In this edition we talk with Josh about life, 'the bean movie', individuality, and more...

If you haven't seen Josh on the uprise lately, you've been asleep.
Hailing from California, Josh's unique style of movement and content has brought him into the spotlight over the last few years.
We even managed to meet him in person during Red Bull art of motion 2019 in Matera, which Josh competed in after coming 2nd in the on site qualifiers.


SM: Firstly, thank you for taking the time. How's life?
JM: life is good ! obviously a bit weird with covid but still having a great time. Since the bean movie i’ve just been super amped to continue making longer form videos with the bean homies
SM: Tell us, when and how did the beans come together?
JMa couple of us had met before but i’d say the start of beans was at Jumpfest 2018. The 10 we have now weren’t all there but that week was the first time a lot of us met each other. became instant friends. we all just clicked in the same ways.  besides that, a lot of us knew each other through a mutual friend or IG.  as far as the name, we were saying bean a lot and then later named a group chat “beanchat”, leading to us eventually naming the youtube channel beans when we decided we wanted a place to post the videos we’ve made together.
SM: Who exactly are the beans?
JMThere are 10 of us ! and sadly we’ve never all been in the same place at once. (8 has been the most so far) Beans are me :)@jushmelon / Trevor Knunkle @trev_bean / egg @klickstein / Leo Rosenbaier @rosenbaier /Gabe Le Neveu @gabemoves / Spencer Hovel @i.shovel / Corbin White @co2white / Logan Frady @loganfrdy / Zack Karro @karro.zk / Ross Allen @rossallenpk
watch "the bean movie"
SM: The bean movie was a welcome change to the usual long format video from the Parkour community.  We noticed that each athlete edited their own section, giving the video a unique touch. How did you come to make the decision to do this?
JMRecently we’ve all been heavily inspired by freestyle skiing, aggressive inline blading, dancing, skateboarding, and almost any action sport that isn’t parkour.  We noticed almost all these sports shot their videos in a “part style”, with each individual athlete having a couple minutes of their best clips, edited to fit their own style, and decided that we would all work on individual parts we could compile into a “movie” as the Covid lockdowns hit and we couldn’t travel to see each other
SM: You have a very unique style of movement, have any athletes/cultures inspired your style to some degree?
like I mentioned, recently almost anything that isn’t parkour has been really doing it for me. I feel I used to push other sports aside because “that’s not parkour” but now I try to look for inspiration in any movement or artistic medium.  I can’t not talk about how in love I am with “skier flips” and how they think about rotations. I feel like so many movement doors have opened since playing with different sports ideals and style in a “parkour fashion”  (pretending I got wheels on my feet when I don’t)
SM: Has covid changed anything for your lifestyle or training?
i’ve been very lucky and can say not too heavily. plans have gotten pushed back but can and will still happen.  And the gym i work at is still open so i’m able to coach for work.  still going out to train.  just with 1-2 homies and safety first ! Covid did stop competitions, which was PISS cause i felt like 2020 would be the year i really did well.
SM: Are you planning on competing again once covid isn’t a thing?
YES ! i always have loved to compete/perform. but with not competing for so long, and my training style become more play and less train, i’m feeling less like a competition athlete.  i feel much smarter than the last years but i don’t think i’ll ever have the endurance and power of perfect comp line heads like Ed Scott or Krystian Kowalewski. (and that’s ok!).   i’d love to compete again but with more of a focus on creating thought provoking movements that will later change how comps are judged, how difficultly and creativity are perceived, and the overall mindset of “whoever hits the biggest dub wins”. i want to make people think
SM: We see your individuality in your personal style too, something we can appreciate very much. Do you feel individuality in style of movement as well as in personal style is essential in getting the most out of it?
when i’m fitted up i definitely feel better which almost always leads to training better haha. i wouldn’t say looking good is essential, some people might even prefer to go out in 2010s sweatpants and extra tight thermal long sleeve, but having style outside of parkour helps my style in parkour form more effortlessly. no hate if you dressing like that, please own your individual swag! better yet don’t do anything i say ! creativity won’t come from trying to be or move like someone else. if you want creativity, style, swag, just be yourself
SM: When can we expect some Bean merch?
JMVERY soon :)   right now we have our custom “BEANS” t shirts that Trevor is hand making in our living room. (DM @beansoutthecan for purchase) and we are currently working on an online store to sell other pieces we have on the way!
SM: As a UK brand, we don’t hear enough about the best underground US brands or artists. Can you suggest any to check out?
JMyes !
@getdownstore dope clothing from Myles Ross in Minneapolis.
@norfboys consisting of Noah Heath, Ethan Rud, and Holden Hagerman.
@toastylizards good chunk of very well rounded homies from Portland.
Ryan Kelly’s @goldenshowersclub always making beautiful content for the community.
@teamvocz are youngins from Arkansas who should have an eye kept on them
and @recipes_____ not from the US but our FAVORITE neighbor from Vancouver.  
also shoutout Hudson Lehr @hudson.lehr

SM: Thanks for the chat, any final words? :)
JMAnytime, thanks for listening ! just wanna say i feel super blessed and lucky to be able to share my ideas with a community i’ve always been in love with. i feel like josh’s 12 year old dreams of being a “pro freerunner” have just about come true and i couldn’t thank every single head who watch my shit enough 💞
"INTERBAE" Crewneck Jumper
"INTERBAE" Crewneck Jumper
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"Area Code" tee
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Striped LS Shirt
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