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Flutter Weekly #61

The #Hack19 international Flutter hackathon is already finished. Did you participate? Did you enjoy it? Really excited to see what people made around the world with Flutter.

Love from Barcelona, Sergi


v3.1 - Dart Code - Dart & Flutter support for Visual Studio Code

Latest version of the VS Code plugin, including a preview of the cool UI Guides.

Articles and tutorials

A Guide to Developing a PubNub Plugin for Flutter

Nikos Rapousis developed a PubNub plugin for Flutter and explains the steps he followed.

Functional Model-View-Update Architecture for Flutter

An approach to Model View Update (MVU) architecture by Adam Pedley

The top 45 must-follow Flutter experts on Twitter

The people at Codemagic curated a list of 45 people to follow on the Flutter community, and I'm in there for some reason.

Flutter - Is a Widget inside a Scrollable visible?

Didier Boelens answers how to detect when an item in a scrollable is visible in the screen.

Adding in-app purchases to Flutter apps

A complete tutorial by Joe Birch on how to add in-app purchase to your app.

Advanced transitions - UI Tickets Challenge

Marcin Szałek implements a UI challenge to explain some really amazing transitions.

A new approach of localization in Flutter

I have a soft spot for localization topics, and I love the work Wu Chun Wa made to make it even easier for your apps.

Easy Alerts in Flutter using rfFlutter

A tutorial on using the rfFlutter library to create alerts by Dane Mackier.

Flutter Custom Painter & Circular Wave Animation

A nice exercise on mixing custom painter with animations to create a mesmerizing animation by Divyanshu Bhargava.

Download and Cache Your Files using Flutter Cache Manager

Dane Mackier shows how to use the Cache Manager to handle downloaded files.

Flutter For Web: a concrete example

Mike Gazzaruso made his first web Flutter project and explains what he did and the steps he followed.

Flutter Provider and Streams

Aseem Wangoo explains how to use streams with the provider package.

Flutter Snippets Plugin for Android Studio and IntelliJ IDEA

George Herbert created an AS plugin to add a huge list of new Flutter snippets.

Flutter Timer with “flutter_bloc”

Felix Angelov covers how to build a timer application using flutter_bloc.

Flutter Widget Guide — SliverGrid Widget in 5 mins or less.

A quick intro to SliverGrid by Annsh Singh.

Flutter: Advance Routing and Navigator

Nitish Kumar Singh dives deeper into the Flutter navigation system.

How to turn your phone into a beacon with Flutter?

Learn to play with beacons in your app thanks to this article by Paulina Szklarska and the plugin she made.

Superhero Interaction App in Flutter

After creating the amazing Superhero interactions app, Pinkesh Darji explains how to recreate it step-by-step.

Testing gestures using Flutter driver

Darshan Kawar reviews how to reproduce gestures to make them part of your tests.

Understanding Hot-Reload in Flutter

Maureen Josephine analyzes in deep how the hot-reload works.

Flutter Custom Paint Tutorial | Draw a Custom Shape Path in Flutter

Create a "melting" effect from code with this tutorial by Ravi Shankar Singh.

On-Device Translation and Language ID with Flutter — Firebase ML Kit Natural Language

Rishab Nayak talks about the plugin he created to use Firebase ML Kit Language.

Videos and media

Flutter Creating Pixels with Perlin Noise

This video recreates Reddit's "Under Maintenance" screen, making use of the Perlin Noise algorithm to generate the background pixels in a unique and uniform way.

Flutter Tutorial - Flutter Keys

In this video, you will see the importance of Keys in Flutter, also the types of keys, and different use cases in which keys are used.

Flutter Tutorial | Video Calling Plugin Flutter

Flutter Video and Voice Calling Plugin. You can use this plugin to make a video and voice calling application in flutter.

Flutter: PDF Viewer Tutorial Android & IOS

Learn how to show pdf files from an URL or from local assets inside your flutter app.

Palette Generator Implementation

Using palette_generator package for Flutter, it allows you to generate a palette from an image.

Spacer (Flutter Widget of the Week)

The Spacer widget can help you control how much space appears between widgets in a Row or Column.

Code and libraries


A newspaper app using flutter. Powered by

apgapg/json_table: Flutter package

This Flutter package provides a Json Table Widget for directly showing table from a json(Map).


Add features to the Android / iOS keyboard in a simple way.


A simple Movies webpage made with Flutter Web.


A library that generates PODO classes to convert between JSON and Dart objects


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