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BPW International News

August 10, 2021 - 1st volume 2021 / No. 3 

New Website Through Cooperation

Dear Presidents of BPW
Dear Members

I hope that all of you are having a great summer or winter depending on where you live. Your Executive Team has worked hard to introduce a new active website to you. The webmaster will explain to you what is new about it.

Moreover, we are working on a partnership with Vicenzaoro, a very important jewellery exhibition in Northern Italy. Our Immediate Past International President, Dr. Amany and I went in July to Vicenza to discuss the partnership arrangements. It will be a cooperation between three parties: The management of Vicenzaoro, the Chair of the Business Council of the African Union and BPW International. 

I was furthermore in touch with the person responsible for gender equality of Engie, a very large French Energy Company with a worldwide network who would like to collaborate with BPW International. After the vacation we will discuss the arrangements. Many thanks to the former Vice-president of France, Sarah Mantha, for her contribution and help.

The members of the Standing Committees will in the next few days get the nomination forms and a letter from their Chair. Please, respond to your Chair. The function of being a member of a Standing Committee will imply work, contributions and dedication. It is not only a title and prestige. If you have changed your mind since the beginning of the triennium, please let the President’s Office know immediately. Thank you for your active contribution. We will announce members of the Standing Committees in the September issue of the Newsletter. 

In the month of July, I had also a chance to meet with the President of one of the FIDAPA Clubs in Rome, Grazia Marino. Unfortunately, the President of Roma Campodoglio, Caterina Palermo, was not in town. We will meet during my next visit to Rome.

I wish you all a productive month of August and am looking forward to seeing at least some of the European members in the next weeks. Stay safe and take care. The pandemic is not over yet.

Warm regards,
Dr. Catherine Bosshart
President BPW International

1st Virtual General Assembly

Exceptional BPW Dedication Award 2021

Dr. Chonchanok Viravan, Thailand
Exceptional BPW Dedication Award 2021

As you all know we had our first virtual General Assembly in the history of BPW International. The fact that we had no real technical problems is thanks to Dr. Chonchanok Viravan, our Past International President. Her great professional knowledge of IT and of all possible pitfalls helped us to conduct a virtually and technically perfect General Assembly. Her dedication and tireless work merits much more than our thanks. Dr. Nok got the Award for special dedication to BPW. It was given to her by Immediate Past President Dr. Amany Asfour. Congratulations, dear Dr. Nok, and my heartfelt personal thanks. 💐 You are a great role model and taught me a lot during the preparation of the virtual General Assembly.

More about BPW International's Staff

During the last two triennia, BPW International started the policy of keeping administrators for specific tasks. Both Executives had very good experiences with this policy. We would like to present two further collaborators:

Patricia Maya Herrera, Chile
Administrator of membership

Patricia is an accountant and auditor from the UNASP University Chile. She is a member of BPW Buenos Aires. Patricia started to work for BPW International in 2008 as Director of the President’s Office until 2011. Since 2014 she has been the Administrator for Membership for BPW International.

Daniela Rigassi, Switzerland
Administrator of the projects and the directory

Daniela Rigassi is an economist and holds a degree in project management and teaching. She started as a teacher for German, English and history. She then continued as an analyst and programmer for an insurance company before changing to project and process management as well as consultancy for companies in the financial sector. Daniela Rigassi joined BPW Switzerland in 2005. Since 2012 she has been a member of the taskforce on Leadership and Lifelong Learning and has been co-organising the annual pre-conference on cross-cultural understanding in Cairo. She has a strong interest in international and cross- cultural aspects in everyday life and business collaboration. Daniela is responsible for handling the projects of BPW International.
At this point, I would like to thank Patricia and Daniela for their thoroughness, good work and their dedication to BPW. They are both indispensable for the smooth functioning of our organization. 


BPW International 91st Anniversary - August 26, 2021
Dear BPW members
I would be grateful if you could all formulate your birthday greetings from your respective clubs in the BPW colour yellow and add a photo of your members dressed in yellow. Please send the picture by 20 August to Tomi Odunsi.  Many thanks!
Foto: BPW Ontario, Canada

New Website through Cooperation

What is new?

I always wished to have a website that gives all members who have an international
mandate the chance to become visible with their activities. This is possible with the new website. All Executive, Standing Committee and Taskforce members have their own webpage. The entry page with the news gives an overview of what is happening in BPW International. Moreover, we have an interactive map where you will find all clubs and federations and a leporello fold that gives you at first glance an idea where we are present and how to reach the office of the local BPW. It will take some more time until all the Standing Committee and Taskforce Chairs have posted their news, action plan and so forth. Within half a year we should be fully functional.
Take a glimps!

The Golden Links

Welcome to our new website!

Whatever is golden on this website - try to click on it and see where you get. Surf and scroll through all the contents and posts and find whatever our BPW task holders contribute to make BPW visible. 

Visit our website on your desktop computer, with your tablet or with your smartphone. All contents are fit for any device:

The News

This is the BPW International newspaper. All news will be published here, the latest news is always at the top. Scroll through the news and you are informed! 
The category at the top of the news is a golden link and can be clicked. It leads to the News Channel of the individual work areas of BPW International. 

The News Channels

Standing Committee Agriculture News
Here's what the Standing Committee Agriculture News looks like, one of the multiple News Channels on the website. On these individual channels you will find exclusively news about the topic of this Standing Committee. The Standing Committee Chairs will report here about the work of their committee.

Activities and Events

Under Activities, the website reports on the manifold activities of BPW International. Congresses and conferences are listed, and all events reported to the President's Office are published here. 

All the Presidents of the Affiliates are kindly asked to communicate the dates of their General Assembly with important details to We would like to publish these dates in our Agenda on the Website. Any other events, workshops etc. should be communicated as well for our social media and our website. Thank you very much! 

The Projects - They Make BPW Visible!

On the new website we can show you the collection of BPW Projects. 

The collection includes the titles of the Club & Federation Projects, making the worldwide work of BPW  visible. For individual members,  Member Projects provide the opportunity to create a project and work on it under the umbrella of BPW International. The projects of the Standing Committees and the Task Forces should also be entered here. For the registration of the projects online registration forms are available, which allow an easy registration. 

The collection of projects is very important, as projects are often sought for prizes and awards and show the fields in which BPW is active.

Club & Federation Projects (Titles)

Clubs and Federations around the world are doing tremendous work under the BPW name. They can enter the titles of their projects with the online form under Club & Federation Projects to make their work visible.  They are also welcome to add a picture and links to their web or social media publications about their projects. Surf all BPW Club & Federation Projects.

BPW International Member Projects

Are you working on an issue?
Would you like to profit from the connections and the prestige that BPW International can offer?
Would you like your project to be visible?

Taking responsibility for one’s own project means practicing leadership and learning by doing which provides the best training for personal empowerment. Learning by doing challenges and develops all kinds of competences, especially crucial emotional competences. A truly strong and self-confident woman is the most powerful change agent for gender equality.
Offering our members a platform where they can try out new ideas works like an incubator which facilitates innovation, creativity and the discovery of new paths.

You are welcome to read the guidelines and register your project.
Surf all BPW International Member Projects.

Project News

Gaunbata Sanjal - Prize Winning BPW Member Project 

Gaunbata Sanjal - A BPW International Member Project
Project Leader: Sadikshya Aryal, Young BPW Nepal

Gaunbata Sanjal is one of the 10 winners of the Women Enterprise Recovery Fund (2.5 million USD) by the United Nations Capital Development Fund.

Gaunbata Sanjal is an innovative Agriculture initiative in Nepal, that uses a digital platform to connect rural small holding women farmers with urban markets. It also provides them with digital literacy and access to finance through the Girls4Rurals network.

We cordially congratulate 💐 on this outstanding win and wish Sadikshya Aryal and her project great success in the future!

> Visit the Gaunbata Sanjal Website or read more about this BPW Member Project here.

BPW Cotonou, Benin
In the rankings for UNESCO Literacy Prize

In Spring 2021, UNESCO had called for the International literacy price 2021 which consists of two different prices, UNESCO King Sejong Literacy Prize and UNESCO Confucius Prize for Literacy endowed with 30’000 US$ for the winners of the first three places. 

Together with the NGO Access to computer for every girl the president of Bénin, Raïssa N. Detien Vodoounnou, had created a project under the title The Digital Literacy for girls, women and children with disabilities from disadvantaged backgrounds in the Republic of Benin. She accompanied the project with didactically very prepared material that is handed out to all the participants for free. In the last three years the project has proven its impact to over 700 girls who followed the class. 

UNESCO informed us that the project is on the short-list for a prize.🍀 The final announcement will follow on September 8, the Literacy Day. This is already a great recognition. Congratulations to President Raïssa.💐

Countries with one or more registered
Club & Federation Projects 

Brazil - Burkina Faso - Cameroon - Canada - Croatia - Cyprus - Czech Republic - Estonia - Germany - Hong Kong - India - Italy - Jordan - Lebanon - Malaysia - Mongolia - Morocco - Nepal - Nigeria - Pakistan - Peru - Romania - Senegal - Spain - St. Martin - Switzerland - Tanzania

Countries with one or more registered Member Projects

Australia - Brazil - Burkina Faso - France - Germany - Italy - Nepal - Nigeria - Sierra Leone - Spain - Switzerland

BPW International Theme

BPW International Directory

Directory Cake
The DIRECTORY cake had been cut at the Presidency Celebration of BPW Fribourg, the home Club of our new International President Dr. Catherine Bosshart. Foto: Primula Bosshard, Switzerland
The international President is speaking to members of BPW Fribourg at the Presidency Celebration.

The BPW Directory Project - Status

Different DIRECTORY offers get compared.

The big challenge how a Club President can confirm that a BPW who would like to register in the Directory is a paid-up Club member, can be solved elegantly with only two clicks:
  1. The President opens the e-mail which is automatically sent to her at the end of the member’s registration
  2. The President clicks the confirmation button on the e-mail that the person indicated is a paid-up member of the Club. This click automatically activates the profile in the DIRECTORY control.
Thanks to the digital age, BPW can offer its international network to each member for no additional costs.

Please register here for the TEST phase of the BPW Directory.
For more information:

Dr. Antoinette Rüegg

Activities of the International President

New Partnership

(From left) Michela Amenduni, IEG, Dr. Catherine Bosshart, BPW International President, Dr. Amany Asfour, BPW International Immediate Past President and President African Business Council, Marco Carniello, IEG, Dr. Carla Laura Petruzzelli, President FIDAPA-BPW Vicenza.

Every autumn, The Italian Exhibition Group organizes an exhibition on the production of gold and precious stones and the manufacture of jewellery. Their interest is to work more with Africa. BPW International and the African Business Council have many members who work in these fields. The group offered to BPW International and the African Business Council sponsorship for the participation of 6 African Women who work in mining and jewels. Moreover, it offered a booth to give our exhibitors a chance to present their goods. The Vicenzaoro exhibition will this year take place from September 10 to 14 2021 in Vicenza. 64 African women responded to the call for nomination. So far BPW International and the African Business Council have decided on 3 women in the persons of:
  • Dr. Haingo Raherisoa, Past President Madagascar
  • Ms. Grace Njapau, BPW Member Zambia
  • Ms. Amal Dafa, BPW Member Libya

Visit in Rome

During my visit in Rome in July, I had the chance to meet with the president of one of the FIDAPA Clubs in Rome, Grazia Marino. My husband Louis and I enjoyed the meeting very much. Thank you. Unfortunately, the president of Roma Campodoglio, Caterina Palermo, was not in town. We will meet during my next visit to Rome.

Executive Board Meeting in Switzerland
from September 26 to October 2, 2021

The Executive is going to meet in the Swiss Alps to hold its annual physical meeting. We are all looking forward to a fruitful collaboration in a beautiful environment and pure air. Welcome to all the members of the Executive.

President's Travels

  • July 1, 2021 Visit in Vicenza, Italy
  • July 10, 2021 Meeting with the President of Rome, Grazia Marino, Italy
  • August 21, 2021 BPW Club Thun, Switzerland, celebration of its 70th anniversary
  • August 25, 2021 Introduction of BPW International to a group of Chinese Exchange Students at the University of Fribourg, Switzerland
  • September 4, 2021 FIDAPA Italy and BPW International Conference on “Insieme Per Ricostruire il Futuro” a Brescia
  • September 9-14, 2021 Vicenzaoro, Italy
  • September 23-24, 2021 Adrionet in Palermo, Sicily, Italy
  • September 25, 2021 25th + 1 anniversary of Salzburg, Austria
  • September 26 – October 2, 2021 Executive Meeting in Saanenmöser, Switzerland

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