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Social Emotional Learning for Adults

Consider a common scenario: a school identifies social emotional learning as a priority for the coming year. But teacher-led professional learning sessions quickly go off the rails. Teachers disengage because—in a twist of irony—the sessions fail to consider the mix of feelings peers have around the new initiative. And then the realization: teachers would benefit from social emotional learning, too.

Jill Harrison Berg makes the case for a social emotional learning climate for adults in schools, asserting such a cultural change is beneficial but requires teacher leaders and administrators working together to achieve it. Specifically, Berg explores three ideas for success and buy-in:

  1. Establish relationship-building routines.
  2. Design for collaboration.
  3. Engage each other as resources in problem solving.

These ideas are at the core of building a strong teacher-powered culture. Read Berg’s article, “Leading Together / SEL for Adults”, from the October issue of Educational Leadership to learn more.

From the Community, For the Community

Hermilo, a student at the School of Social Justice, a teacher-powered pilot school in Los Angeles, was disheartened to learned about the underrepresentation of Latinos in STEM fields. It bothered Hermilo that students like him couldn’t see themselves in a STEM career, due in large part to a lack of role models.

So he sought to turn that around. Empowered by a school design centered on service learning and eager to subvert stereotypes, Hermilo became that role model who had been missing.

Read more about Hermilo from one of his former teachers, Jonathan Tam.

Last Chance for the Teacher-Powered Schools National Conference

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