longer-term advancement of the European project;
The Europe Day Manifesto also puts forward 7 of the most important ways in which cultural heritage can act as a catalyst for positive change.
The Europe Day Manifesto is now open for signatures by individuals and organisations (sign the form below). Show your support and help us unfold the cohesive power of cultural heritage for the Future of Europe!
The European Commission and Europa Nostra announced the 2020 winners of the European Heritage Awards / Europa Nostra Awards. Europe’s top honour in the heritage field goes to 21 exemplary achievements from 15 European countries.

Heritage lovers and supporters from Europe and all around the world can vote online for their favourite award winners and decide which achievement will win this year’s Public Choice Award. Deadline for voting is 1 September 2020

In between the winners are
  • the LocHal in Tilburg (The Netherlands), which until 2009,was the main workshop of the Dutch Railways. A number of factors, including a growing appreciation for industrial heritage, led to the LocHal being preserved and transformed into the cultural centre of a new, vibrant urban area.
  • the recent restoration of the Iron Bridge, the first in the world to be constructed of iron in 1779, and a symbol of the Industrial Revolution. Necessary interventions have been carried out to preserve its original fabric to the greatest extent possible, returning the structure to its former glory and strength for the enjoyment of future generations.
  • Don Duco who has dedicated his life to preserving the memory of world-wide cultural heritage activities connected to the use of tobacco and, in particular, the use of pipes. He has collected, researched and displayed tobacco pipes and other smoking implements from all over the world and from many different historical periods.

La Commission européenne et Europa Nostra ont annoncé les lauréats 2020 des Prix du patrimoine européen / Prix Europa Nostra. La plus haute distinction européenne dans le domaine du patrimoine est décernée à 21 réalisations exemplaires de 15 pays européens.
Les partisans du patrimoine d'Europe et du monde entier peuvent voter en ligne pour leurs lauréats préférés et décider quelle réalisation remportera le Prix du public de cette année. La date limite de vote est fixée au 1er septembre 2020.

Parmis les gagnants se trouvent
  • le LocHal à Tilburg (Pays-Bas) qui, jusqu'en 2009, était le principal atelier des chemins de fer néerlandais, maintenant transformé en centre culturel d'une nouvelle zone urbaine dynamique.
  • la récente restauration de l’Iron Bridge, le premier au monde à avoir été construit en fer en 1779, et un symbole de la révolution industrielle.
  • Don Duco qui a consacré sa vie à préserver la mémoire des activités du patrimoine culturel mondial liées à l'usage du tabac et, en particulier, à l'usage de la pipe.

Europa Nostra and its partner organisation, the European Investment Bank Institute, have announced the 7 Most Endangered monuments and heritage sites in Europe for 2020

Between them is the Szombierki Power Plant, Bytom, POLAND
A Modernist power plant from the 1920 is threatened by the risk of demolition, in spite of several efforts to make the site a breeding ground for creative industries
The Cuatro Caminos Metro Depot, Madrid, SPAIN, was on the shortlist of 14 sites, but unfortunately not selected for the final list.  
After more than 100 years of continuous use, this metro depot in the northern neighbourhood of Cuatro Caminos in Madrid faces the threat of demolition to make way for a large apartment building. 
The INDUSTRIANA industrial heritage label

Thanks to support from the European Commission, within the framework of the COSME program (project 'Genius Loci') EFAITH was able to design a unique label for industrial sites and buildings, INDUSTRIANA. This contains a QR code, with which passers-by can use their smartphone to request five pages of information, pictures and videos about the site. Each of these pages can be created in all European languages, although English is the basis of the system.

The network is now already present in 12 European countries, and after COVID-19 new sites from Spain and Slovenia will be added n rijdende grijpkraan op een verhoogd spoor.
Why not join with your site or museum

The European Commission has proposed to make 2021 the European Year of Rail, because it marks several important anniversaries for rail: the 20th anniversary of the first EU Railway Package, the 175th anniversary of the first ever rail link between two EU capitals (Paris-Brussels), as well as 40 years of TGV and 30 years of ICE.
Although the decision has not yet been formally taken or communicated, it is clear that it will be communicated shortly. EFAITH is closely following the dossier and publishes the information already available on its website.

La Commission européenne a proposé de déclarer 2021 l'Année européenne du rail, car cette année marque plusieurs anniversaires importants pour le rail : le 20e anniversaire du premier paquet ferroviaire de l'UE, le 175e anniversaire de la toute première liaison ferroviaire entre deux capitales de l'UE (Paris-Bruxelles), ainsi que les 40 ans du TGV et les 30 ans de l'ICE.
Bien que la décision n'ait pas encore été formellement prise ou communiquée, il est clair qu'elle le sera prochainement. L'EFAITH suit de près le dossier et publie les informations déjà disponibles sur son site web.

Die Europäische Kommission hat vorgeschlagen, das Jahr 2021 zum Europäischen Jahr der Schiene zu erklären, weil ein wichtiges Jubiläum für die Eisenbahn ist: der 20. Jahrestag seit Verabschiedung des ersten EU Eisenbahnpakets ist, der 175. Jahrestag der ersten Eisenbahnverbindung zwischen zwei EU-Hauptstädten (Paris-Brüssel) sowie 40 Jahre TGV und 30 Jahre ICE.    
Obwohl die Entscheidung noch nicht formell getroffen oder mitgeteilt wurde, ist klar, dass sie in Kürze mitgeteilt werden wird. EFAITH verfolgt das Dossier aufmerksam und veröffentlicht die bereits verfügbaren Informationen auf seiner Website.
Industrial Heritage as key Competences for Tourist OperatoR

The HECTOR project aims to improve the employability of young Europeans (18-30 years) with a qualification in the tourism sector by providing them with core competences and specialisation in adventure tourism for industrial heritage.
As a result of COVID-19, the development of the project was delayed. The nine partners from Italy, Slovenia, Bulgaria, Spain, Austria, Germany are now discussing with EFAITH how this training can be organised in the current circumstances.
More information in our next e-newsletter

Le projet HECTOR vise à améliorer l'employabilité des jeunes Européens (18-30 ans) ayant une qualification dans le secteur du tourisme en leur fournissant des compétences de base et une spécialisation dans le tourisme du patrimoine industriel
En raison de COVID-19, le développement du projet a été retardé. Les neuf partenaires d'Italie, de Slovénie, de Bulgarie, d'Espagne, d'Autriche et d'Allemagne discutent actuellement avec l'EPTITH de la manière dont cette formation peut être organisée dans les circonstances actuelles.
Plus d'informations dans notre prochain bulletin d'information électronique

Das HECTOR-Projekt zielt darauf ab, die Beschäftigungsfähigkeit junger Europäer (18-30 Jahre) mit einer Qualifikation im Tourismussektor zu verbessern, indem ihnen Kernkompetenzen und eine Spezialisierung auf den Tourismus des industriellen Erbes vermittelt werden.
Infolge von COVID-19 verzögerte sich die Entwicklung des Projekts. Die neun Partner aus Italien, Slowenien, Bulgarien, Spanien, Österreich und Deutschland diskutieren nun mit EFAITH, wie diese Ausbildung unter den gegenwärtigen Umständen organisiert werden kann.
Weitere Informationen in unserem nächsten E-Newsletter
From Italy, a channel on Youtube was opened with comments and views on the influence of COVID-19 on industrial heritage. Experts and organisations from all over the world already participated.
Our general secretary was also able to make a plea for the role of volunteers and associations.
Dall'Italia è stato aperto un canale su Youtube con commenti e opinioni sull'influenza di COVID-19 sul patrimonio industriale. Hanno già partecipato esperti e organizzazioni di tutto il mondo.
Anche il nostro segretario generale ha potuto fare un appello per il ruolo dei volontari e delle associazioni.
Mining cemetery of Beringen will be cleared

Cemeteries tell the social history of a municipality, of a region - certainly and especially in industrial environments.
Wednesday, May 27th, the oldest part of the cemetery of the coalmine of Beringen is cleared. Four hundred graves go on the scrap metal and so a valuable cultural and funerary heritage is lost forever. The town of Beringen leaves an opportunity here to preserve the only cemetery of Beringen that is (was) still completely intact for posterity. The Beringen-Mine cemetery was built in the fifties for the inhabitants of the coalmine parish and is a silent witness of the life and death of miners and their family, and to the migration in the region. Belgians, Poles, Italians, Greeks, Russians, Germans, Latvians and many other nationalities are buried here. The four oldest parcels are disappearing, and this is a great loss to the heritage of the mine
Torpedo yourself to Rijeka

In 2020 Rijeka is the European Capital of culture. It was in this city that in the 19th century the torpedo was invented.
The concept of “Torpedo yourself to Rijeka” is to create a recognizable souvenir and brand is to promote the historic industrial city of Rijeka, which is becoming an unavoidable tourist destination in Croatia.
Industrial heritage and hotels in Copenhague
How can you boast of style and avant-garde in Scandinavia's design capital? Copenhagen does not make it easy: after original establishments like Ottilia, in a former factory in Calsberg or flirty suites like Vipp, which stands on a water tower, comes The Krane, which turns a harbour crane into the most unusual - but no less chic - accommodation. The engine room of a 1944 coal crane installed in the port of Nordhavn, north of the Danish capital, is already the most exclusive suite in the city, rising 15 metres above the ground
Industrial film / cinéma industriel

Le CNAM - Conservatoire national des Arts et Métiers - annonce la publication une édition spéciale bilingue (français et anglais) du Cahier d'histoire du Cnam sur le cinéma industriel, le cinématographe pour l'industrie et dans les entreprises (1890-1990), sous la direction de Catherine Radtka et Robert Nardone,
Le volume numérique est en libre accès et peut être téléchargé

CNAM - Conservatoire national des Arts et Métiers announces the publication of a special bi-lingual (French & English) edition of Cahier d'histoire du Cnam on industrial film, Le cinématographe pour l’industrie et dans les entreprises (1890-1990), edited by Catherine Radtka and Robert Nardone,
The digital volume is open access and can be downloaded

Netzwerk Industriekultur Görlitz

Görlitz is the largest town of the former Province of Lower Silesia that lies west of the Oder-Neisse line and hence remained in Germany after World War II. Today, Görlitz lies opposite the Polish town of Zgorzelec, which was part of Görlitz until 1945. The border separated the eastern districts on the other side of the river. Together they form the German-Polish Euro City of Görlitz-Zgorzelec.

In Görlitz an initiative is dedicated to the heritage of industrial culture. The goal of the ‘Netzwerk Industriekultur Görlitz ‘ (Network Industrial Heritage Görlitz) is to convey interest and opportunities for action for sustainable urban development, especially in dealing with the industrial heritage. The network and its partner institutions in the Euroregion Neisse-Nisa-Nysa do initiate dialogue and promote commitment to the protection and preservation of historic industrial buildings

In Görlitz widmet sich eine Initiative dem Erbe der Industriekultur. Ziel ist nteresse und Handlungsmöglichkeiten für eine nachhaltige Stadtentwicklung zu vermitteln, besonders im Umgang mit dem industriellen Erbe. Das Netzwerk Industriekultur Görlitz und seine Partnereinrichtungen in der Euroregion Neisse-Nisa-Nysa wollen den Dialog initiieren und Engagement für Industriedenkmalpflege fördern.         
The Brewhouse

The historic buildings of the large Farsons brewery, established 1928, are being transformed into ‘The Brewhouse
Planning permission for iconic old brewhouse, a the Grade 2 protected building, was given early 2017. The building was designed by Lewis Farrugia and William Binnie immediately following the end of the Second World War. Its innovation lies in its structure consisting of reinforced concrete frame together with the architect’s focus on natural lighting and ventilation. However, its main highlight is the exposed functional copper brewing vats.
When the complete project is finished, it will include  7,500 sqms of restored and rehabilitated industrial space:  600 sqms of of visitor experience, 2,157 sqms of food and beverage amenities, 1,300 sqms of events areas and 1,200 sqms of office space
The Farsons Brewery also has an Industriana label since 2017

'The Promised Land': Łódź's Industrial Heritage

The city of Łódź is known for its textile past, among other things because of the film The Promised Land (Polish: Ziemia obiecana, 1974), directed by Andrzej Wajda, and based on a novel by Władysław Reymont.
Set in the industrial city of Łódź, The Promised Land tells the story of a Pole, a German, and a Jew struggling to build a factory in the raw world of 19th-century capitalism. Wajda presents a shocking image of the city, with its dirty and dangerous factories.
The last decade the city has been going through a major transformation, modernising at a quick pace, while focusing on the ace up its sleeve – its industrial heritage.
There is now a good guide of the industrial heritage of Lodz available on the internet

Elektrownia Powiśle   

Designed by William H. Lindley (a British civil engineer responsible for, among others, Warsaw’s waterworks), this huge power station in Warsaw opened in 1904 and operated until 2002.
Situated in a once shabby blue-collar district, the image of this recently has got a complete new image. The start of the renaissance was the unveiling of the Copernicus Science Centre. It is now the most attractive area of Warsaw.
The old power station, Elektrownia Powiśle,  has been redeveloped into office spaces, loft-style apartments, public space and a retail area. Over 5,000 original elements have been preserved, among these a 1955 power unit that once controlled the Palace of Culture’s electricity. The site opened on 20 May, during the COVID-19 period, but immediately received a lot of public attention.                       
See also the video on Youtube
Aragón : abandoned industrial buildings in Teruel

Un estudio localiza 600 instalaciones industriales abandonadas en Teruel. El inventario resalta el valor patrimonial de las antiguas industrias y su potencial turístico y cultural.

A study located 600 abandoned industrial buildings in Teruel and highlights their heritage value and their tourist and cultural potential

Catalonia: photographic collections online

El Museu Nacional de la Ciència i de la Tècnica de Catalunya (Terrassa) ha col·locat les seves col·leccions fotogràfiques en línia. Les imatges més antigues són daguerrotips dels anys 1840. La col·lecció també inclou més de 2.000 plaques estereoscòpiques1924 i 1935

The Catalan Museum of Science and Technology in Terrassa has placed its photographic collections online. The oldest pictures are daguerrotypes dating from the 1840s. The collection also includes more than 2000 stereophotos 1924 and 1935

Andalusia: Restoration of a chimney in Sevilla

Los trabajos de consolidación de los elemento patrimoniales que se conservarán en la antigua Fábrica de Vidrio de la Trinidad han seguido avanzando en el último mes. Antes de decretarse el estado de alarma por la epidemia de coronavirus se iniciaron los trabajos de restauración de la chimenea de la factoría, un patrimonio industrial que está declarado Bien de Interés Cultural (BIC) desde 2001.

The conservation and restoration works at the old Trinity Glass Factory goes on. Before COVID-19, work began on the since 2001 heritage protected factory's chimney.
Some of the buildings on nthe site will be demolished to make room for a residential area with 200 houses and gardens. the other hand, they are consolidation works going on to prepare elements , as the chimney kilns and warehouses for their later rehabilitation.

Platform industrial heritage

Die Plattform bietet nun erweiterte virtuelle Einblicke in die Geschichte der Produktionsstandorte Schweiz und Lichtenstein. Neu werden Schaubetriebe, Museen oder Archive auf der Plattform gesondert hervorgehoben. Dies erleichtert die Planung von Exkursionen, Besichtigungen sowie die Recherche zu einzelnen Industriezweigen und Produktionsstandorten und spricht Fachpersonen und Besucher gleichermassen an.

The platform offers extended virtual insights into the history of the industrial heritage in Switzerland and Lichtenstein. It now also includes mills open to the public, interpretation centers, museums or archives, separately highlighted on the platform. This makes it easier to plan excursions, visits and research on individual branches of industry and production sites and appeals to experts and visitors alike.
The regions of Berne and Zurich, as well as north-eastern Switzerland with the Principality of Lichtenstein, Basel and central Switzerland have already been developed. The team is currently working on south-eastern Switzerland with the cantons of Glarus, Grisons and Ticino.  

Dunston Staiths fire

Dunston Staiths is thought to be Europe's largest timber structure, is being treated as arson, Northumbria Police has said. The grade II-listed monument opened in 1893, so that Durham coal could be dropped into boats on the River Tyne below.
The Staiths fell into disrepair following the decline of the industry.
It is owned by the Tyne and Wear Building Preservation Trust, and has been restored at a cost of £800,000 between 2014 and 2015. Since is was used as a visitor attraction, holding public events such as markets.         
In the night of 15/16 th of May an extremely serious blaze hit the historic Tyne timber structure, and is treated by police as arson
Although the full extent of the damage is not yet known, the whole top deck has been destroyed, meaning the walkway has been lost until the trust can raise funds to restore it. One is estimating the damage at around £300,000.   
Immediately fund raising started and more than £5,000 was raised overnight to help rebuild Dunston Staiths

Incendie de Dunston Staiths : un incendie "extrêmement grave" dans une structure en bois historique de Tyne est considéré comme un incendie criminel.
Le Dunston Staiths - un monument classé - a été inauguré en 1893, afin que le charbon de Durham puisse être largué dans les bateaux sur la Tyne en contrebas. Il serait la plus grande structure en bois d'Europe.

Historic railway line endangered as a result of COVID-19

Volunteers have to help and save a heritage railway threatened by financial realities of the coronavirus
The Epping Ongar Railway has launched an appeal to raise £200,000 to preserve the future of the railway. The appeal has raised nearly £14,000 in its first week thanks to the support of the members of the Epping Ongar Railway Volunteer Society and regular passengers.

Les bénévoles doivent aider et sauver un chemin de fer patrimonial menacé par les réalités financières du coronavirus.
La compagnie ferroviaire Epping Ongar Railway a lancé un appel pour collecter 200 000 livres sterling afin de préserver l'avenir du chemin de fer. L'appel a permis de récolter près de 14 000 £ dès la première semaine grâce au soutien des membres de l'association bénévole Epping Ongar Railway Volunteer Society .

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