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Reorg Pamphlet:  KCDCC Rep Candidates

Reorg Meeting


Reorg Meeting
Tuesday, Jan. 19th at 7pm

Virtual via Zoom
Only elected PCOs are eligible to vote -
members can view livestream

Candidates for State Committee

Our LD elects two representatives to sit on the Washington State Democratic Party's Central Committee.  They must be of differing genders.
Name:  Santiago Ramos
Precinct:  Ptarmigan
Gender Identity:  Male

Statement:  I am running for re-election. My statement will be given at the zoom meeting.
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(Submitted 1/11/2021 16:19)
Name:  Ryan J. Peterson
Precinct:  RNT 11-3287
Gender Identity:  Male

Statement:  Members of the 11th LD, 
On January 19th I, Ryan J. Peterson will ask for your vote to represent the 11th LD as our male representative of the State Party’s Central Committee. Born at Valley Medical, I’ve lived a majority of my life in Renton. I’m the son of a union tile setter and public schools’ employee and am a Washington State University alum. I care deeply for this community and believe through progressive public policy; we can fundamentally improve the quality of life for our citizens. A successful community is a healthy community and it starts with how we treat our most vulnerable.  As your State Party Central Committee representative, I will work with purpose and urgency, advocating for progressive policies that increase access to healthcare, increase housing opportunities for all, support infrastructure projects that reduce environmental impact and build a sustainable future. If elected, I will advocate for fair allocation of State Party resources amongst democratic candidates running against each other in general elections. Supporting candidates that exemplify Democratic principles and honoring the State platform will bring forth our best, inclusive, most thoughtful ideas for positive change in the 11th LD and throughout our state.  
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(Submitted 1/12/2021 9:53)
Name:  Kate Kruller
Precinct:  TUK 11-3128
Gender Identity:  Female

Statement:  Thank you for the honor of serving you as your 11th Legislative District State Committee Member on the Washington State Democratic Central Committee for the past two years.  With your vote, I pledge to continue representing you with integrity and hard work in the most transformative time our party has experienced in recent memory!

As a member the WSDCC Rules Committee, I represented you in overhauling how we select our congressional district and national delegates, introduced new standards for respectful interaction, ushered in new voting Gender rules to include non-binary candidates, completed new Constituency Caucus rules, engineered ways to meet, vote, select delegates and elect officers online as a result of the COVID pandemic and will finalize the rules for the WSDCC Reorganization this week!

When you vote to re-elect me as your State Committee Member, I will: (1) continue to listen to what 11th LD members want and vote that way; (2) get all democrat candidates access to the WSDCC VoteBuilder data; (3) fully support Diversity, Equity and Inclusion reforms; (4) push for greater accountability in WSDCC fiscal processes; (5) devote hundreds of hours of volunteer work on the Rules Committee; and (6) run for Congressional District 9 Representative.  
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(Submitted 1/120/2021 20:25)
Name:  Winter Cashman
Precinct:  RNT 11-0973
Gender Identity:  Non-Binary

Statement:  My name is Winter Cashman (they/them) and I am a candidate for State Committee for the 11th LD. I am running because I have a wealth of experience that will make my voice an asset to our LD and to the Washington State Democratic Central Committee (WSDCC). The three issues I am most concerned about are: extremist groups, transgender/nonbinary equality, and a fairer primary process between Democrats. My career is one of service, I have been involved with the Renton LGBTQIA+ Community, Renton-King County Alliance for Justice, and many others advocating for economic, social, and environmental justice. I was awarded for my work organizing local LGBTQ+ communities, and helped to form a reporting system with federal agencies and nonprofits for tracking hate group/extremist activity. In the coming years we will need bold voices promoting equity and inclusion within our party and our communities against the damage left by the Trump administration. I hope to earn your support and look forward to serving as your next state Committee Member! Thank you for all of your hard work and continued participation in our local democratic party; together we will guide our party to the full promise of its potential.
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(Submitted 1/13/2021 20:41)
Name:  Ricardo F. Polintan
Precinct:  Carriage
Gender Identity:  Male

Statement:  I am Rick Polintan. I am running for State Committeeman. I have been in leadership of the 11th LD Democrats since I have been redistricted from the 47th LD in 2011 because I truly believe that if you want to see qualitative changes, one has to be involved. 

I am running for State Committeeman, because we need to establish a statewide & consistent policy on how candidates can access our vote builder data.

Secondly, I would like to be able to recruit & help more progressive candidates get elected so that we’ll have a more diverse elected officials.

I am asking for your vote so that we can work together to accomplish these. Thank you.
  (115 words)
(Submitted 1/14/2021 13:33)

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