Hi Fellow Black Pointers

As you are reading this newsletter Easter is again around the corner and school holidays are only two weeks away! 
It hardly seems a year since our last AGM ad time has flown by as we deal with a number of issues before us.  The last 3 months have been extraordinary.  With the bush-fires in our own backyard, many of us know someone who has been directly or indirectly impacted.  The response from the community through donations and volunteering has been fantastic.  Hot on the heels of the bush-fires, the Corona-virus is now having a huge impact n the world.  Most of us are feeling a degree of anxiety and uncertainty about what the future hold and are being affected by the consequences of the pandemic.

However, a piece of good news is that both Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure (DPTI) and YP Council have agreed to fund our boat ramp upgrade.  With announcements in January and February, the project now has the green light and will proceed sometime in the next financial year, probably in April or September 2021.  When we started to deal with the beach erosion, we decided early on that we would not go down the pathway of looking for someone to blame or take an expensive, high risk legal approach.  We also agreed that a contribution form the Black Point property owners would greatly strengthen our case, especially as few opportunities existed for funding sand replenishment.  This strategy has now paid off with the funding approved where many doubted we would be successful.

Our thanks to go to SABFAC, DPTI and the YP Council and all those involved in meeting this important milestone.

As announced last year we set a fundraising target of $150,000 for our contribution to sand carting and the boat ramp.  Despite a request for funds being forwarded to each of you in October 2019, the response has frankly, been disappointing.  We have achieved half our target but 80% of you have not contributed.  We appreciate that a request for pledges close to Christmas was not ideal and that many of you would have donated to bush-fire appeals as a priority.  We also understand some of you have different opinions about how the BPPA is dealing with the issue, but I can only assure you that every step we have taken is measured and considered.  However, the project is now destined to go ahead and your support is needed to get the best result we can for Black Point.  Whilst only 25% of the beach has been affected by the sand erosion, it is now well documented that more properties will be impacted in the future if nothing is done and the erosion will have a long-term effect on Black Point, not only to its pristine reputation but also on property values.

We have launched another vintage of Chateau Le Groyne, a fantastic McLaren Vale Shiraz.  The wine project has been a great fundraiser and our thanks go to Toby Hill for organising it and one of our members, John Torresan of Torresan Estate for doing the bottling.  Further details on how to order are in this newsletter.

To those of you who have donated cash or in-kind so far, we thank you for your kind and generous contributions and support.  To those of who still plan to, we look forward to hearing from you in the near future.

Our AGM was to be held as usual on Easter Saturday, followed by drinks and nibbles after the formalities.  However, this has now been cancelled due to the Corona-virus and the restraints placed on holding meetings and social separation requirements.  As these measures are likely to be in place for some time, we have tentatively planned for the AGM to be held in the October long weekend when hopefully life will be getting back to normal.

In the meantime, on behalf of the committee, have a happy and safe Easter and stay healthy through this history making time.


Bill Gill

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Chairman:                      Bill Gill                  0411 554 827   (13)    
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Membership Officer:    Adam Wright           0413 135227     (78) 
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                                                   Emma Sutter               0418 505876  (137)              
                                     Nathan Casserly        0419 358699  (73)  
                                     Dr. John Gray              0429 374124  (22)
                                     Toby Hill                      0408 888609  (35)  
                                   Jimmy McFarlane       0488 332550  (30)
                                     Luke Page                   0419 806736  (77)
 Life Members; Mrs. Maxine Hawke, Adrian Sutter. Patrick Hill, Barry Noble.   
We certainly are in uncertain and rapidly changing times which because of the COVID-19 virus or coronavirus pandemic, it has been necessary to cancel the BPPA AGM to adhere to the Governments safe practise regulations. This will mean that the AGM will be held outside the normally required 5 month after financial year reporting period. OCBA, (Office of Consumer & Business Affairs), has advised that these Government pandemic regulations over-ride our Constitution requirements as long as we satisfy our obligations by rescheduling at an appropriate time. We will reschedule the AGM, possibly for the October long weekend.
The progress association is looking to find new ways to build our social media presence and would love to hear from you what you about you would like to see on our Facebook and Instagram pages. We would like to encourage people to use this as a way of finding lost items and reading reports on items found, sharing news and warnings, and any other general information that would be easy to access. Please email for any information on this matter.”
On 10 February 2020 the BPPA (represented by Bill Gill, Toby Hill and I) met with the Coast Protection Board (CPB) (represented by Murray Townsend, Sharee Detmar and Aaron Broom) of the Department of Environment and Water (DEW) to discuss 2 issues
  1. The proposed boat ramp modifications to address the safety issues and sand erosion that have occurred on our beach since the building of the current boat ramp in 2014 and to pursue a DEW contribution via Minister Davis Speirs to assist with the 800K total sand replenishment and boat ramp rebuild cost.
  2. Future planning to ensure the protection of built assets and our beach as residences are relocated and sea walls removed.
Bill provided a visual presentation which documented the history of our beach erosion, our sand replenishment efforts, evidence of continuing erosion and a history of the actions undertaken by the BPPA in engaging marine consultants, engineers, local and State Governments to elucidate the cause and the solution to the safety and erosion issues.
To summarize;
Pre 2016 - The ramp was built and funded by the State and Council. 
The construction resulted in safety issues associate with rocks and slippery concrete.
 A walkway was designed and part funded to address the safety issues.
2016 - Erosion started to show around the boat ramp.
The walkway project was subsequently abandoned through lack of funding and the looming erosion issue.
2017 - BPPA began consultation with YP Council, Coast Protection and the ramp designers who recommended a 
wait and see approach- let nature take its course.
We engaged a marine consultant to give us an independent report.
2018 - All stakeholders agreed the ramp was acting as a groyne and impeding the flow of sand along the beach and sand replenishment was necessary.
We presented to the YP Council workshop in March to fund a sand cart with no success.
Commenced redesigning the ramp in July to remove the groyne effect.
Due to ongoing erosion BPPA organized a sand carting exercise for December 2018 & March 2019.
2019 - Submitted a Development Application with Council to rebuild the ramp which has now been approved and supported by the CPB.
 Applied for South Australian Boating Facility Advisory Committee (SABFAC ) funding for 330K which has been approved.
Launched a fund raising campaign from the BPPA members. Currently underway.
2020 - Presented to YP Council and obtained a funding commitment for up to 250K.
Our aim is to rebuild the ramp to be no higher than the old ramp which it replaced to remove the groyne effect and be in a no worse position than before 2014.

We have obtained an expert report from WGA principal structural /maritime engineer Mr. David McKay that states “WGA expect the sand movement behaviour of the beach, after undertaking the proposed modifications, will reflect pre -2012 conditions (i.e. prior to the 2014 upgrade).

The CPB has no objection to the modified boat ramp design and has stated “it is likely to minimize the interruption of sand movement and associated erosion of the beach”.
The Boat Ramp/Sand Carting Project Costs are;
Ramp Rebuild         660K
Sand Carting           104K
Engineering              25.5K
Consulting                10.5K
TOTAL                       800K
The proposed Funding is;
SABFAC                    330K
YP Council                 250K
BPPA and partners    220K
TOTAL                        800K
The BPPA assisted by our local MP Fraser Ellis are in negotiations with the Minister for DEW David Speirs for an additional State Government contribution towards the total project cost.
Long Term Sand Status:

Excepting a few crown lease life tenure shacks, all remaining crown leases need to be vacated by 30 June 2037.We therefore discussed with CPB  how to ensure that as residences relocate from their crown lease site to their adjoining freehold sites and as seawalls are removed that both the newly built assets and the beach are protected from erosion. With the advice and support of CPB we are considering engaging a suitably qualified planning consultant to provide expertise and guidance to plan the process.                                                                   
John Gray.

YP Country Times Articles
$330K for Black Point boat ramp - Click here
$250K for Black Point boat ramp - Click here

C h a t e a u   L e   G r o y n e   2 0 1 8
We have bottled another cracking wine! The BPPA has hand selected only
the finest barrels from the 2018 vintage to get you through 2020.
Our new vintage offers exceptional value for money: this wine will usually sell for
$360 per dozen but is available to you for $180 per dozen.
**Delivery at Black Point over Easter weekend**
Chateau Le Groyne 2018 McLaren Vale Shiraz
$180 per dozen – Free Delivery – Credit Card Preferred
This hand-crafted parcel has been sourced carefully from McLaren Vale,
widely regarded as one of the bosses of Australian Shiraz.
18 months in oak, a rich bouquet of blue fruits and soft vanilla while the palate is rich
and generous with blackberry, chocolate and spicy oak characters.
This a full-bodied wine that is not for the faint hearted: it is ripe and rich
and represents amazing value for money.
$100 from each case goes towards funding the redevelopment of
the Black Point boat ramp and restoration of the beach.
Call or SMS Toby Hill: 0408 888 609
or Adam Wright: 0143 135 227

The latch is not a lock as such. It is a very simple design that holds the lid down in strong winds and automatically releases when the bin is emptied. It also closes again after emptying. I’m sure you would be aware of the advantages in this latch particularly with respect to the environment.

BPPA member Fiona Edginton has developed a bin latch for wheelie bins to stop them blowing open in windy days .
The advantages are;
  1. Lids do not blow open when the strong southerlies are in force.
  2. Rubbish is not blown out of the bin into the surrounding properties.
  3. Feral animals cannot enter the bin.
  4. It encourages bins not to be over filled.
  5. You don’t have to worry about placing the bin away facing away from the prevailing wind or predicting a wind change.
Fiona is offering a percentage to the BPPA. COSTS ONLY $15.00 each.
Due to the current COVID - 19 virus cash sales have been suspended for the foreseeable future but orders can be placed with Kym at;
A great time saver and look for Black Point! Thank you Fiona & team.

Please see the attached letter and home security audit checklist that we have put together in the hope that community groups, service clubs and other community organisations may share this information with their members.  I acknowledge that at the current time, groups and clubs are not holding face to face meetings, but many are still maintaining electronic communications with their members. 
SAPOL wants to continue to engage with the community and are encouraging you to share the attached information via email to your membership base and/or reproduce it in any newsletters that you may publish. The attached information also includes links to the SAPOL  crime prevention and security advice page.  SAPOL wants to work with the community to reduce the incidence and impact of crime and to ensure that South Australia remains a safe place to live.
I hope that you can assist in distributing this information to your members, relatives and friends and please do not hesitate to contact should you require further information.

Click here for Checklist
Click here for more information 
A dedicated team of volunteers on Yorke Peninsula has recorded the survival of 15 more hooded plover fledglings than last year, exceeding breeding season expectations for the shy and vulnerable shorebird that lays its eggs on the beach.
   This year’s data shows 19 hooded plover fledglings from 14 pairs, compared to four fledglings from three pairs the previous season. In 2017/18, there were 12 fledglings from eight pairs and nine fledglings from four pairs the year before.
   The news is a welcome boost for volunteers who work hard to help hooded plover parents sustain their tiny, camouflaged chicks until they can fly at five weeks of age. Hoodies, as they’re affectionately known, are particularly vulnerable because their nests are exposed, shallow scrapes in the sand and they hatch during the most popular months for beach goers. They survive against the odds by avoiding unsuspecting people and their dogs, vehicles and numerous other predators while they forage for food near the water’s edge.
Here is a link to the full media release on the NRM website:
Photos courtesy of Coral Johnson & Glenn Ehmke.

HELP SAVE HOODIES: Join the biennial count in November
The biennial count in mid-November is a coordinated survey across SA, Victoria and NSW that aims to get the best possible estimate for the eastern subspecies of hooded plovers. Get in touch with our landscape officer Janet Moore to register your interest or find out more via or call 0447 418 391.
BOTTLE & CAN COLLECTION - 16,197 containers recycled so far!
As many of you would know Bob & Barb Walkley kindly collects the 10 cent refundable bottles and containers from the BPPA’s blue bins along Black Point Drive. He takes these to Ardrossan for recycling and each year makes a sizeable monetary contribution to the BPPA. This also saves our landfill from unnecessary dumping of recyclable glass and packaging. In addition to the community bins, we are offering to collect your personal collection of bottles, cans and containers to add to this fund-raising effort.
Recently, your green waste recycling bins have been replaced. Many of you would still have your old green bins.  We ask that you clean your old green bin and deposit your 10 cent recyclable containers in these.
Or get together with your neighbours to share a bin between properties.
 In order to register to have your bin emptied by Bob and the BPPA, could you please email Andrew Clarkson at He will then send you details of how this scheme will work. Alternatively phone Bob or Barb on 8837 3173.
 Bob has advised that there are people who search through your bins for containers for their own financial gain. In order to preserve these containers for our fund-raising efforts we would ask that you do not place these bins out at the roadside, but that Bob will collect the bins from a pre-determined place on your property and return them to that place.
Bob believes that less than 30% of containers are being recycled and wishes to tap into the remainder at Black Point.
We also ask that you encourage your family, friends and tenants to place their refundable containers in these bins for this purpose. We would appreciate greatly this small effort to assist in our fundraising.

 The BPPA have written to the Department of Environment & Heritage DEH who administer the Crown Land leases who have indicated they will inform all leaseholders the current status of the pending leases.
 We can report that after the State Governments announcement in January that some existing Crown Land leaseholders within South Australia may be given the opportunity to extend their current lease, it will not apply to any current Black Point Crown Land lease. The tenure of all Black Point leases were finalised as of 1997, even though the final lease documents have not been received.

If you are interested in the story behind the Windara reef, check out these links.
How Windara reef was built
Nature Conservancy Life on an Oyster reef
Last chance to secure your copy of “When Pop took us Fishing”

Copies are still available for the Robert Hawes “When Pop Took Us Fishing” book @ $20 each. A great read of how fishing was back in the day at Black Point & surrounds.
Contact Kym

Red, General waste bin. Every Monday.
Yellow recycle bin. Mondays; March 23rd, April 6th & 13th, May 4th & 18th, June 1st, 15th & 29th.
Green organics bin.  Wednesdays; April 8th, May 6th & June 3rd.

As at the 16th March 2020
Click here to view List 

Previously some members have requested additional bins and this was not possible under the terms of the contract with the waste management company. This has now changed and additional bins can be purchased along with the yearly service fee from Council. Contact YP Council on 08 8832 0000.

We are very fortunate to have a bin return service that we may subscribe for as little as $30 which is performed diligently by Malcolm & Sue Wheare but we wish to remind members of the following points.
  1. Please ensure all your bins have both your shack number & your current membership stickers on them.
  2. That the bin return service is only provided when you are not in residence at the time. ie If you are still residing at your property after the bins have been emptied, it is your responsibility to return them.
  3. That the bins will be removed from the roadside to an appropriate area on your property nearby.

BOAT RAMP LAUNCHING PERMITS ARE NOW AVAILABLE FROM THE PINE POINT CARAVAN PARK STORE along with newspapers LPG, Ice, Bait & Tackle, Hot Pies, Hot Chicken Rolls, Cold Drinks, Ice Creams & Assorted Groceries.  Enquiries; 0888 382 239.
8.5 - 9KG                $33
3.7 - 4.5KG             $23

Please call Gavin 0419 864818

POST OFFICE OPENING TIMES: Monday - Friday between 11.30am - 1.30pm.
As a service to all members, we are interested in compiling a list of shacks that are available for rent. At times the Association receives requests for a shack to rent. This not only comes from visitors but also Black Pointers who wish to suggest a shack to family or friends near them. We will list shack numbers and a contact avenue as people wish in the newsletter. This will be a free service to members. Please contact the secretary, Kym Woolford via phone or at
SHACK NO.         CONTACT            NUMBER   
  1               Country Getaways          8832-2623
21               Michael Gee                    8379 3091 or 0419 228 894
59 &         
59A             Country Getaways          8832-2623
136             Country Getaways          8832-2623
401             Andrew Underwood        0407 723 563           
414             Country Getaways          8832-2623
39               Donna Griffiths               0408 323 093
Thank you to all BPPA Committee, BPPA Members and the staff of the Yorke Peninsula Council that have had input in this Newsletter.
Looking for the details for a local business in the Black Point area? All advertisements are now shown on the Black Point SA website, find them here


If you have any questions or queries please do not hesitate to contact us at

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