Monthly Update: Sept, 2019

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Photo: students at Luchelele Secondary School gather around for a breakfast of locally-grown cornmeal porridge and bananas.
Monthly Highlight
Now serving fresh fruit!

Our School Breakfasts Project serves porridge to students at Luchelele Secondary School two days per week. Now, we're serving fresh fruit too! This well usually be bananas or mangoes, but passion fruit and pineapples also abound in Mwanza.

Many students have to walk for over an hour to school each day, work hard, and then walk back home, and some do it on just 1 meal per day. This means that more than 1 in 3 children in Tanzania have their growth affected by poor nutrition (USAID, 2018), and many more feel the effects of hunger while they are trying to focus in class.

Offering breakfast for free helps students grow healthier, feel better physically, feel more secure emotionally, and succeed in their studies. It costs about 17 cents to buy a student one breakfast with fruit, or $13 to buy that student two breakfasts per week for the entire school year.

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Quick Monthly Stats

Breakfasts Served: 400
Students given 1-2 years of sanitary pads: 37
Girls' Empowerment Clubs Supported: 3

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We couldn't do it with out all of your help. Although our donors are spread around the world (as are our volunteers!), we are grateful to feel so connected and supported by all of you.
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