Hi Black Pointers

We have just been through an extraordinary winter with Covid-19 playing a major part in the lives of most of us. Unfortunately, the current trend seems destined to continue for some time yet so we are becoming resolved to the new way of living. Hopefully by the time you read this newsletter the borders will have opened between some states allowing us to catch up with family and friends in the flesh for the first time in many months.

As you know we delayed our AGM at Easter until the October long weekend. This is on schedule to occur, albeit with the appropriate covid management plans. We have sent out the paperwork for members to appoint a proxy if you are unable to attend or feel that there is a risk associated with attending. I would urge anyone who would normally attend our AGM but plans not to this year to send in a proxy form.

Our boat ramp changes will begin in February 2021 and be completed by Easter next year. The designs have been finalised and Council will shortly be calling for tenders and they will manage the project from here on. We are indebted to everyone who has contributed to the project, especially the cash and in-kind donors, who without their support we would have struggled to get the external funding from SABFAC and Council. We will shortly be calling in the pledges some of you have made and welcome any further donation.

Our wine fundraiser’s led by Toby Hill has been a fantastic success and we expect to have raised over $50,000 by the end of the year with a Sauvignon Blanc just released for summer drinking. Many thanks to John and Damien Torresan for carrying out the bottling, Toby and the team for manually labelling and packing and Cochrane’s for providing transport. Further details are in this newsletter.

During the July school holidays a working bee was held in Maxine Hawke Park clearing Acacia Cyclops and Boxthorns. Organised again by Kym Woolford and assisted by John Gray who cut down a number of trees prior to the working bee. We are now starting to get the feral plants under control. As usual a BBQ lunch was held at Cheryle and Kym’s place, so many thanks to them and everyone else who participated on the day.

The final issue that has arisen in the last few months are changes to the state’s planning code. A new Planning and Design Code (PDC) came into force across 33 rural council districts on 31st July. Since the 1990’s, the development of Black Point has been controlled by the “Design Guidelines for Black Point” which was part of the YP Council’s Development Plan. This has help maintain the consistent building profile along the beach and has guided owners, architects and council staff involved in the planning process. Along with Council, we supported the inclusion of the existing guidelines in the new code, however this has not occurred making the new code more complex and possibly open to development that is not in keeping with our current holiday settlement theme. In conjunction with Council we will continue to lobby for this omission to be included.

The BPPA does its best to represent the majority view of all the residents of Black Point and gets involved in many issues which can ultimately affect the lifestyle and amenity of Black Point. At the AGM, we will be calling for nominations for the Committee. If you would like to be part of the group who actively advocates for the interests of the Black Point community, please consider joining the committee.

Bill Gill


Boat Ramp - Bill Gill
Leases, Licences, Coastal Protection - Adam Wright
Newsletter/Memorial Wall - Kym Woolford
Hillside Mine - Graham Mattschoss
Sand Erosion - John Gray 
RecFish - Kym Woolford 
Strategic Plan - Bill Gill 
Maxine Hawke Park - Graham Mattschoss
Membership Officer - Adam Wright 
Brochures/Grants - Emma Sutter 
Website - Nathan Casserly 
Facebook - Jimmy McFarlane
Wind Farm - Roger Sexton & Community Helpers 
Water Trailer - Brian Bishop 
Bin Returns - Malcolm & Sue Wheare
Recycling Bins Manager - Bob Walkley
Fundraising - Andrew Clarkson
Chairman:                      Bill Gill                  0411 554 827   (13)    
Secretary:                     Kym Woolford       0427 974901     (46)     

Treasurer:                    Andrew Clarkson    0407 899983   (123)

Membership Officer:    Adam Wright            0413 135227     (78) 
                                         Dr. Roger Sexton AM   8270 3065   (12)          
                                               Graham Mattschoss   0418 859617  (155)              
                                                  Emma Sutter               0418 505876  (137)              
                                  Nathan Casserly        0419 358699  (73)  
                                   Dr. John Gray              0429 374124  (22)
                                      Toby Hill                      0408 888609  (35)  
                                 Jimmy McFarlane       0488 332550  (30)
                                   Luke Page                   0419 806736  (77)
 Life Members; Mrs. Maxine Hawke, Adrian Sutter. Patrick Hill, Barry Noble.   
Remember this! This is why sand carting was & is necessary until the boat ramp is modified. Picture courtesy of John Gray 30th September 2018.

The progress association is looking to find new ways to build our social media presence and would love to hear from you what you about you would like to see on our Facebook and Instagram pages. We would like to encourage people to use this as a way of finding lost items and reading reports on items found, sharing news and warnings, and any other general information that would be easy to access. Please email for any information on this matter.
AGM October 3rd 
The previously postponed BPPA AGM will be held at the Pine Pint Hall, 4pm Saturday 3rd October of the long weekend unless further COVID-19 restrictions are enacted. Proxy Forms will be made available.
Rabbit bait stations consist of a white plastic box that contain oats impregnated with the poison Pindone. These bait stations are refilled regularly and are placed within the MHP in areas where there is strong rabbit activity. We have been advised that at least three feeds of the affected oats are necessary for animals to be affected and that birds generally do not eat the whole oat & therefore are at a diminished risk. Further information is provided below, but if you have concerns then it would be advisable for dog owners to confine their walks to the main path and/or be controlled on a leash.

An alternative poison – it is an anticoagulant that is more expensive and poses greater risk to wildlife. However it is less toxic to dogs and an antidote is available in cases of accidental poisoning, so it may be suited for use around built up areas. Care is still required.
Ground baiting of rabbits with pindone

Poisoning with pindone is used to minimise the impact of the introduced European rabbit (Oryctolagus cuniculus) on agricultural production and the environment. Other rabbit control methods include poisoning with 1080, warren destruction, warren fumigation, surface harbour removal, shooting, trapping, exclusion fencing and biological control with rabbit haemorrhagic disease (RHD) and myxomatosis.

Poisoning with pindone is used to reduce rabbit populations in areas where it is impractical or unsuitable to use 1080 eg. urban/residential and semi-rural areas.

Pindone is a first-generation anticoagulant that acts by blocking the synthesis of vitamin K-dependent clotting factors, which causes fatal haemorrhages in susceptible animals. Poisoning with pindone can occur with a large single dose, but it is more effective when given as a series of smaller doses over a period of 4 to 12 days.

Rabbits are amongst the most susceptible species to the efforts of pindone; however other animals, especially birds, cats, native rodents and macropods may be vulnerable to poisoning. Good baiting technique helps to minimise the risk to non-target species and maximise the effect on targeted rabbit populations.
On June the 7th, the Sunday of what was a very busy long weekend at Black Point and other country communities, an overflow situation occurred of the treated waste water from the Common Effluent System (CES) compound within the MHP.

This was caused by unknown persons (thinking they were doing the right thing) turning a valve off to eliminate a water leak. This valve allows treated water to be distributed from the CES to the irrigation system within the MHP. Once the valve was turned off the treated water was not allowed to be distributed and therefore caused the treated water holding tank to overflow.

We are confident that it was an act of concern for the apparent loss of water rather than anything else but we suggest that any issues with the CES be reported to Council in the first instance. Minor Irrigation issues can be reported to the BPPA.

FYI, all the irrigation system within the MHP is undertaken with treated effluent water & therefore it only operates in relation to the amount of water going into the CES from Black Point properties. In periods where there is a high occupancy at Black Point there will be above average irrigation occurring which may perceive that there is an issue but is quite normal.
Thank you to all who do keep vigilance within the MHP & BP in general by reporting issues as they arise.

New Black Pointers, Di & Ross Edwards have found a pair of sunglasses in a pouch near the roadway between shacks 60 to 61 Black Point Drive in early September.  They appear to be men’s sunglasses.
Please contact Kym 0427 974901 or Di & Ross 0418810411 for identification & arrange collection.
A reminder to all that the BPPA’s own Heart Defibrillator is located on the outside wall of Rob & Hilary Heaslip’s shed – Shack 42 Black Point Drive. Look for the Heart Foundation signs on the road side & shed.
Thank you to Rob & Hilary for continuing the late Bob Perry’s legacy.
There are also other personal Heart Defibrillators in residences along the beach which may also be available in the event of an emergency.
A suggestion has been made that the BPPA create a register of available “defibs” which can be accessed in the case of an emergency.
Time is of the essence in the case of heart failure and therefore the quicker you have access to a defib the more likely a full recovery will occur.
If you have a defib and you are happy that the BPPA advertise its availability and location– please contact the Secretary, Kym Woolford, who will include it in the BPPA Newsletter.
 We understand that some private defibs may only be available when owners are in residence or that there may be other restrictions and therefore will respect owners who decline to be included in the register.

Introducing the 2020
**Free Delivery**
Chateau Le Groyne 2018 McLaren Vale Shiraz & 2020 Adelaide Hills Savvy
$180 per dozen – Free Delivery in SA

Hurry – we have only 1 pallet of both wines remaining.
Both of these wines have been hand-selected and sourced from the finest regions, showing their very best varietal characters. The Shiraz is a big, rich and soft red wine with good oak and lots of punch whilst the Sauvignon Blanc shows passionfruit, green apples and lemony characters that have made the Adelaide Hills so popular.The perfect accompaniment to fresh Blue Crab and King George Whiting!

$100 from each case goes towards funding the redevelopment of
the Black Point boat ramp and restoration of the beach.
We have bottled another cracking wine! The BPPA has hand selected only the finest barrels from the 2018 vintage to get you through 2020.
Call or SMS Toby Hill: 0408 888 609 or
Adam Wright: 0413 135 227
Thank you to Council & Members.
Thank you:
  • Yorke Peninsula Council for the $1,000 the BPPA received from the 2019-2020 Community Grants
  • Emma Sutter for securing the Grant.
  • John Gray for once again undertaking extensive preparation by cutting about 40 Acacia Cyclops mostly in the area behind shacks 52 to 56 in the lead up to the working bee.
  • The 40 BPPA members who contributed to the working bee on the day.
This enabled us to continue the removal of Acacia cyclops, boxthorn and the slashing of grass in the Maxine Hawke Park this year making it a safer asset for our community.

On Sunday at 10 am 40 helpers were split into two teams, undertook the cutting & piling of Acacia Cyclops, boxthorns and dead trees. One team worked with John Gray in the area behind shacks 52 to 56 piling the Acacia Cyclops already cut by John. The second team started at the Water Trailer shed & worked toward the first team undertaking cutting & piling also.
In the end about 13 (12 last year) new piles were created for future burning. One of the piles created by John’s team will burn for a week it is so big! Great effort.

Weather was excellent, cool but the sun shining. The group were enthusiastic and we completed the tasks around 12 noon.
The YP Council, through Stephen Goldsworthy in consultation with John Gray, have started the refurbishment of the “entrance” to the MHP. John to continue to collaborate with Council for further pest tree removal all the way to farmer Max Arbon’s homesteads front gate before planting with new seedlings.

We then completed the day by enjoying each other’s company at shack 46 with a light lunch & refreshments. Patrick Hill undertook the sausage cooking, Cheryle Woolford prepared the nibbles with contributions from others. Glenn Cooper provided a carton of beer & Ozzie Hollit provided some of his Emoyeni Shiraz in lieu of his non-attendance.

Attendees were;
Bill & Kathy Gill, John & Cathy Gray & friends Dave & Sue Murray, Roger & Kerrie Sexton, Michael & Kirsty Sexton, Andrew Clarkson, Jill & John Linke, Julie Johnston, Clive Moffat, Terry Devlin, Nick Devlin, Flavia Martini, Tony Leviston, Neil Brown, Ian & Janet Woolman, Adrian & Jill Sutter, Barry Noble, Denton, Ruth, Oliver, Elliot & Sullivan Basey, Ian & Ros Basey, John & Linda McMichael, Sam Starr, myself, Kathryn & Christina Woolford and new participant Ross Edwards.

After lunch, Julie Johnston returned to the MHP to continue slashing the weeds around last years planted seedlings. That is dedication.In the days after, John Gray continued to undertake more work in the MHP. Kym,
Kathryn & Christina undertook a couple of hours extra on the Monday also & placed identifying orange ribbon on other Acacia Cyclops to enable easier identification in the future.

Huge thanks to all who participated on the day.

The BPPA are undertaking a concerted effort to remove all Acacia Cyclops at Black Point so as to reduce the seed stock for future containment. The Yorke Peninsula Council has identified Acacia Cyclops as a declared weed, (along with others including African Box thorn & Bridal Creeper), in our council area and therefore landowners are required to remove all declared weeds from their properties.

 To help identify Acacia Cyclops, the following pictures are provided. Several Black Point properties do have these weeds growing but the owners may be unaware that they should be removed.

 If you would like more information or need assistance for identification and/or removal, please contact the BPPA committee.

Most would be aware of Wilfred the coffee van but may not know the origin or connection with Black Point.

Lizzie, pictured below, is the grand daughter of Denby & Youtha Cane. Denby was the inaugural Chairman of the Black Point Shack Owners Association and Ardrossan farmer who was instrumental in setting the foundations to what we enjoy now at Black Point.

Their children Sally Agars & Wilfred Cane (better known as Bill) have maintained family interests in Black Point along with their respective families. Lizzie, one of three daughters of Bill has honoured her late father by naming her coffee van Wilfred. So, drop in & say hello!

OPENING TIME are seasonal, but are posted on Facebook and Instagram under “Wilfred The Van”. 

WHEELIE BIN LATCH - Available at the AGM 
The latch is not a lock as such. It is a very simple design that holds the lid down in strong winds and automatically releases when the bin is emptied. It also closes again after emptying. I’m sure you would be aware of the advantages in this latch particularly with respect to the environment.

BPPA member Fiona Edginton has developed a bin latch for wheelie bins to stop them blowing open in windy days .
The advantages are;
  1. Lids do not blow open when the strong southerlies are in force.
  2. Rubbish is not blown out of the bin into the surrounding properties.
  3. Feral animals cannot enter the bin.
  4. It encourages bins not to be over filled.
  5. You don’t have to worry about placing the bin away facing away from the prevailing wind or predicting a wind change.
Fiona is offering a percentage to the BPPA. COSTS ONLY $15.00 each.

Due to the current COVID - 19 virus cash sales have been suspended for the foreseeable future but orders can be placed with Kym at; and at the AGM.

A great time saver and look for Black Point! Thank you Fiona & team.

CONTACT UPDATE – Bob & Barb Walkley have requested that all enquiries for the collection of your deposit can & bottle containers to be made through them please. This will allow them to arrange collection times that he can work around as he undertakes other community service within Ardrossan as well as Black Point.

Thank you Bob & Barb for the significant work you undertake – very much appreciated.
Please phone 8837 3173. Leave a message if no answer & Bob will call you back.

Looking for something interesting to do on those windy days? Support the local Community.

YPLOG - Hillside Mine

PEPR approved for proposed Hillside Mine

Yesterday (Friday 24th July 2020) Rex Minerals announced that the Government (ie the Minister for Energy and Mining) had approved the Hillside Mine Program for Environmental Protection and Rehabilitation (PEPR).   This document sets the regulatory requirements for the environmental management of impacts of the Hillside mining operation including the development of strategies to limit environmental impacts across all life of mine phases including for mine completion.
Rex formally submitted its PEPR to DEM for assessment on 2nd February 2018.  It has therefore taken two and a half years, and various rewrites, for it to be approved.
Significantly, the Government’s approval of the PEPR runs counter to the requirements set out in the Hillside Mineral Lease Tenement Document of 16th Sept 2014.  This states (page 3) that The Minister will only approve the proposed PEPR if:….(e)   Access has been authorised to all land relevant for the operations described in the PEPR, in accordance with the Mining Act”.   Over the past two years or more, DEM have repeatedly cited this statement in response to community members’ questions around land access and PEPR approvals.   



Red, General waste bin. Every Monday.

Yellow recycle bin. Mondays; September 7th, 21st. October 5th, 19th, November 2nd, 16th & 30th

Green organics bin.  Wednesdays; September 2nd, October 7th, November 4th & December 2nd.

As at the 20th August 2020
Click here to view List 

Click here to view
Previously some members have requested additional bins and this was not possible under the terms of the contract with the waste management company. This has now changed and additional bins can be purchased along with the yearly service fee from Council. Contact YP Council on 08 8832 0000.

We are very fortunate to have a bin return service that we may subscribe for as little as $30 which is performed diligently by Malcolm & Sue Wheare but we wish to remind members of the following points.
  1. Please ensure all your bins have both your shack number & your current membership stickers on them.
  2. That the bin return service is only provided when you are not in residence at the time. ie If you are still residing at your property after the bins have been emptied, it is your responsibility to return them.
  3. That the bins will be removed from the roadside to an appropriate area on your property nearby.
Australia’s biggest weekend of garage sales, Garage Sale Trail, is back in the Yorke Peninsula Council area on Saturday 21 & Sunday 22 November 2020. With the same set up as last year, the program is free for local community groups and a great way to fundraise.

 In 2019 almost $1 million was raised for community groups, schools and charities nationally, with the average community group making over $1,500 in one day by hosting a sale of pre-loved and crafted items donated from their members. This year community groups can choose whether to get involved online or in the community.

Individuals or groups can register their sale or search a local map of garage sales in the area at

For details of the free support provided by Garage Sale Trail, including promotional materials and guides to help you stay safe on the Trail, or to register a sale, visit the website here.

Garage Sale Trail is also listed on our Council Website:

And will appear on our Facebook: (Please give us a like if you haven’t already)

We hope you’ll join us in bringing this national event to life in our area.  If you have further questions about the program feel free to get in contact with Garage Sale Trail direct on

Taylor Gray
Communications & Engagement Officer
Yorke Peninsula Council | Principal Office - Maitland
P: 08 8832 0042 | M: 0417 524 269 | FB: @yorkepeninsulacouncil
E: I W:

BOAT RAMP LAUNCHING PERMITS ARE NOW AVAILABLE FROM THE PINE POINT CARAVAN PARK STORE along with newspapers LPG, Ice, Bait & Tackle, Hot Pies, Hot Chicken Rolls, Cold Drinks, Ice Creams & Assorted Groceries. Enquiries; 0888 382 239.

POST OFFICE OPENING TIMES: Monday - Friday between 11.30am - 1.30pm.
As a service to all members, we are interested in compiling a list of shacks that are available for rent. At times the Association receives requests for a shack to rent. This not only comes from visitors but also Black Pointers who wish to suggest a shack to family or friends near them. We will list shack numbers and a contact avenue as people wish in the newsletter. This will be a free service to members. Please contact the secretary, Kym Woolford via phone or at

 SHACK NO.         CONTACT            NUMBER   
  1               Country Getaways        8832-2623
21               Michael Gee                 8379 3091 or 0419 228 894
59 &         
59A             Country Getaways        8832-2623
118             Country Getaways        8832-2623

136             Country Getaways         8832-2623
401             Andrew Underwood       0407 723 563           
414             Country Getaways         8832-2623
39               Donna Griffiths             0408 323 093 

I wish to donate the following amount to support the Black Point Progress Association Inc. in its endeavours to rebuild the boat ramp and replace lost sand at Black Point.
$15,000         [   ]  ( can be paid over 2 financial years  [   ]   )
$10,000         [   ]  ( can be paid over 2 financial years  [   ]   )
$7,500           [   ]
$5,000           [   ]
$2,500           [   ]
$1,500           [   ]
$1,000           [   ]
$500              [   ]
Other:            [   ]      $.........
Email address………………………………………………
Phone contact number…………………………….
When you have completed this form, could you please either post it to:
Treasurer, BPPA
16 Milton Avenue,
Fullarton SA 5063
Or email to:

Thank you to all BPPA Committee, BPPA Members and the staff of the Yorke Peninsula Council that have had input in this Newsletter and staff of OCRE, Ouwens Casserly Real Estate who manage our website & format the newsletter before distributing.
Looking for the details for a local business in the Black Point area? All advertisements are now shown on the Black Point SA website, find them here


If you have any questions or queries please do not hesitate to contact us at

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