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Announcing Our Teacher-Powered Community Values and Norms

Today we are excited to share with you our community values and norms—co-created by our ambassador team and based on our experiences working with teacher-powered teams and supporters over the last decade.

As a teacher-powered community we strive to rise above traditional education dichotomies and tensions and remain focused on creating student-centered learning communities designed and led by professional educators at the school site. We are a respectful, inclusive, and passionate group dedicated to improving the education system and serving all students in our local communities.

Community norms create the ability to respond effectively to emotional challenges. Drawing on Elena Aguilar’s work, community norms should:

  • Create conditions to be able to work from emotions toward a positive outcome.
  • Create an affirmative environment.
  • Encourage proactive problem solving.

With this in mind, our Teacher-Powered Community values and norms are as follows:

Teacher-powered governance models lie on a spectrum, with some teams wanting and securing more or less autonomy than others; all are valued. It is up to the individual teams to decide which autonomies are needed to best serve their students and staff.
National, state, and local teacher unions are valuable allies and often support teacher-powered teams and opportunities.
Teacher-powered teams are successful in district and charter settings. It is up to each team to decide the best setting in which to secure authority and autonomy. Regardless of setting we have much to share and learn from each other.
Principals and administrators are key allies in teacher-powered schools, helping the group of teachers to facilitate shared purpose, advocate for the decisions of the team, and be a resource. We welcome all educators and supporters committed to these values.
Teacher-powered schools are designed to serve the unique needs of their students and community. This work is never done in isolation and relies on the deep partnership with students, families, and community members.
Ultimately, teacher-powered schools are a means to create equitable, high quality, student-centered learning environments. At the end of the day, we do our work to serve students.
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Collaborative Leadership for Thriving Teams

Last month, we released our new guide for teacher-powered site administrators. We’re so pleased about the reception for this resource. Here’s a few of the things we’ve heard:
“The content is really terrific and I know that teams will find it super useful.”
“A million thanks for this invaluable guide.”
“Precisely what education should be doing.”
More than half of teacher-powered schools have designated administrators—a role very different from that of a traditional principal at most K-12 schools. We heard for years about the need to draw on the expertise of experienced teacher-powered administrators, and this guide does just that.
Download the guide

Teacher opportunities

The Adventure Program
Morningside College | Sioux City, IA

The Adventure Program will enable learners to design their own major (with support), participate in relevant and interest-driven experiences, join internships and externships, and do 1:1 research with projects with faculty members. Morningside College also offers support to learners who are questioning their next big adventure.

Learn more.

The REAL Institute
Boston, MA | July 8-11

Boston Day and Evening Academy’s annual REAL summer intensive is a four-day exploration into the theory, pedagogy, systems and structures of student-centered, competency-based teaching and learning. Because students are always at the core of this work, there is an emphasis on creating and maintaining safe, supportive, trauma sensitive environments to enhance whole-student progress and to ensure that student needs remain the focus of all decision-making.

Learn more.

Teacher-Powered Jobs Board shares job postings from our network of schools around the country. Check in on the board now and bookmark the page to stay in the know for teacher-powered job opportunities.

View job postings.

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