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The City of Xenia is working continually to improve its communications methods and launched e-Newsletter campaigns in 2018. In 2019, we plan to send an "e-Communicator" Newsletter out with various updates and information about the City of Xenia. We hope this keeps you, our main audience, updated and informed!  


The new Xenia REACH (Recreation, Education, Activity, Community, and Health) Center, located at 336 Progress Drive, opened its doors to the public earlier this month. This project has officially come to completion with its partners, sponsors, and supporters and includes two swimming pools, two gymnasiums, a suspended walking track, a group exercise studio, a functional fitness studio, an 8,000 square foot fitness center, and much more. The REACH Center is the new home of the Xenia Adult Recreation and Services Center and the left wing of the facility contains classrooms for Central State University and Clark State Community College.
The center has been packed since opening day and the energy hasn't slowed down a month since opening! It's a great indicator that the Xenia community and surrounding areas were ready for the upgrade. This was a lengthy process from when the idea was conceived as a result of the City's “Play Xenia” recreational needs assessment through opening day. It took the help of five other organizations and several sponsors to accomplish every aspect of creating and completing such a great facility in the community. Those five organizations include Kettering Health Network, The City of Xenia, Central State University, Clark State Community College, and the Xenia Adult and Recreation Services Center.
The REACH Center is proving to be a great addition to the city and the surrounding areas. The City of Xenia is excited to see it thrive and be a wonderful center of activity. The original Xenia YMCA was constructed in 1957 and the organization has a long history of serving the entire community and not just those who can afford to pay full-price for membership fees and programs. Not only does the YMCA serve the community in that aspect, this project will also bring revenue and jobs to our local economy. Xenia City Manager, Brent Merriman, said on the opening of the facility that, “The REACH Center provides an amazing partnership opportunity that positions our city to be more competitive as a community of choice. The ability to positively impact the lives of so many of our citizens and people from neighboring areas is truly special. Xenia will benefit for generations through healthier living, expanded options for educational attainment, and greater access to senior and healthcare services. We’re so proud of what this partnership has accomplished and excited to where this new venture will take us moving forward.”
For more information about the new REACH Center, be sure to follow all their social media accounts as well as checking out For more information about the City of Xenia and its involvement in other local projects, be sure to follow us on our social media accounts and check out
Xenia YMCA Social Media:                         City of Xenia Social Media:
Facebook:  @XeniaYmca                             Facebook: @ExploreXenia
Twitter: @XeniaYMCA                                  Twitter: @CityofXenia
Instagram: @daytonymca #xeniaymca        Instagram: @cityofxenia

Weather/Snow Procedures

Winter brings the cold, snow, ice, and freezing temperatures, which add to the services provided by the City of Xenia such as preparing the roads for snow and ice and clearing the roadways after snow and ice events. Below are some reminders about our procedures regarding those services. 

Snow Removal

The Public Service Department manages a fleet of vehicles that are used all year long for various tasks. When winter weather threatens, many of these vehicles will be fitted with snow removal equipment and supplied with salt/de-icing products. When possible, pre-salting will take place to avoid initial icing. Plowing will be prioritized to main roads, the City’s designated snow routes, main intersections and bridges, and then neighborhoods. Residents with urgent medical needs (e.g., treatments, etc.), should notify the City in advance by calling (937) 376-7265, Monday-Friday, 7:30 am-4:00 pm, so crews can further prioritize those locations. Residents should still call 9-1-1 for medical emergencies.

The Public Service Department asks that you keep your vehicles off the street until plowing is complete. Municipal parking lots will be cleared for off-street parking. For your safety and the safety of our vehicle operators, please stay out of the way of the plows so they can do their job as well as staying 50 feet back from the plows while they’re on the road. Remember to drive cautiously due to ice that may be under the snow.

During snow events, be sure to stay tuned to your local news for up-to-date weather bulletins.

Our Public Service Department staff works very hard and very long hours during winter weather events. They have asked you to consider that they are only human and can miss streets and make mistakes especially when working to clear the roads and make them safe, as quickly as possible, for the travelling public. They focus on different levels of importance when clearing/plowing the roads in this order:
1)  bridges, overpasses, and main intersections
2) main thoroughfares such as, state routes and main roads 
3) neighborhood streets in a North, South, East, West fashion simultaneously, but only if there is 3 inches of snow or more
4) alleys and smaller roads

Clearing Sidewalks and Fire Hydrants – It’s YOUR Duty!

Per Section 660.05 of our Codified Ordinances, owners or occupants of lots or lands abutting any sidewalk are required to keep it free of snow and ice within a reasonable amount of time, which will ordinarily not exceed 12 hours from the snow/ice event or before 9 a.m. If it’s not possible to remove all the snow/ice, the owner/occupant shall cover the snow/ice with a coating of salt, sand, or other substance.

The City of Xenia and the Xenia Fire Division asks you to also dig out/around fire hydrants in your neighborhood at least 3 feet surrounding to be visible and accessible in case of emergency.

Water Main Breaks

During the fluctuating winter temperatures water main breaks are more common. We ask you for patience during temporary road closures and water service interruptions while we work to repair the breaks. 


The City of Xenia is looking for resident input, which is being considered when making decisions about various topics throughout the city. What you have to say matters! Go to to give your input.
Some of the questions that are currently active on POLCO:
  • How satisfied are you with the City of Xenia government?
  • How would you rate the condition of streets in the City of Xenia as a whole?
  • Do you think Xenia has adequate Meeting and Event space?
  • What do you think is the main issue holding Xenia back from its full potential?
  • Is the City of Xenia moving in the right direction?
Give Your Opinion


2 - Groundhog Day
5 - BRACA Meeting @ 6 pm
7 - Planning and Zoning Commission Meeting @ 6 pm
11 - Civil Service Commission Meeting @ 5:30 pm
12 - Economic Development Advisory Board Meeting @ 6 pm
14 - City Council Meeting @ 7 pm | Valentine's Day
18 - City of Xenia Offices Closed for Staff Training | President's Day
23 - Xenia Area Chamber of Commerce 70th Anniversary Annual Awards Dinner
25 - Board of Zoning Appeals Meeting @ 6 pm
28 - City Council Meeting @ 7 pm
The City of Xenia will soon be soliciting for the Charter Review Commission positions to be filled. Be on the lookout for more information on this great opportunity to serve your community. 

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