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February 14, 2022  - Special Edition
BPW International Business & Services Directory
Become a visible part of our network!

Dear Presidents of BPW
Dear Members

BPW International has developed the new BPW International Business & Services - a webapplication service, free for all members, in 5 languages.

Reason enough to introduce you to BPW International's new and groundbreaking tool in a Special Edition Newsletter!

At short notice, we had to postpone the launch by a few days because a bug in the tool customised for BPW International delayed the start. Now this obstacle has also been solved and we are starting a few days later, but with the same verve.
With we as an international Business & Professional Organization can showcase the competencies of our members, facilitate international networking and give our members and society at large the opportunity to contact our experts. is a concrete contribution to our International Theme New Actions through Cooperation. only exists with and from the entries of our members. We encourage and invite you all to go ahead and register, test and evaluate the new
Report your test results and evaluations via the Feedback link. Feedbacks up until the end of April 2022 can be included for final adjustments and improvements.
BPW International is the first and only large worldwide women's organization with a Business & Services Directory where its members can introduce themselves and network for free. This is something we are very proud of.

See you at

Warm regards,
Dr. Catherine Bosshart
BPW International President 2021-2024 - Aims is a networking tool that can be operated using a smartphone, tablet or PC. Registration is open to BPW members only; entry is free of charge. makes our professional competencies visible and promotes mutual exchange at the international association level, which is made possible by entering profession, branch and sector. also shows the richness of competencies of BPW International members to the outside world. Organizations and institutions, political committees or media can easily find competent women worldwide. is not an interactive social media tool; contact is made outside the platform and exclusively by email. - Should I register or not?

Do register ...

Do NOT register ...

  • if you like to act on Club, Federation AND international level
  • if you like to find professional colleagues and business partners around the globe
  • if you like to offer your competences and services to our organization and to BPW members worldwide
  • if you like to widen your horizons by contacting members of different cultures and languages and work on your language competencies
  • if you agree that a directory is a fundamental tool for an international organization of Business & Professional Women and the registration of each member is an imperative requirement.
  • if registration is too demanding for you
  • if you prefer to hide and to be active only in small circle like your own Club
  • if discovering, sharing and exchanging with members around the globe is not something which appeals to you
  • if you do not want to showcase your competencies and hope that others feel the same way.
  • if you think that up to now BPW International has survived without a Directory, why change it now and use new tools?
Please send us further options to our > Kudoboard - History

Today, in our digital age, a Business & Services Directory should be an obvious tool of an international Business & Professional Women’s Organization. 

At our last virtual international Congress, due to time restrictions, a Resolution regarding the evaluation of a BPW International Business & Services Directory, submitted by Past International President Dr. Antoinette Rüegg, had to be deferred. 

A team consisting of Dr. Antoinette Rüegg, Ursula Schmid and Daniela Rigassi worked on a concept together with the International President for an international directory.

At their meeting in September 2021, the Members of the Executive Board dealt with all the proposals separately, introduced a concrete improvement with regard to data protection, and decided to bring the project to fruition with the existing financing from a donation.

A schedule was set up and a pre-test was able to be carried out by November 2021. The translation team worked on the language versions with Janice Bancroft, UK (English), Ursula Schmid, Switzerland (German), Marie Gertrude Morel, Switzerland (Français), Dr. Giuseppina Seidita, Italy (Italiano), Paz Martin Lozano, Spain (Español).

The Candle Lighting Ceremony 2022 heralds the beginning of the The initial phase starting in February 2022 is considered to be another test run. Tests, evaluations, bug reports and other feedback from all BPW members who enter their profile will be received, reviewed and can be considered for final improvements up until the end of April 2022. - Financing

The financing was secured by a donation of CHF 20,000 that Dr. Antoinette Rüegg was able to arrange; the donor, a woman, wishes to remain anonymous. 

The project was thus limited to the amount of CHF 20,000. The international Executive Board will put forward a proposal at the next Congress for the future financing of the - Registration Items



Your email address - not displayed
Password - choose your own
First and last name
Profession - max. 50 characters
Branch and sector – 1. branch & sector
Languages - Select max. 6 of your communication languages
BPW Region - Choose your Region
BPW Federation or Country - Choose your country 
BPW Club - official name of your BPW Club
Mailings - max 12 mails exclusively from BPW International per year: yes or no
Email address of your Club President – to activate your profile
Your photo - if you do not put a photo, the directory logo will appear
Branch and sector – 2. branch & sector is optional
Professional Experiences - max. 800 characters
Address of your website – personal or own business website
Social media profiles – personal profiles
BPW Offices – past or present, tick all appropriate field(s)
Mentor, Expert or Presentations – If you offer, tick the appropriate field(s)
City Map View - shows the distribution of our members on a world map - Challenges

Decisive Role of the Club Presidents

Since only the clubs know whether a member is a paid-up member of BPW, the Club Presidents assume a decisive checking role. This role, however, should be carried out very simply with minimal effort.

With the Activation Mail to the Club President it is very easy: With one click on the mail the President can confirm the membership of the requesting BPW and activate or reject her profile (see Step by Step to your profile).

The registered profiles remain valid until 6 months after the next international Congress in 2024. After Congress each registered Member will receive an email for renewal with the request to fill in the email address of her then current Club President. The Club President accepts or refuses the request as described above. That’s how BPW International keeps the Directory updated. 


Data Protection / Privacy

The adheres to the principle of #privacybydesign. Only the most basic data is required for the entry (marked with a *). Your email address is not displayed. All other entries in the registration form are optional. As soon as you delete your profile, all data is immediately deleted from the

Decide yourself how far you want to share your data on the network.
Your email address will be covered behind a pop-up window. For contact, the text must be sent via the pop-up window. You can then decide whether you want to answer the email or not.
You can determine on the registration form whether you want to receive a maximum of 12 emails from BPW International via the; no emails will be sent to you other than technical mails. For further development, however, we could seek contact with you. Please tick yes. - Usability

Step by Step
As is normal these days, an account must first be created in the with email and password. Then "Check your mails" will appear to confirm the email. Only now can you log in with this email and password to create the profile. Once you have successfully completed these steps, all you have to do is wait for your President to activate your profile. However, you may also inform your President about your registration.
All this can be read in the Step by Step Guides (> here pdf in EN) in all 5 languages.
List of Branches & Sectors links on the basis of occupational fields. This list consists of 20 branches, each subdivided into the 3 sectors Sales, Production and Services. You will find the list of Branches & Sectors in your language here.

Frequently Asked Questions
Read the FAQ on, get to know the and how it works.

If you have any problems, contact >, Daniela Rigassi. She has the overview, is characterized by her patient and communicative nature and is happy to help.

Fake and Nonsense
Fake and nonsense profiles will be deleted without consultation. Anyone who finds profiles under their club that do not show club members is asked to report this to > Thank you. - Team - President & Executive Board Members

Executive Board Members at their Meeting, September 2021. Tomi Odunsi, Young BPW Representative, and Dawne Williams, Regional Coordinator North America & The Caribbean, attended virtually and are not on the photo.

Each Member of the International Executive Board firmly believes that the directory will strengthen our international connectivity and cooperation. We encourage you to register in the directory and therewith to implement our International Theme New Actions through Cooperation. Let’s use our new tool and let’s empower our organization and our members. Let’s all show our presence as a visible part of our network. - Chair

Dr. Antoinette Rüegg
BPW International Past President 2002-2005

For an international organization of Business & Professional Women that wants to achieve its goals, a digital international Directory is mandatory. For the first time each single member can become an active part of our international network. I would like to encourage each member to take the opportunity and to become a visible member of our international network. - IT

Ursula Schmid, BPW International Webmaster and IT
The project work for was based on the experience of President Catherine and Past President Antoinette. We were looking for a tool that was achievable within a limited budget specifically for BPW International that took into account previous experience but forged a new path. The International theme "New Actions through cooperation" provided the impetus. My task was to bring together the threads of the project, to drive the work forward, in particular to organize IT problem solutions and to combine BPW’s requirements with IT skills.  Now our new baby is at the start of its life - we will look after it,  watch it grow and wish it much success! - Administrator

Daniela Rigassi, BPW Directory Administrator
I am the administrator for the Directory and have been a member of BPW since 2005. I have been part of the development of the new Directory, so I know it quite well and can support you with most of the questions you might have. I am looking forward to your registrations and your questions and comments – and getting to know more BPW members around the world. Beside supporting you I will also forward information I get from you and statistical data to the Directory chair in order to improve the Directory or the management of the Directory. I believe the Directory is a valuable tool to make connections within BPW and promote yourself and BPW. So, I hope you all do register. By profession I am a project manager and hold a degree in economics, project management and teaching.

Designer and Creator

Marina Pantazis
exe-cute, BPW Directory Designer and Creator

Your was created by Marina Pantazis, a motivated and self-employed certified mediamatician  with the background support of her brother Nicolas Pantazis (Bsc in IT Science).
Her skills and experience in IT security, backed up by a Bsc in computer science, her IT security orientation and her bilingualism have all been very useful for the reliability of the site.
Marina brings to the project her experience in interaction design. Her creativity has been rewarded with several awards and mentions. Contact, organization and project planning management are an integral part of her services.
Together, Marina and Nicolas complement each other perfectly to form exe.cute. - Success

The success of is dependent on you.

Your profiles will fill the with life from all over the world, will give it a value and will impress with the diversity and richness of competencies in our organization. Your profiles will motivate not only BPW members, but also the outside world, organizations and institutions, political committees or media to find competent and incredible women among BPW members.

Stay tuned – and we will too!

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