With the onset of Spring and some welcome warmer weather we should see Black Point start to liven up again over the next couple of months. It’s certainly one of the best times of the year to enjoy our beach and local environment.

You may recall our last newsletter laid out our plans for the boat ramp and sand replenishment project. Our survey responses and general comments received from individuals indicate we are taking the right approach to kick start the process to eventually solve the beach erosion problem caused by the boat ramp. Whilst many share the view that other parties should be taking more responsibility for what has happened to the beach, that is currently not the case and unless we lead the way nothing will change.

Our plans to have sand carting underway by now have been significantly delayed as we have yet to find a quarry with the quality of sand required to place on the beach. Coast Protection Board are concerned with the level of “fines” in sand destined for beaches due to the potential for it to impact on seagrass beds and fish health. To date we have yet to source any samples approved for the replenishment project and we are now pursuing other quarries, albeit at a higher cost than our initial options. Coast Protection are recommending we take the sand from the Point and they do not see any problems arising from this now that we all understand the actual direction of the sand drift along the beach. In effect it is a recycling operation with the same sand eventually returned to its starting point. However, as a committee we are still currently committed to a land-based sand source and will continue to prioritise this option until we have explored all possibilities. We must also be prepared to accept the umpire’s decision regarding the sand, provided we get assurances that no further negative issues will arise if sand is finally sourced from the Point. As our timing stands now we hope to have a sand source agreed by mid-October and a preliminary design layout of a modified ramp by late September. From that point we can move forward with costing the options, develop detailed plans and consult further with you as we proceed. Once quantified, the big issue will be how to fund the proposed changes to the boat ramp. The Committee has yet to put its collective minds together on this point but will be doing so in the near future.

On a brighter note, the last 3 months have flown by without any major issues arising. Secretary Kym organised another successful working bee in Maxine Hawke Park over the June long weekend with over 20 people helping on the day. Many thanks to Kym and Cheryle for putting on food and drinks at their shack after the work was done – a great community effort by all.

So enjoy the last of the cold nights and warm fires and we look forward to reporting some positive outcomes from our deliberations to you before Christmas.
Bill Gill Chairman

Bill Gill                     0411 554 827 
Kym Woolford           0427 974 901

Deputy Chair & Treasurer                   
Andrew Clarkson        0407 899 983

Membership Officer   
Adam Wright              0413 135 227   
Nathan Casserly         0419 358 699
Jimmy McFarlane       0488 332 550 
John Gray                  0429 374124  ​
Toby Hill                    0408 888 609 ​
Graham Mattschoss     8839 2072 
Roger Sexton              8270 3065                                            
Emma Sutter              0418 505 876
Adam Wright              0413 135 227             

 Life Members; Mrs. Maxine Hawke, Adrian Sutter. Patrick Hill, Barry Noble.  

Boat Ramp - Barry Noble 
Leases, Licences, Coastal Protection - Adam Wright
Newsletter - Kym Woolford
Hillside Mine - Graham Mattschoss
Sand Erosion - John Gray 
Land Revocation - Roger Sexton
RecFish - Kym Woolford 
Strategic Plan - Bill Gill 
Maxine Hawke Park - Graham Mattschoss
Membership Officer - Adam Wright 
Walk the Yorke - Bill Gill 
Brochures - Emma Sutter 
Website & Facebook - Nathan Casserly 
Wind Farm - Roger Sexton, Barry Noble, Community Helpers 
Water Trailer - Brian Bishop 
Bin Returns - Malcolm & Sue Wheare
Recycling Bins Manager - Bob Walkley


JG reported that since the May report it has become even more obvious that the sand erosion on the eastern side of the new and elevated boat ramp is the direct result of the boat ramp acting as a groyne which is impeding the longitudinal sand flow from west to east along our bay. I feel that the non believersThe Committee’s current position is that the sand should be sourced from outside of our bay as the consequences of relocating it from the point at the eastern end of the bay are unknown.  The BPPA has approved a 60K budget for the sand replenishment and boat ramp redesign. This may need to be revisited. YP

The experts have agreed that a sand replenishment is necessary to stabilize the beach and to prevent further erosion of the exposed clay and bedrock. Subsequent beach surveys of sand heights to the east and west of the boat ramp would provide doubters additional evidence to support our permanent solution of a boat ramp redesign to remove the groyne effect.
are also coming to that conclusion and it seems highly unlikely that nature will solve the problem
.Councilhave undertaken project management (at no monetary cost to Council) and Steven Goldsworthy (Council Operations Manager) and Andrew Cameron (CEO) are assisting us as we progress the project.  Much work has been done by the Boat ramp action group (BRAG) including liaising with Council, Coast Protection Board,Magryn & Associates, meetings with numerous inland quarry operators to source and cost sand, laboratory testing of sand , local farmers (to provide in kind transport as a goodwill community project), sourcing of an area to stock pile the sand and organising beach surveys and obtaining quotations for same. All was on track by early July until we hit the road block, namely CPB. It has been frustratingly slow for the last two months compliments of CPB.  We are still waiting for their report and recommendations.  They are the ultimate authority who needs to sign off on the sand replenishment but they appear to have limited time and resources and other priorities.  They have concerns re the suitability of our initial land based sand source from the Hollams quarry.  (re potential for clay and fines plumes and potential impact on sea grass and fish stocks).  Although still awaiting their report we believe that they will recommend that the sand should be sourced from the point at the eastern end of our bay.  Their suggestion would be the least costly in dollar terms but we feel that the suitability or otherwise of the local land based sand sources should be investigated first.  We have initially been investigating Hollams sand quarry which is 19kms from the boat ramp.  We await CPB’s test results from newly obtained samples.  Other options are Clinton Sands, Crowell Sands and Timor Sands but these options are 45kms away and transport costs would be significant.  So we continue to liaise with the CPB with YP Council acting as project manager. 
The second part of the solution is the redesign of the boat ramp to beach level to remove the groyne effect. 
Magryn & Associates are preparing preliminary drawings for a new boat ramp.  Their costs are yet to be determined and agreed.  The final design needs to be right and to get it built won’t be easy.  We will need the support of the Black Point community, YP Council, CPB and SABFAC and we will need to work through the costing and funding for the project.   This will be a challenge particularly given that the relevant state government departments and local council have limited resources and do not see our problem as a priority.  It’s one slow step at a time but be assured that your committee is both passionate and proactive.


On June 10th, 21 enthusiastic members assembled near the water trailer and proceeded to work in small groups throughout the park. Overall the park was very pleasing but showed signs of damage due to thOn June 10wind, a dry season and some distressed trees. A few groups of box thorns and spasmodic Acacia Cyclops and bridal Creeper were given attention. Two major vegetation piles were created within the MHP consisting of weeds, fallen limbs and dead trees. No fires were lit on the day but suggest a burning before the fire ban season commences.

Unfortunately a significant amount of illegal green wasting dumping and even household waste was found within the MHP and the conservation area at the point. Besides being illegal, it encourages vermin and snakes and adds to the fuel in the event of a uncontrolled fire.

 Special thanks to both John Gray & Brenton Schahinger who spent 2 days spraying weeds. John concentrating from the western end of the park & Brenton attacking the box thorns (104of them) in the scrub to the south of the point. Brenton has also recently spent another day spraying boxthorns in that same area and reports they are more common the further he went south.

Disappointingly there were several dead trees & shrubs identified which Council suggest we monitor for possible regeneration before removing. The distress shown by those trees within the irrigated woodlot might be attributed to a significant number of irrigation pipes not attached causing them to be deprived of water. This we believe is due to the growth of the trees, shrinking of the hoses and broken hose clamps. Some also showed signs of being chewed whether by rabbits or kangaroos. 4 small kangaroos were sighted during the day.

 Refreshments and a light lunch were offered to all who attended at shack 46. I thank all that attended who included Andrew Clarkson, Tony Ferrier, John Gray, Brian, David, Ela & Daniel Harmer, Toby, Patrick & Jane Hill, John Linke, Chris & Shirley Palin, Linda McMichael, Brenton Schahinger, Bob Walkley, Ian & Janet Woolman, Adam Wright and Kym & Cheryle Woolford.

Council have not released any information from their survey at this point in time.

Still, still, still, still waiting! But we are keeping an eye on it. 

Thank you to everyone that completed the Black Point Community Survey in April.
We had 80 respondents - 69 Full (ordinary members of the BPPA), 7 Associate BPPA members and 4 Non-Members.

The information has now been compiled and a BPPA Committee Meeting will be held on Wednesday 26 September where recommendations will be discussed and a report will be provided in the next newsletter or by a separate mail out.

Once again we appreciate your valuable time to complete the survey. We want to continue to ensure that Black Point is a special, enjoyable, safe haven for everyone.

We continue to accept applications for inclusion on the Memorial Wall. If you need an application form or assistance contact Kym.

Recent news - Iain McQueen, of Iain McQueen Funeral Services, who oversees the plaque engraving and placement, has advised the BPPA that he will update all the existing Memorial Wall plaques at Black Point to a new, more easily read font free of charge.

The BPPA wish to acknowledge the generosity of Iain in extending the updates to all existing plaques.

The BPPA AGM was held Easter Saturday where Chairman Bill Gill reflected on the 2017 year and what lies ahead in 2018.   The Committee worked hard with support from many other Community Members and all were acknowledged accordingly.   H owever, the meeting regrettably missed acknowledging the sterling effort of Bill as Chairman, therefore I do so now thr ough this newsletter.   T he members present voted to update the BPPA Constitution to incorporate Life Membership criteria and endorsed the present course of action in regards to the sand erosion issue. 

Members asked questions or offered suggestions which were all address by Bill.

Once again a timely reminder as it is predicted to be a strong snake season this year. Snakes will start to emerge from hibernation as the weather warms, looking for food. Many properties have been quiet over recent months and this allows snakes to take up residence much closer to people than we prefer. As more activity and noise occurs around your property over the coming weeks, hopefully most snakes will retreat to the scrub.

But be vigilant for yourself, your children & your pets. Teach children 
of the dangers and school yourself up on what to do in an emergency.

It is not advised that you confront a snake yourself, but if you wish to have the snake removed, ring a professional such as Peter from NEFF, a snake catching service located on YP on 0416 402 569.

The following information was taken from the Snakebite & Spiderbite Guidelines of SA by Professor Julian White and can be viewed in full 
online here or phone the Poisonous Information Centre on 131 126.

This is just a note to inform everyone that local farmers are baiting for foxes and mice, and that the BPPA also continue to replenish rabbit bait stations. So please be aware when out walking on trails or in the bush.

Located at the shelter shed to the west of the Black Point boat ramp.

Program Dates: Wednesday 2 to Thursday 10 January 2019 (Excluding Weekend).

Online enrolments for Black Point will open at 9.00am on Monday, 3 September 2018 and close at 5.00pm on Monday, 17 December 2018. Onsite enrolments TBA.

For further information, please call Surf Life Saving SA on (08) 8354 6996 or 8354 6932 or


The Bob Hawes book “When Pop took us fishing” that describes the very early days of not just fishing but life in general in and around Black Point is still vailable for $20. Contact Kym.

The valuable service provided by the NHW volunteers is regularly overlooked. These localcommunity based organisations help to promote a safe and secure environment all over South Australia and we are fortunate to have one on our doorstep.   Ozzie & Maria Hollitt have represented the Black Point Community admirably on all of our behalf’s over many years and our now wishing to relinquish this involvement.   Therefore if you are looking for a Community activity which is not onerous to be part of, NHW may be your calling by representing Black Point.

For further information please contact Judy Goedecke, NHW Ardrossan President - her email address is

Thank you to Ozzie & Maria for your service in representing all Black Pointers in the past. 

Advance Notice
Thursday 27th Sept.,  6.30 – 9.30 pm.

 CHAIR: Mr. Robert Brokenshire
SPEAKERS: (to be advised)
  • Will this Bill give you the right to veto that access?    NO
  • Does this Bill strengthen your legal rights if a miner takes you to court?   NO
  • Does this Bill make is cheaper and easier for miners to operate on YP?   YES
By failing to protect freehold land this Bill threatens the future of agriculture in our region.
Because YP is rich in copper it is a prime target for large-scale exploration and mining. 
Many of us have already been confronted by miners wanting to move onto our land.  If this has not happened to you yet, it could!

Our calls for greater protection for farmers’ rights have been ignored by both political parties. 
This could be our last chance to put pressure on the Liberal Government to change this Bill. 
We cannot sit back and let it pass through Parliament in its current form.
We need to act NOW.

Please attend this important forum and make our politicians listen to us.

CONVENORS:  John Kennett, Ben Wundersitz, Elden Oster, Joy Wundersitz, Stephen Lodge,
For further information, please contact:   0487 431 366

Rex Minerals extends its exploration reach across Yorke Peninsula
  • In recent years, Rex has been steadily acquiring more exploration licences across YP.
  • Its exploration tenements now cover 2,278  square kms of the Peninsula  (Source: SARIG Earth Resources Information Sheet, 31.5.2018).        
  • Its two most recent acquisitions - covering almost 300 square kms – were granted in March and April of this year (EL 6136 and 6143).  
  • This is all part of Rex’s strategy of hunting giant copper beyond Hillside (Rex Quarterly Activities Report, 31 March 2018).
  • According to Rex:   “Hillside represents the first step in a broader exploration strategy to unlock the potential along the Pine Point Copper Belt on the YP…  The regional exploration program is very important for optimizing the mining opportunity available from the Yorke Peninsula”  (Rex ASX and Media release 27th July 2011).
Bob Walkley maintains the blue bottle & can recycling bin that is located adjacent to the Harvey Camping Ground which contributes a significant amount of money to the BPPA each year.
Bob also picks up from residences at Black Point and wishes to remind all that he can be contacted by phoning 8837 3173.

Bob will then arrange to collect direct from your property when convenient. The BPPA thank Bob for his generous amount of time and effort in providing this service.

Bob has also 
generously offered to maintain additional recycling bins, therefore 4 new blue bins have been installed along Black Point Drive.

Please respect by only placing 10c recyclable drink containers in the bins AND no rubbish.

Red, General waste bin. Every Monday.
Yellow recycle bin. Mondays;  October- 8th, 22nd. November- 5th, 19th. December- 3rd, 17th & 31st.
Green organics bin.  Wednesdays; October- 3rd.  November- 7th. December- 5th.

We are very fortunate to have a bin return service that we may subscribe for as little as $25 which is performed diligently by Malcolm & Sue Wheare but we wish to remind members of the following points.
  1. Please ensure all your bins have both your shack number & your current membership stickers on them.
  2. That the bin return service is only provided when you are not in residence at the time. Ie If you are still residing at your property after the bins have been emptied, it is your responsibility to return them.
  3. That the bins will be removed from the roadside to an appropriate area on your property nearby.
A Black Pointer’s question? – Which Internet provider can provide a reliable service at Black Point?

Most use the services of Telstra via a dongle or through their
smart phone.
Are there any other
cost effective alternatives that members are aware of?

Please contact Kym via email and I will pass the information on.

The BPPA were represented at the  RecFishSA Members Forum on the 26th June which show cased the recent work and future plans of the peak recreational fishing body. Continued lobbying for funding of fish habitats and restocking programs were high on the list as was the opening of fresh water impoundments to recreational fishing.

  Also of interest to BPPA’s is the on-going work associated with the Windara Reef project instigated by RecFishSA. PIRSA spoke of the issues they faced in estimating fish stocks and therefore allocation and sustainable commercial catch quotas.

Brenton Schahinger, a former BPPA Secretary and immediate past Chairman and a life Member of RecFishSA has announced his retirement from the executive of RecFishSA. Brenton has made a very significant contribution to RecFishSA, (formerly SARFAC), which has benefited all recreational fishers including those at Black Point. He was instrumental in the banning of commercial fish netting in areas including Black Point as well as the banning of commercial crab and snapper fishing within proximity of holiday destinations and especially before and during peak holiday periods.

Thank you Brenton for making Black Point a better place.

PIRSA have advised that the SA Recreational Fishing Guide has moved entirely to an online version, together with an app, SA Fishing.

Click here to view the website.

Suspicious fishing activity can be reported to FISHWATCH on 1800 065 522.

Download app from Google Play (for Andriod devices) 
Download app from iTunes App Store (for Apple devices) 
Download app from Windows Store (for Windows devices) 
At the BPPA AGM, Easter 2013, the members present voted unanimously to publish a list of all financial members of the Black Point Progress Association in the BPPA Newsletter.  The below list is as we interpret at the time of compiling this Newsletter and we apologise if there have been any payments after this time. Also, if you believe your property is not on this list & should be, please correspond with us to rectify the error. Those with * are the financial members of the BPPA at the time of compiling this list.
Site 151* 40* Site 90* 139* 506 734*
 Lot 151* 41* Site 91* 140* 507* 735
       151A* 42* Site 92* 141* 508* 736*
       152* 43* 93 142* 601* 737
       152A* 44* 94* 143  Access 602* 1072
       153* 45* 95* 144* 603* BP RD 38*
       153A* 46* 96* 145* 604* BP RD 39*
       154* 47* 97* 146* Lot 119 BP RD 40
       155* 48* 98* 147* Lot 120* BP RD 41
       156* 49* 99* 148* Lot 121*  
       157* 50* 100* 149* 605*  
        1* 51* 101* Lot 3003 -1 606*  
        2* 52* 102* 2 607  
        3* 53* 103* 3* 608  
        4* 54* 104* 4 Point 103  
        5* 55* 105* 5 104  
        6* 56* 106* 6 105  
        7* 57* 107* 7 701*  
        8* 58* 108* 8 702*  
        9* 59 109* 9 703*  
       10* 60* 110* 10 704  
       11* 61* 111* 11 705*  
       12* 62* 112* 12 706*  
       13* 63* 113* 13* 707*  
       15* 64* 114* 14 708  
       150* 65 115* 15 709*  
       16* 66* 116* 16 710*  
       17* 67*  Site 117* Lot 401* 711*  
       18* 68* Lot 117 402* 712  
       19* 69* 118* 403* 713  
       20 70* Site 119* 404* 714  
       21* 71*  Site120* 405 715  
       22* 72* Site 121* 406* 716  
       23* 73*  122* 407* 717  
       24* 74* 123* 1072 718  
       25* 75* 124* 408* 719  
       26* 76* 125* 409* 720  
       27* 77* 126* 410* 721  
       28* 78* 127* 411 722  
       29* 79* 128* 412* 723  
       30* 80* 129* 413* 724  
       31 81* 130* 414* 725  
       32* 82* 131* 501* 726  
       33 83* 132* 502* 727*  
       34* 84* 133* 503* 728*  
       35* 85* 134* 504* 729*  
       36* 86* 135* Lot 90* 730*  
       37* 87* 136* Lot 91* 731*  
       38* 88* 137* Lot 92* 732  
       39* 89* 138* 505* 733  
As a service to all members, we are interested in compiling a list of shacks that are available for rent. At times the Association receives requests for a shack to rent. This not only comes from visitors but also Black Pointers who wish to suggest a shack to family or friends near them. We will list shack numbers and a contact avenue as people wish in the newsletter. This will be a free service to members. Please contact the secretary, Kym Woolford via phone or at
21                Michael Gee: 8379 3091 or 0419 228 894
22                Cathy Gray: 0419374124 or email Currently available Easter.
59 &             LJ Hooker - Vickie Easther:
 8853 7383
59A               LJHooker: 8853 7383
136               Joanne Castas-Marouli: 0403 325 113
401               Andrew Underwood: 0407 723563    
402               Bruce Debenham: 8373 7672 or 0488 294 560
414                Jo 
Whenan:0428 256277 
39 BP Road    Donna Griffiths: 0408 323093
Country Getaways Helly 
Easther-Smith: 88322623 or website

Thank you to all BPPA Committee, BPPA Members and the staff of the Yorke Peninsula Council that have had input in this Newsletter.
Unfortunately fuel is not available at this time. 
Looking for the details for a local business in the Black Point area? All advertisements are now shown on the Black Point SA website, find them here


If you have any questions or queries please do not hesitate to contact us at

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