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1. When Should You ‘Launch’ The Community? …when there is an overwhelming demand for one. Most organizations launch their community far too early. They stagger along for years without ever reaching a critical mass of people. You don’t need a big bang launch, but you do need a decent pop. You need to launch and quickly get to a few hundred people within a few weeks. These people should be passionate about the community concept already. If you don’t have relationships with the top influencers in your sector, an audience of hundreds (or, ideally, thousands of people), or a solid group of 50+ members committed to participating in the community, keep going until you do. Read more on Feverbee

2. The Value of Super Users: How to Manage a Big Community With a Small Team: A common misconception in community building is that as your membership increases, your costs will skyrocket. It seems logical that more users must require more resources, namely extra staff to cope with the influx of traffic and moderation. Thank goodness, you have a secret weapon at your disposal – the Super User. Every social group has exceptional members who are more vocal and highly motivated than the rest. Typically, they provide expertise or simply have an increased passion for a topic. These members will adhere to one or more of these traits and display leadership qualities that make them stand out. It’s not uncommon for these members to join your community in its infancy (early adopters) but they can appear at any time.  This type of user is so important because their energy and engagement in the community can be harnessed to support your business objectives and scale your efforts. A Super User, properly motivated, will answer questions, provide expertise, help onboard members, deflect support tickets, create new content and provide a valuable feedback channel for the community manager or team. Read more by Darren Gough

3. Once a brand community starts to really grow, the number of high-quality interactions shrinks: To attract the most people, you need to cater to the average member. But to attract and keep the smartest members, you need to cater to the smartest members. Top members in almost every field usually want the same things:
A) A private area. They want a private place where they can interact and engage with others at their level. Today this largely happens in WhatsApp groups or private Slack channel for only superusers no-one else can see or find. Newcomers can join only by the invitation of an existing member.
B) Impress their peers. Top members want to impress other top members. This means raising the standards for content so getting an accepted submission is a badge of honour (many journals do this today).
C) Identify new opportunities. They want access to unique opportunities (especially work opportunities) which others don’t have access to. This can also include invites to events hosted by the brand etc…. Read more about Growth Paradox on Feverbee

4. [Podcast] Acing Your Next Community Job Search: Maria Ogneva, who has held senior community roles at companies like LinkedIn, Salesforce and Yammer, shares the story of how she turned a lost job into a “fun” journey. After you listen to this episode, you might have to revisit your LinkedIn, resume, or professional bio and make sure that it’s fresh. You never know when an interesting opportunity might come your way and you’ll need to forward it along!
In this episode, Patrick and Maria discussed - Breaking the work of community into small & manageable tasks, approaching your job hunt from a place of empowerment, how to always be prepared for your next big opportunity, tooting your own horn (that’s talking about your accomplishments). Listen to this on Community Signal. 


Apple, Auth0, Niantic, Toptal, 0x, WeWork, Roomi, Vox Media, Facebook, Serverless, are looking for people in community management and developer relations. Head over to Community Manager Jobs for details and apply. Share it with your friends who are on the lookout for opportunities. 

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