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1. Advocacy vs. Community: What's the Difference? 

Advocacy programs are, at their simplest, programs meant to drive marketing value for brands. Customers become “advocates” for a product or service, and are rewarded (often tangibly) for sharing their “love” of said product or service. When done well with a customer-first mentality, they can and do build community (think: Hootsuite's Ambassadors). And this is where the confusion begins. Community programs, by contrast, are about carving out a core shared identity among members (often not about the brand itself) and creating value for these members, while simultaneously encouraging them to create value for the brand in exchange. Read more 

2. Fostering an Engaged Crypto Telegram Community with Origin Protocol. Almost all crypto communities are filled with chaos but here in this article head of community at Original Protocol, Andrew Hyde explains how he managed to maintain the authenticity in the community. 

👉 "Community management equals making Facebook posts, promoting it, doing light ad spend, and calling it a day. That's the 101 class; crypto community management is the senior level graduate level class."

3. Simon Sinek is an author, famous motivational speaker who is best known for his theory, "Start with Why”. Michel Bachmann argues in this powerful piece that new communities should start with focusing on the WHO before they think about the WHY because, in the end, it’s all about the people. Some of the highlights: 
A. You attract who you are. 
B. It’s all about people. 
C. Values > Purpose
D. Boundaries matter.  Read more

4. Too often the community management team is not involved in the crisis planning. PR, comms, legal, the C-suite gather in the war room to craft their strategy, but the person or team you’re going to send to the lions is notably absent. And this person has spent months or years building relationships with customers. Alison Michalk says when it comes to C-suite decision making, the community manager is increasingly noticeable by their absence…Do you think she is right? Have you been ever left out in these kind of situation? Read more

Uber, SendGrid, Protocol Labs, DeviantArt, WeWork, ConsenSys, Stripe, Twitch are looking for people in community management and developer relations. Head over to Community Manager Jobs for details and apply. Share it with your friends who are on the lookout for opportunities. 

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