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Intuition or Trauma? How to Reclaim Intuition as Ancestral Medicine  
“Listen to your gut”; “Energy doesn’t lie”; "Follow your intuition.” We’ve all heard some variation of how to access our intuition and what it “feels” like.

Unfortunately, as BIPOC, our intuition is many times buried under layers of trauma (individual/racial/community, intergenerational, etc.). The long-term effects of these traumas can keep us in states of fight, flight, freeze or fawn (the 4 F’s), that impede our ability to access our intuition.

Due to these traumas, we are sometimes taught that in order to survive, we must put the needs/emotions of others first (self-sacrifice), and therefore setting boundaries to access our authentic self & intuition can trigger anxiety and fear.  If we grew up in family dynamics that did not validate our emotions, this may be the first time we are taught to not trust our intuition. This is the same dynamic that occurs when systems of oppression such as the criminal justice system, academia and workplace environments, gaslight/minimize our responses (rage, demands for accountability, etc.) when we experience racism, anti-blackness, ableism, etc.

So, as you can see, “follow your intuition” is not always that simple for BIPOC. In addition, Colonization has played a significant role in burying the intuition of BIPOC communities via intergenerational trauma.

Many traditional healing practices utilized intuition and spirituality as forms of protection and medicine which was deemed as dangerous or “black/dark magic,” a narrative that stems from anti-blackness and white supremacy.

Western Culture values logical/external reasoning over intuitive/internal reasoning and therefore, many of us may even minimize our intuition as decision guides due to internalized colonization.  

So how do we begin healing to access our ancestral knowledge and gifts of intuition?
Intuition is the ability to perceive without external validation; an internal “knowing.” Below are some ways you can begin accessing and engaging your intuition:

Seek healing from a Holistic Therapist or Spiritual Healer (ie. Curanderx, Energy Worker)
Addressing and healing from our traumas is a great way to allow our intuition (our authentic selves) to show up. If possible, try to find a therapist that engages in spiritual and somatic healing. In addition, or as another option, is locating a reputable traditional healer. Traditional Healers almost always engage intuitive energy/medicine to clear old wounds or “cut” toxic ties that can be clouding our intuition.

Find Moments of Solitude
Many of us who have abandonment wounds may find it difficult to be alone, but solitude is actually a very powerful form of allowing us to “hear” our intuition.

Activate/Clear/Protect the Third Eye Chakra*
In the Hindu and Buddhist spiritual traditions, the The Third Eye is represented by the Ājñā (brow) Chakra or pineal gland, & is believed to give access to higher states of consciousness and wisdom. Meditation, sound baths*, and chants can help activate this chakra. It is important to note that it is possible to over-activate our Third Eye, so make sure to ease into this practice and/or seek guidance in doing so. In order to protect the Third Eye from receiving too much too soon and become overwhelmed by external “noise,” make sure to activate and balance the rest of the Chakras. In addition, you can seek support from stone energies, such as Rose Quartz & Amethyst to regulate and protect the Third Eye.  *(more info below)

Moon Cycles*
Indigenous Ancestors knew the power & wisdom of Grandmother Moon. This wisdom is still embedded in our DNA. Moon rituals, ceremonies and medicine making can all assist with activating our intuition. In addition, for womxn & folx who menstruate, Moon Cycles are particularly powerful in accessing intuitive medicine/knowledge. 
*(more info on this below)

Rest/Healthy Diet
Intuition is most easily accessible if we are well rested and physically nurtured. Given the capitalist exploitation and food insecurities/injustices many BIPOC experience, this may not be a privilege afforded to many. With that said, take as many opportunities to rest your body and spirit. In addition, even a simple bowl of fruit or tea can provide us with the physical nourishment to begin reclaiming our ancestral wisdom of intuition.

Engage/Practice the 6 Clairs*
  • Clairvoyance- clear seeing of past, present or future.
  • Clairaudience- clear hearing of messages through words, sound or music.
  • Clairsentience- clear feeling of emotions and/or energy.
  • Clairalience- clear smelling of something not physically present.
  • Clairgustance- clear tasting of something not physically present.
  • Claircognizance- clear knowing, as fact, from internal Source/Spirit. *(more info on this below)

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